Warm Up - Standing Leg Swing

Ski Fitness - Warm Up - Standing Leg Swing

This exercise can be performed as part of your home or gym warm-up routine, or even on the mountain immediately before you ski (with your boots on)!

The Standing Leg Swing - How To

  • Leg Swing Step 1

    Start to swing the leg forward...

  • Leg Swing Step 2

    ...raise the leg...

  • Leg Swing Step 3

    ...as high as is comfortable!

  • Leg Swing Step 4

    Consciously 'pull' the leg back down...

  • Leg Swing Step 5

    ...control the leg as you swing it back...

  • Leg Swing Step 6

    ...and raise it, staying comfortable, to the rear.

Muscles Exercised



  • Transverse Abs - Tensed!
  • Repeat Both Sides

Standing Leg Swing - Chemmy's Tips

Stand in a neutral body position not overly arching your back with your Transverse Abs (TA) switched on (these are your deep abdominals - you should be able to breathe freely and talk comfortably but feel like you are slightly sucking your belly button into your spine).

Holding on to something secure, actively swing the leg as far forward and backward as you can. I say active as it should be a conscious mind to body swing of the leg not just gravity pulling it to and fro. The movement comes from your glutes and quads (bum and thighs!!).

Remember to switch sides.

Repeat until you feel the tensions ease and the legs are warm.

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