Ski Resort Snow Reports and Forecasts Thursday 28th May 2015

Snow Reports and Snow Forecasts for Ski Resorts worldwide

Snow conditions, ski reports and weather forecasts for 1,000 ski resorts - collated on Thursday 28th May 2015.

Deepest Snow - Worldwide

For Skiing or Snowboarding, check our Snow Reports and Snow Forecasts for Ski Resorts around the world.

Top 10 Ski Resorts with the Deepest Snow

The deepest snow worldwide
 SnowSnow ReportSnow ConditionsForecastNext Snow
500cmAndermattSki Area ClosedForecast1cm 29/May
400cmFlims-Laax-FaleraGood SnowForecast4cm 29/May
300cmSan Domenico-Forecast-
290cmBrusonEnd of SeasonForecast-
280cmNendazGood SnowForecast1cm 30/May
280cmThyon les CollonsSki Area ClosedForecast-
280cmVeysonnazGood SnowForecast-
276cmLötschentalEnd of SeasonForecast24cm 2/Jun
270cmHintertuxperfect snowForecast7cm 29/May
260cmStubaiFresh SnowForecast-

See below for the Top 100 Snowiest Ski Areas, or follow the links to see hundreds more Snow Reports by Country...

Snow Reports from Austria and Switzerland


Snow News - May 28, 2015

Fresh Snow is reported by Stubai.

10cm+ Fresh Snow is forecast for 2 Austrian Ski Resorts, including Hintertux and Tux - Finkenberg.

 Open ski areas include 3 Austrian Ski Resorts.

When do Austrian Ski Resorts Open?


Snow News - May 28, 2015

Fresh Snow is reported.

10cm+ Fresh Snow is forecast for Zermatt.

 Open ski areas include 1 Swiss Ski Resorts.

When do Swiss Ski Resorts Open?

The Snowiest Ski Resorts in Europe, North America and Worldwide

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Top Ski Resorts for Snow Worldwide
 SnowSnow Forecast CountrySnow ConditionsReport 48Hrs
500cmAndermattSwitzerlandSki Area ClosedSnow Report1cm
400cmFlims-Laax-FaleraSwitzerlandGood SnowSnow Report3cm
300cmSan DomenicoItaly-Snow Report-
290cmBrusonSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report-
280cmNendazSwitzerlandGood SnowSnow Report-
280cmThyon les CollonsSwitzerlandSki Area ClosedSnow Report-
280cmVeysonnazSwitzerlandGood SnowSnow Report-
276cmLötschentalSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report-
270cmHintertuxAustriaperfect snowSnow Report7cm
260cmStubaiAustriaFresh SnowSnow Report-
260cmGstaad Mountain RidesSwitzerlandGood SnowSnow Report2cm
260cmLes DiableretsSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report1cm
250cmBosco GurinSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report-
240cmVerbierSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report-
220cmBelalp-Blatten-NatersSwitzerlandGood SnowSnow Report1cm
220cmLeukerbadSwitzerlandGood SnowSnow Report-
215cmBreuil-CerviniaItalyHard PackedSnow Report1cm
212cmMarmoladaItalyPowder SnowSnow Report-
210cmLes Deux AlpesFrance-Snow Report-
205cmMürrenSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report-
200cmZermattSwitzerlandGood SnowSnow Report2cm
200cmVal SenalesItaly-Snow Report-
197cmKaunertalAustriaperfect snowSnow Report-
190cmBad RagazSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report-
184cmAletschSwitzerlandGood SnowSnow Report-
175cmVal ThorensFranceSpring SnowSnow Report-
170cmMalojaSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report-
170cmSilsSwitzerlandGood SnowSnow Report-
170cmPfeldersItaly-Snow Report-
157cmArapahoe BasinUSASpring SnowSnow Report-
157cmTimberlineUSASpring SnowSnow Report-
150cmBrigelsSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report-
150cmSaas GrundSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report3cm
150cmSplügen / RheinwaldSwitzerlandSki Area ClosedSnow Report-
150cmVals / ValsertalSwitzerlandGood SnowSnow Report-
150cmLa NormaFranceSpring SnowSnow Report-
150cmLes KarellisFrancecoolSnow Report-
140cmSt François LongchampFrancemildSnow Report-
140cmCivettaItalyPacked SnowSnow Report-
135cmVal di FassaItalyPacked SnowSnow Report-
134cmS-ChanfSwitzerlandSki Area ClosedSnow Report-
130cmSunshine Village-BanffCanadaVariable ConditionsSnow Report-
130cmSolda/SuldenItaly-Snow Report2cm
125cmArabbaItalyPowder SnowSnow Report5cm
120cmArosaSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report-
120cmVercorinSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report-
120cmSpeikbodenItaly-Snow Report-
115cmLa TzoumazSwitzerland-Snow Report-
110cmLeysinSwitzerlandSki Area ClosedSnow Report-
110cmScuolSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report-
110cmThollon-les-MémisesFrancemildSnow Report-
110cmRacines / RatschingsItaly-Snow Report-
104cmWhistler BlackcombCanadaHard Packed SnowSnow Report-
102cmMammoth MountainUSAPowder SnowSnow Report-
100cmLenzerheide - ValbellaSwitzerlandGood SnowSnow Report-
100cmObersaxenSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report-
100cmLes MenuiresFranceSpring SnowSnow Report-
100cmSaint Martin de BellevilleFranceNot KnownSnow Report-
100cmSaint-Jean MontclarFranceSpring SnowSnow Report-
100cmValloireFranceSpring SnowSnow Report-
100cmBrixen / PloseItaly-Snow Report-
100cmGitschberg - JochtalItaly-Snow Report-
100cmValle IsarcoItalyPacked SnowSnow Report-
100cmWatlesItaly-Snow Report-
100cmRosa KhutorRussia-Snow Report-
95cmBrides-les-BainsFrancemildSnow Report-
90cmLe CorbierFranceSpring SnowSnow Report-
90cmSerre ChevalierFranceSpring SnowSnow Report-
90cmSt Colomban des VillardsFranceSpring SnowSnow Report-
90cmKlausbergItaly-Snow Report-
90cmSchwemmalmItaly-Snow Report-
90cmTrafoi am OrtlerItaly-Snow Report-
85cmTreble ConeNew ZealandSki Area ClosedSnow Report-
80cmChampex-LacSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report-
80cmMelchsee-FruttSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report-
80cmChabanon SelonnetFranceNot KnownSnow Report-
80cmLe Mont-DoreFranceNot KnownSnow Report-
80cmSt Maurice sur MoselleFranceNot KnownSnow Report-
75cmGrächenSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report-
74cmCelerinaSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report1cm
74cmSamedanSwitzerlandGood SnowSnow Report-
74cmSilvaplanaSwitzerlandGood SnowSnow Report2cm
74cmSt. MoritzSwitzerlandGood SnowSnow Report3cm
70cmMontgenèvreFrancemildSnow Report-
70cmThe RemarkablesNew ZealandPowder SnowSnow Report-
65cmTschiertschenSwitzerlandGood SnowSnow Report-
65cmAlpe du Grand SerreFrancecoolSnow Report-
60cmLe Sauze Super SauzeFranceSpring SnowSnow Report-
55cmSaanenmöserSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report2cm
55cmSchönriedSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report1cm
50cmSedrunSwitzerlandSki Area ClosedSnow Report-
50cmAuronFranceSpring SnowSnow Report-
50cmAutransFranceNot KnownSnow Report-
50cmAlta BadiaItalyMixed Snow ConditionsSnow Report-
50cmCortina d`AmpezzoItalyPacked SnowSnow Report2cm
45cmPontresinaSwitzerlandGood SnowSnow Report-
40cmChâteau d'OexSwitzerlandEnd of SeasonSnow Report-
40cmLa Bresse HohneckFranceSpring SnowSnow Report-
40cmVal di FiemmeItalyPowder SnowSnow Report-
35cmChamrousseFranceSpring SnowSnow Report-

The Table below includes the Top 100 Snowiest Ski Resorts from around the World.

For Snow Reports and Snow Forecasts from hundreds more ski areas, select a Country...

Andorra | Austria | Bulgaria | Canada | France | Germany | Italy | Scotland | Sweden | Switzerland | USA

Countries with Ski Resorts reporting Snow

Countries with open ski resorts
CountrySnow Forecasts and ReportsSki Areas with Snow
AustriaAustrian Snow Reports3 Ski Areas Open of 31 Reporting
CanadaCanadian Snow Reports1 Ski Areas Open of 1 Reporting
SwitzerlandSwiss Snow Reports1 Ski Areas Open of 75 Reporting
USAAmerican Snow Reports2 Ski Areas Open of 2 Reporting

Countries with no reporting Ski Resorts

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