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Ski Business Advertising on J2Ski

Effectively advertising a Snow Sports, Ski or Snowboard Business on J2Ski.

Why should I advertise on J2Ski ?

Because we're one of The Most Popular Ski Sites Worldwide and for UK Skiers, consistently attracting Millions of Visitors every year.

See more reasons why and our 2019/2020 Ski Season stats.

Advertising Options

You can choose from :-

  • Standard Banner / Display Advertising
  • Page Sponsorship
  • Targeting J2Ski with Google Adwords

Standard Banner / Display Advertising

Easy and effective, we'll show a display ad on our pages a certain number of times (views) and any interested J2Ski visitors will "click through" to land on your website.

An example display ad

Just send us an email with :-

  • Your choice of graphic image in the format above.
  • The URL (web address) of the landing page our visitors should click to.
  • Your desired start date and volumes.

If you need assistance with planning a large-scale campaign, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Targeting J2Ski with Google Adwords

If you know your CPM from your PPC then Google Adwords is an effective way of advertising on J2Ski.

Your Google Ad will be keyword-matched to the page(s) it is displayed upon - meaning that your ads will be shown on the most relevant pages for your business.

Example of a Google Ad

A Google Ad, automatically selected by Google for display on our Chamonix Chalets page.

COMPARISON - J2Ski Advertising Options

Banner / Display AdvertisingGoogle Adwords
Available Ad LocationsAnywhere on J2SkiAnywhere on J2Ski (subject to availability)
On-Site Targeting
  • Run of Site
  • Specific Pages (e.g. Snow Reports, French Chalets).
Pages matched by Keyword.
PayPer ViewPer Click
BudgetWhatever you wantWhatever you want

Alternative Options

Please contact us, at partners(at)j2ski.com if you have particular requirements not met by our standard advertising options. One of the following may be more suitable for your specific business :-

Revenue Share Partnerships

If you offer a product or service of interest to our visitors, and can give us timely and comprehensive statistics for clicks and conversions, we would be delighted to consider working with you on a Revenue Share or Commission basis.

Page Sponsorship and Co-Branding

If you are looking to build brand awareness, then page sponsorship and co-branding can be an effective approach.

We will quote each requirement on a case-by-case basis, taking into account:

  • The popularity (number of visitors) of the page(s) required.
  • The prominence of the sponsorship proposed.

In the event of high demand for certain Ski Resort pages, we may limit the "share" of exposure for those pages. So, if there is a Ski Resort particularly relevant to your business, please contact us for a quotation.