Swiss Snow Reports and Snow Forecast - Saturday 13th February 2016

Snow Report and Forecast Summary for Swiss Ski Resorts

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Swiss Snow Reports - Snow Reports

February 13, 2016

Fresh Snow is reported by 122 Swiss Ski Resorts, including Adelboden, Gstaad Mountain Rides, St. Moritz, Verbier and Wengen.

Significant Fresh Snow is forecast for 102 Swiss Ski Resorts, including Davos, Kandersteg, Saas-Fee, Villars - Gryon and Zermatt.

 Open ski areas include 129 Swiss Ski Resorts.

When do Swiss Ski Resorts Open?

Snow Reports and Snow Forecasts for Switzerland. Covering the period from Saturday 13th February 2016 to Saturday 20th February 2016.

The Deepest Snow in Switzerland

 SnowSnow ReportSnow ConditionsForecastNext Snow
340cmEngelbergGood SnowForecast6cm 13/Feb
340cmLötschentalGood SnowForecast9cm 13/Feb
320cmAnzèreGood SnowForecast8cm 13/Feb
300cmAndermattGood SnowForecast8cm 13/Feb
300cmSedrunGood SnowForecast5cm 13/Feb
290cmLauterbrunnen10cm Fresh SnowForecast9cm 13/Feb
290cmMürrenGood SnowForecast12cm 13/Feb
285cmCrans-MontanaGood SnowForecast9cm 13/Feb
270cmOvronnazGood SnowForecast6cm 13/Feb
260cmGstaad Mountain Rides30cm Fresh SnowForecast14cm 13/Feb

Skiing in Switzerland

For more about Swiss Skiing, see Skiing and Snowboarding in Switzerland.

For detailed snow conditions in Swiss Ski Resorts, click Snow Report or Snow Forecast in the Table below.

Swiss Ski Resorts - Skiing Conditions at a glance

Last reported Snow Conditions and Snow Forecasts for Ski Resorts in Switzerland - please note that all ski resorts can be affected by weather at short notice, and you should check with the Tourist Office before travelling.

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Swiss Snow Reports
Snow Forecast SnowSnow ConditionsReport 48HrNext Snow
Adelboden95cmGood SnowSnow Report25cm11cm 13/Feb
Adelboden-Lenk-Snow Report16cm9cm 13/Feb
Aeschi20cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report3cm3cm 14/Feb
Airolo110cmGood SnowSnow Report11cm5cm 13/Feb
Aletsch169cmGood SnowSnow Report23cm12cm 13/Feb
Alpes Vaudoises-Snow Report25cm12cm 13/Feb
Alt St. Johann135cmGood SnowSnow Report20cm9cm 13/Feb
Amden70cmGood SnowSnow Report22cm9cm 13/Feb
Aminona-Snow Report13cm8cm 13/Feb
Andermatt300cmGood SnowSnow Report18cm8cm 13/Feb
Anzère320cmGood SnowSnow Report13cm8cm 13/Feb
Arolla178cmGood SnowSnow Report18cm10cm 13/Feb
Arosa110cmGood SnowSnow Report6cm1cm 13/Feb
Arosa Lenzerheide110cmSki Area OpenSnow Report7cm7cm 14/Feb
Avers / Cresta-Snow Report15cm2cm 13/Feb
Bad Ragaz110cmGood SnowSnow Report8cm1cm 13/Feb
Beatenberg55cmGood SnowSnow Report10cm4cm 13/Feb
Beckenried-Snow Report11cm3cm 13/Feb
Belalp-Blatten-Naters203cmGood SnowSnow Report16cm9cm 13/Feb
Bellwald140cmGood SnowSnow Report23cm12cm 13/Feb
Bergün / Bravuogn60cmGood SnowSnow Report10cm2cm 13/Feb
Bettmeralp-Snow Report23cm12cm 13/Feb
Bivio70cmGood SnowSnow Report9cm2cm 13/Feb
Blonay-Snow Report9cm1cm 13/Feb
Boltigen-Snow Report16cm7cm 13/Feb
Bosco Gurin85cm10cm Fresh SnowSnow Report11cm5cm 13/Feb
Bourg-St-Pierre-Snow Report17cm10cm 13/Feb
Braunwald140cmGood SnowSnow Report17cm7cm 13/Feb
Brienz Axalp80cmGood SnowSnow Report18cm8cm 13/Feb
Brig-Snow Report16cm9cm 13/Feb
Brigels90cmGood SnowSnow Report11cm4cm 13/Feb
Brigels-Waltensburg-Andiast-Snow Report6cm2cm 13/Feb
Bruson165cmGood SnowSnow Report22cm12cm 13/Feb
Brüsti-Snow Report5cm2cm 13/Feb
Bürchen130cmGood SnowSnow Report14cm8cm 13/Feb
Bürglen-Snow Report10cm4cm 13/Feb
Cardada - Cimetta-Snow Report2cm1cm 14/Feb
Celerina93cmGood SnowSnow Report15cm2cm 13/Feb
Champex-Lac235cmGood SnowSnow Report28cm14cm 13/Feb
Champoussin-Snow Report24cm13cm 13/Feb
Champéry100cmGood SnowSnow Report34cm17cm 13/Feb
Chandolin200cmGood SnowSnow Report13cm8cm 13/Feb
Charmey70cmGood SnowSnow Report14cm6cm 13/Feb
Chur55cmGood SnowSnow Report8cm1cm 13/Feb
Churwalden-Snow Report7cm7cm 14/Feb
Château d'Oex60cmGood SnowSnow Report15cm6cm 13/Feb
Crans-Montana285cmGood SnowSnow Report18cm9cm 13/Feb
Davos153cmGood SnowSnow Report13cm3cm 13/Feb
Diemtigtal50cmGood SnowSnow Report13cm6cm 13/Feb
Disentis Sedrun90cmGood SnowSnow Report12cm5cm 13/Feb
Ebenalp90cmGood SnowSnow Report5cm2cm 13/Feb
Einsiedeln10cm10cm Fresh SnowSnow Report2cm1cm 13/Feb
Eischoll105cmGood SnowSnow Report14cm8cm 13/Feb
Elm160cmGood SnowSnow Report6cm2cm 13/Feb
Emmetten-Snow Report8cm3cm 13/Feb
Engelberg340cmGood SnowSnow Report16cm6cm 13/Feb
Ernen-Snow Report16cm9cm 13/Feb
Erner Galen-Snow Report1cm8cm 16/Feb
Evolène200cmGood SnowSnow Report17cm11cm 13/Feb
Falera-Snow Report6cm2cm 13/Feb
Fideris140cmGood SnowSnow Report8cm2cm 13/Feb
Fiesch-Snow Report16cm9cm 13/Feb
Fiescheralp-Snow Report16cm9cm 13/Feb
Filzbach35cm10cm Fresh SnowSnow Report6cm3cm 13/Feb
Flims-Snow Report11cm3cm 13/Feb
Flims-Laax-Falera230cmGood SnowSnow Report6cm2cm 13/Feb
Flumserberg90cmGood SnowSnow Report--
Four Valleys-Snow Report16cm10cm 13/Feb
Frutigen110cmGood SnowSnow Report16cm9cm 13/Feb
Giswil--Snow Report17cm6cm 13/Feb
Gommiswald-Snow Report2cm2cm 14/Feb
Goms / Obergoms105cmGood SnowSnow Report16cm8cm 13/Feb
Grand St Bernard-Snow Report17cm11cm 13/Feb
Grimentz208cmGood SnowSnow Report19cm10cm 13/Feb
Grindelwald166cmGood SnowSnow Report26cm11cm 13/Feb
Gryon-Snow Report25cm10cm 13/Feb
Grächen135cmGood SnowSnow Report13cm8cm 13/Feb
Grüsch120cmGood SnowSnow Report3cm1cm 13/Feb
Gstaad-Snow Report21cm12cm 13/Feb
Gstaad Mountain Rides260cm30cm Fresh SnowSnow Report31cm14cm 13/Feb
Gurten-Snow Report-2cm 16/Feb
Handgruobi-Snow Report8cm3cm 13/Feb
Heiden--Snow Report1cm8cm 16/Feb
Hemberg-Snow Report2cm1cm 13/Feb
Interlaken-Snow Report-3cm 15/Feb
Jungfrau Region100cmGood SnowSnow Report-3cm 15/Feb
Kandersteg70cmGood SnowSnow Report23cm9cm 13/Feb
Kiental30cmGood SnowSnow Report8cm3cm 13/Feb
Klosters-Snow Report13cm3cm 13/Feb
Kronberg10cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report18cm8cm 13/Feb
La Chaux-de-Fonds-Snow Report5cm3cm 13/Feb
La Fouly190cmGood SnowSnow Report19cm10cm 13/Feb
La Robella-Ski Area ClosedSnow Report14cm3cm 13/Feb
La Tzoumaz120cmGood SnowSnow Report29cm15cm 13/Feb
Laax-Snow Report11cm3cm 13/Feb
Lauterbrunnen290cm10cm Fresh SnowSnow Report16cm9cm 13/Feb
Le Châble-Snow Report24cm14cm 13/Feb
Lenk95cmGood SnowSnow Report24cm11cm 13/Feb
Lenzerheide - Valbella115cmGood SnowSnow Report8cm1cm 13/Feb
Les Crosets-Snow Report34cm17cm 13/Feb
Les Diablerets260cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report25cm12cm 13/Feb
Les Mosses95cmGood SnowSnow Report16cm7cm 13/Feb
Les Paccots40cmGood SnowSnow Report17cm5cm 13/Feb
Les Pleiades30cmGood SnowSnow Report9cm2cm 13/Feb
Leukerbad160cmGood SnowSnow Report19cm9cm 13/Feb
Leysin155cmGood SnowSnow Report19cm11cm 13/Feb
Liddes190cmGood SnowSnow Report22cm13cm 13/Feb
Lungern / Schönbüel-Snow Report11cm6cm 13/Feb
Lötschental340cmGood SnowSnow Report15cm9cm 13/Feb
Maloja120cmGood SnowSnow Report9cm2cm 13/Feb
Marbach40cmGood SnowSnow Report11cm4cm 13/Feb
Meiringen - Hasliberg130cmGood SnowSnow Report18cm8cm 13/Feb
Melchsee-Frutt260cmGood SnowSnow Report18cm8cm 13/Feb
Minschuns-Snow Report6cm1cm 13/Feb
Moléson45cmGood SnowSnow Report17cm9cm 13/Feb
Monte Tamaro / Rivera-Snow Report1cm3cm 15/Feb
Montreux-Snow Report23cm11cm 13/Feb
Morgins150cmGood SnowSnow Report22cm11cm 13/Feb
Mörel - Breiten-Snow Report16cm9cm 13/Feb
Mürren290cmGood SnowSnow Report25cm12cm 13/Feb
Nara--Snow Report11cm6cm 13/Feb
Nax200cmGood SnowSnow Report16cm10cm 13/Feb
Nendaz230cmGood SnowSnow Report22cm12cm 13/Feb
Niederrickenbach-Snow Report15cm6cm 13/Feb
Oberiberg - Ybrig100cmGood SnowSnow Report16cm6cm 13/Feb
Obersaxen65cmGood SnowSnow Report6cm2cm 13/Feb
Oberwil80cmGood SnowSnow Report5cm2cm 13/Feb
Ovronnaz270cmGood SnowSnow Report13cm6cm 13/Feb
Parpan-Snow Report3cm3cm 14/Feb
Pontresina67cmGood SnowSnow Report10cm2cm 13/Feb
Realp-Snow Report16cm8cm 13/Feb
Reigoldswil--Snow Report4cm1cm 13/Feb
Riederalp-Snow Report23cm12cm 13/Feb
Rougemont-Snow Report19cm10cm 13/Feb
Rüschegg - Eywald15cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report4cm1cm 13/Feb
S-Chanf137cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report12cm2cm 13/Feb
Saanen163cmGood SnowSnow Report21cm12cm 13/Feb
Saanenmöser75cmGood SnowSnow Report35cm16cm 13/Feb
Saas Almagell90cmGood SnowSnow Report18cm9cm 13/Feb
Saas Grund45cmGood SnowSnow Report13cm8cm 13/Feb
Saas-Fee250cmSki Area OpenSnow Report22cm9cm 13/Feb
Saastal-Snow Report18cm9cm 13/Feb
Saint-Cergue25cmfair-goodSnow Report13cm6cm 13/Feb
Sainte - Croix / Les Rasses50cmGood SnowSnow Report6cm3cm 13/Feb
Salvan - Les Marécottes-Snow Report38cm16cm 13/Feb
Samedan91cmGood SnowSnow Report10cm2cm 13/Feb
Samnaun115cmGood SnowSnow Report10cm3cm 13/Feb
San Bernardino85cmGood SnowSnow Report14cm6cm 13/Feb
Sattel-Hochstuckli50cmfair-goodSnow Report7cm2cm 13/Feb
Savognin74cmGood SnowSnow Report4cm3cm 14/Feb
Schwarzsee-Snow Report5cm2cm 13/Feb
Schwefelberg-Bad-Snow Report5cm2cm 13/Feb
Schwyz--Snow Report7cm3cm 13/Feb
Schönried-Snow Report21cm12cm 13/Feb
Scuol90cmGood SnowSnow Report8cm2cm 13/Feb
Sedrun300cmGood SnowSnow Report12cm5cm 13/Feb
Sierre-Anniviers-Snow Report17cm9cm 13/Feb
Sils120cmGood SnowSnow Report9cm2cm 13/Feb
Silvaplana120cmGood SnowSnow Report15cm2cm 13/Feb
Siviez-Snow Report29cm15cm 13/Feb
Splügen / Rheinwald85cmGood SnowSnow Report4cm3cm 14/Feb
St-Luc200cmGood SnowSnow Report13cm8cm 13/Feb
St. Moritz93cmGood SnowSnow Report18cm2cm 13/Feb
Stoos110cmGood SnowSnow Report8cm3cm 13/Feb
Surcuolm-Snow Report6cm2cm 13/Feb
Sörenberg175cmGood SnowSnow Report17cm7cm 13/Feb
Thyon les Collons230cmGood SnowSnow Report22cm12cm 13/Feb
Torgon--Snow Report18cm9cm 13/Feb
Tschiertschen70cmGood SnowSnow Report6cm1cm 13/Feb
Täsch-Snow Report11cm4cm 13/Feb
Unteriberg-Snow Report7cm3cm 13/Feb
Unterwasser135cmGood SnowSnow Report6cm3cm 13/Feb
Unterägeri-Snow Report--
Urmein / Oberheinzenberg60cmGood SnowSnow Report3cm3cm 14/Feb
Val Lumnezia-Snow Report6cm2cm 13/Feb
Val Müstair--Snow Report9cm1cm 13/Feb
Vals / Valsertal80cmGood SnowSnow Report6cm2cm 13/Feb
Verbier215cmGood SnowSnow Report31cm16cm 13/Feb
Vercorin200cmGood SnowSnow Report13cm8cm 13/Feb
Veysonnaz230cmGood SnowSnow Report18cm10cm 13/Feb
Villars - Gryon175cmGood SnowSnow Report26cm12cm 13/Feb
Visperterminen60cmGood SnowSnow Report18cm8cm 13/Feb
Waltensburg-Snow Report6cm2cm 13/Feb
Wangs-Snow Report--
Wengen100cmGood SnowSnow Report26cm10cm 13/Feb
Wilderswil bei Interlaken-Snow Report-6cm 16/Feb
Wildhaus135cmGood SnowSnow Report6cm3cm 13/Feb
Winterhorn-Snow Report14cm6cm 13/Feb
Wirzweli-Snow Report8cm3cm 13/Feb
Zermatt200cmGood SnowSnow Report33cm12cm 13/Feb
Zinal208cmGood SnowSnow Report32cm15cm 13/Feb
Zuoz/ St. Moritz-Snow Report10cm2cm 13/Feb
Zweisimmen-Snow Report18cm8cm 13/Feb

The Swiss snow forecast figures given here are the likely average cumulative snowfall on each day, for the specified ski resort. Local snow depths may vary considerably from slope to slope.

Ski Safe : If you intend to ski or snowboard off piste in Switzerland, you must check conditions locally before doing so. Always check the Avalanche Risk Level and carry appropriate avalanche safety equipment at all times.

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Snow Report Table Key

  • Snow Hi - current depth of snow on upper slopes.
  • Snow - link to a full Ski Resort Snow Report.
  • Forecast - link to a 7-Day Ski Resort Snow Forecast.
  • 48 Hours - total new snow expected in the next 48 hours.
  • Next Snow - depth and date of the next snowfall forecast.

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