Italian Snow Reports and Snow Forecast - Thursday 26th February 2015

Snow Report and Forecast Summary for Italian Ski Resorts

Italian Snow News

February 26, 2015

Powder Snow is reported by 8 Italian Ski Resorts, including Arabba, Marmolada, San Martino di Castrozza, Trevalli and Val di Fiemme.

10cm+ Fresh Snow is forecast for 9 Italian Ski Resorts, including Breuil-Cervinia, Campo di Giove, Courmayeur, La Thuile and Valgrisenche.

 Open ski areas include 63 Italian Ski Resorts.

When do Italian Ski Resorts Open?

Snow Reports and Snow Forecasts for Italy. Covering the period from Thursday 26th February 2015 to Friday 6th March 2015.

The Deepest Snow in Italy

 SnowSnow ReportSnow ConditionsForecastNext Snow
500cmPasso TonalePacked Powder SnowForecast1cm 27/Feb
440cmMadesimoFresh SnowForecast2cm 27/Feb
320cmSchnalstalPacked Powder SnowForecast3cm 27/Feb
310cmBreuil-CerviniaPowder SnowForecast10cm 27/Feb
270cmApricaPacked Powder SnowForecast4cm 2/Mar
230cmGressoney la TrinitéGreat Snow ConditionsForecast6cm 27/Feb
220cmAlagna ValsesiaGreat Snow ConditionsForecast6cm 27/Feb
220cmMacugnagaGreat Snow ConditionsForecast7cm 27/Feb
203cmMarmoladaPowder SnowForecast1cm 27/Feb
200cmChampolucGreat Snow ConditionsForecast8cm 27/Feb

Skiing in Italy

For more about Italian Skiing, see Skiing and Snowboarding in Italy.

For detailed snow conditions in Italian Ski Resorts, click Snow Report or Snow Forecast in the Table below.

Top Ten Italian Ski Resorts for Snow

Italian Ski Resorts - Skiing Conditions at a glance

Last reported Snow Conditions and Snow Forecasts for Ski Resorts in Italy - please note that all ski resorts can be affected by weather at short notice, and you should check with the Tourist Office before travelling.

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Italian Snow Reports
Snow Forecast SnowSnow ConditionsReport 48HrsNext Snow
Abetone-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Abruzzo-Snow Report--
Ala di Stura-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 27/Feb
Alagna Valsesia220cmGreat Snow ConditionsSnow Report6cm6cm 27/Feb
Alba110cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Alleghe60cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Alpe Arera-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 27/Feb
Alpe Campo di Rimasco-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Alpe Cermis85cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report1cm1cm 5/Mar
Alpe di Mera-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 27/Feb
Alpe di Pampeago-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm-
Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm80cmpacked snowSnow Report-1cm 2/Mar
Alta Badia100cmpacked snowSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Alta Pusteria86cmPowder SnowSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Alta Valtellina-Snow Report--
Andalo40cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Antagnod140cmGreat Snow ConditionsSnow Report8cm8cm 27/Feb
Aosta-Snow Report--
Aosta Valley-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 27/Feb
Aosta, Aoste-Snow Report--
Aprica270cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report-4cm 2/Mar
Arabba122cmPowder SnowSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Argentera-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Artesina90cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report--
Asiago80cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Auronzo50cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Bardonecchia150cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Barzio-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Bellamonte - Alpe Lusia85cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report1cm1cm 5/Mar
Bergamo-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Bielmonte-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Bolognola-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 4/Mar
Bormio150cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Borno-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 2/Mar
Breuil-Cervinia310cmPowder SnowSnow Report11cm10cm 27/Feb
Brixen / Plose100cm-Snow Report--
Bruneck-Kronplatz70cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Brusson-No Report AvailableSnow Report7cm7cm 27/Feb
Cadipietra / Steinhaus-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Camigliatello Silano-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm1cm 26/Feb
Campitello di Fassa120cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Campo Felice80cmPowder Off-pisteSnow Report3cm3cm 27/Feb
Campo Imperatore-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 27/Feb
Campo Staffi-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 5/Mar
Campo di Giove-No Report AvailableSnow Report13cm13cm 27/Feb
Campocatino-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 2/Mar
Canazei di Fassa115cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Carezza115cmpacked snowSnow Report1cm1cm 5/Mar
Carnia-No Report AvailableSnow Report-5cm 2/Mar
Carona-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Caspoggio-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 27/Feb
Castione della Presolana-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 2/Mar
Cavalese90cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report1cm-
Cerreto Laghi-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Cesana Torinese-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Chamois-No Report AvailableSnow Report9cm9cm 27/Feb
Champoluc200cmGreat Snow ConditionsSnow Report8cm8cm 27/Feb
Champorcher-No Report AvailableSnow Report7cm7cm 27/Feb
Chiesa-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 27/Feb
Cimone - Montecreto-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Civetta120cmpacked snowSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Clavière180cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Cogne-No Report AvailableSnow Report8cm8cm 27/Feb
Colere-No Report AvailableSnow Report-3cm 2/Mar
Colle Isarco / Gossensass-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Comelico-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Commezzadura-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Como-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Conco-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm-
Cortina d`Ampezzo150cmpacked snowSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Corvara80cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Courmayeur135cmFresh SnowSnow Report10cm10cm 27/Feb
Crissolo - Pian Regina-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 27/Feb
Crévacol-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 27/Feb
Cuneo-Snow Report--
Cutigliano-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Dobbiaco-Ski Area OpenSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Dolomiti Superski-Snow Report--
Domobianca-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 27/Feb
Entracque-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Esino Lario - Cainallo-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Etna Nord-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 28/Feb
Etroubles-No Report AvailableSnow Report9cm9cm 27/Feb
Fai della Paganella-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 2/Mar
Falcade-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Folgaria70cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report--
Folgaria - Lavarone - Fiorentini-Snow Report--
Folgarida70cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Folgarida / Marilleva-Snow Report--
Foppolo-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Forca Canapine-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 27/Feb
Forni di Sopra-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Frabosa Soprana-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Gallio-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Gambarie d'Aspromonte-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 5/Mar
Garessio 2000-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Gitschberg - Jochtal100cm-Snow Report1cm1cm 27/Feb
Gressoney Saint Jean-No Report AvailableSnow Report8cm8cm 27/Feb
Gressoney la Trinité230cmGreat Snow ConditionsSnow Report6cm6cm 27/Feb
Haideralm-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Kastelruth / Castelrotto-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 4/Mar
Klausberg147cm-Snow Report--
L'Aquila-Snow Report--
La Magdeleine-No Report AvailableSnow Report9cm9cm 27/Feb
La Polsa-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 4/Mar
La Thuile150cmFresh SnowSnow Report9cm9cm 27/Feb
Laces-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Lana-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 27/Feb
Latemar85cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report1cm1cm 5/Mar
Lavarone-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Lecco-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Limone Piemonte60cmFresh SnowSnow Report--
Livigno180cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report3cm3cm 27/Feb
Lizzano in Belvedere-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Lombardy-Snow Report--
Lorica-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm1cm 26/Feb
Lurisia-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Macugnaga220cmGreat Snow ConditionsSnow Report7cm7cm 27/Feb
Madesimo440cmFresh SnowSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Madonna di Campiglio170cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Malga San Giorgio-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 4/Mar
Marche-Snow Report--
Marilleva110cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Marmolada203cmPowder SnowSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Mendel Ruffrè-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 3/Mar
Meran 200030cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report1cm1cm 27/Feb
Meransen-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 27/Feb
Misurina-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Moena120cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report1cm1cm 4/Mar
Molveno / Pradel-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Montagna Grande di Viggiano-No Report AvailableSnow Report15cm1cm 26/Feb
Monte Baldo-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 4/Mar
Monte Bondone-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 2/Mar
Monte Catria-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 5/Mar
Monte Livata-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Monte Nerone-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 5/Mar
Monte Pora-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Monte Sirino-No Report AvailableSnow Report16cm1cm 26/Feb
Montecampione-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Monterosa-No Report AvailableSnow Report8cm8cm 27/Feb
Mottarone-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Nevegal-No Report AvailableSnow Report-9cm 4/Mar
Nova Levante / Welschnofen-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 5/Mar
Obereggen80cmPowder SnowSnow Report1cm-
Oropa - Mucrone-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Ortler Skiarena-Snow Report--
Ovindoli-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Paesana-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Palit Valchiusella-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 5/Mar
Panarotta 2002-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Passo Lavazè - Oclini-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm-
Passo Rolle-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 4/Mar
Passo San Pellegrino-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Passo Sella-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Passo Stelvio / Prad am Stilfserjoch-Ski Area Opens:30 MaySnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Passo Tonale500cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report1cm1cm 27/Feb
Pejo-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 2/Mar
Pescasseroli-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 27/Feb
Pescegallo-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Pescocostanzo-No Report AvailableSnow Report10cm10cm 27/Feb
Pfelders170cm-Snow Report3cm3cm 27/Feb
Pian del Frais - Chiomonte-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 27/Feb
Pian delle Betulle-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Piana / Valle Vigezzo-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Piancavallo-No Report AvailableSnow Report-14cm 4/Mar
Piane di Mocogno-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Piedmont-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 27/Feb
Pieve di Cadore-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 4/Mar
Pila160cmGreat Snow ConditionsSnow Report9cm9cm 27/Feb
Pinzolo60cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report9cm9cm 27/Feb
Ponte di Legno-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Pontechianale-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Pozza di Fassa-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 2/Mar
Pragelato50cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report1cm1cm 27/Feb
Prali-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 27/Feb
Prato Nevoso-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Prato Selva-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 27/Feb
Predazzo-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm-
Presena-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 27/Feb
Province of Belluno-Snow Report--
Province of Bergamo-Snow Report--
Province of Sondrio-Snow Report--
Racines / Ratschings120cm-Snow Report3cm3cm 27/Feb
Ravascletto-No Report AvailableSnow Report-7cm 2/Mar
Recoaro Mille-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 4/Mar
Reinswald95cm-Snow Report1cm2cm 2/Mar
Rittner Horn30cm-Snow Report-1cm 2/Mar
Rivisondoli-No Report AvailableSnow Report10cm10cm 27/Feb
Roana-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Roccaraso-No Report AvailableSnow Report10cm10cm 27/Feb
Rucas di Bagnolo-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 27/Feb
San Cassiano-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
San Colombano-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
San Giacomo di Roburent-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
San Martino di Castrozza135cmPowder SnowSnow Report1cm1cm 4/Mar
San Sicario-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
San Vigilio di Marebbe / St Vigil in Enneberg-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm2cm 27/Feb
San Vito di Cadore40cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Sand in Taufers-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Sansicario-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Santa Caterina180cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Santa Cristina (Val Gardena)90cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Sappada80cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report-4cm 2/Mar
Sarnano-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 4/Mar
Sauze d'Oulx180cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Scanno-No Report AvailableSnow Report9cm9cm 27/Feb
Schilpario-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Schnalstal320cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report3cm3cm 27/Feb
Schwemmalm190cm-Snow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Schöneben-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Sella Nevea-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Sellata-No Report AvailableSnow Report10cm1cm 26/Feb
Selva Gardena110cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Selva di Cadore-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm2cm 27/Feb
Selva-Sella Ronda-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Sestrière180cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report1cm1cm 27/Feb
Sexten / Sesto86cm5cm Fresh SnowSnow Report1cm1cm 27/Feb
Skirama Dolomiti Adamello-Brenta-Snow Report--
Solda/Sulden130cm-Snow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Sondrio-No Report AvailableSnow Report-3cm 2/Mar
South Tyrol-Snow Report--
Speikboden120cm-Snow Report--
St Anna Pelago / Pievepelago-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
St Ulrich / Ortisei50cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report1cm2cm 4/Mar
Sterzing - Vipiteno-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Sulden am Ortler140cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Tagliacozzo - Marsia-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 5/Mar
Tarvisio-No Report AvailableSnow Report-3cm 2/Mar
Teglio-No Report AvailableSnow Report-4cm 2/Mar
Terminillo-No Report AvailableSnow Report-3cm 2/Mar
Torgnon-No Report AvailableSnow Report10cm9cm 27/Feb
Trafoi am Ortler90cm-Snow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Trent-Snow Report--
Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol-Snow Report--
Trevalli120cmPowder SnowSnow Report1cm1cm 4/Mar
Turin-Snow Report--
Ussita Frontignano-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 4/Mar
Usséglio Pian Benot-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 27/Feb
Val Camonica-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 2/Mar
Val Formazza-No Report AvailableSnow Report8cm8cm 27/Feb
Val Gardena110cmpacked snowSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Val Senales200cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report3cm3cm 27/Feb
Val di Fassa125cmpacked snowSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Val di Fiemme100cmPowder SnowSnow Report1cm1cm 5/Mar
Valgrisenche150cmGreat Snow ConditionsSnow Report9cm8cm 27/Feb
Valle Divedro-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 27/Feb
Valle Isarco100cmpacked snowSnow Report1cm1cm 27/Feb
Valtournenche-No Report AvailableSnow Report11cm10cm 27/Feb
Veneto-Snow Report--
Versciaco / Vierschach70cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Vigiljoch20cm-Snow Report--
Villabassa / Niederdorf-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Villaggio Palumbo-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 27/Feb
Viola St. Grèè-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Watles100cm-Snow Report2cm2cm 27/Feb
Zambla-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 5/Mar
Ziano di Fiemme-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb
Zoldo Alto65cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Feb

The Italian snow forecast figures given here are the likely average cumulative snowfall on each day, for the specified ski resort. Local snow depths may vary considerably from slope to slope.

Ski Safe : If you intend to ski or snowboard off piste in Italy, you must check conditions locally before doing so. Always check the Avalanche Risk Level and carry appropriate avalanche safety equipment at all times.

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Snow Report Table Key

  • Snow Hi - current depth of snow on upper slopes.
  • Snow - link to a full Ski Resort Snow Report.
  • Forecast - link to a 7-Day Ski Resort Snow Forecast.
  • 48 Hours - total new snow expected in the next 48 hours.
  • Next Snow - depth and date of the next snowfall forecast.

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