French Snow Reports and Snow Forecast - Saturday 13th February 2016

Snow Report and Forecast Summary for French Ski Resorts

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French Snow Reports - Snow Reports

February 13, 2016

Fresh Snow is reported by 83 French Ski Resorts, including Courchevel, La Plagne, Les Arcs, Méribel and Val Thorens.

Significant Fresh Snow is forecast for 128 French Ski Resorts, including Alpe d'Huez, Chamonix, Les Menuires, Tignes and Val d'Isère.

 Open ski areas include 156 French Ski Resorts.

When do French Ski Resorts Open?

Snow Reports and Snow Forecasts for France. Covering the period from Saturday 13th February 2016 to Saturday 20th February 2016.

The Deepest Snow in France

 SnowSnow ReportSnow ConditionsForecastNext Snow
360cmChamonixfresh(hi), softForecast21cm 13/Feb
300cmPeisey-Vallandry-Forecast8cm 13/Feb
290cmLa RosièreFresh SnowForecast8cm 13/Feb
290cmOrelle20cm Fresh SnowForecast6cm 13/Feb
265cmChampagny en VanoisesoftForecast7cm 13/Feb
265cmLa PlagnesoftForecast9cm 13/Feb
265cmMontchavin-Les Coches-Forecast8cm 13/Feb
265cmPlagne MontalbertsoftForecast2cm 13/Feb
260cmFlaineFresh SnowForecast19cm 13/Feb
250cmAlpe d'HuezFresh SnowForecast8cm 13/Feb

Skiing in France

For more about French Skiing, see Skiing and Snowboarding in France.

For detailed snow conditions in French Ski Resorts, click Snow Report or Snow Forecast in the Table below.

French Ski Resorts - Skiing Conditions at a glance

Last reported Snow Conditions and Snow Forecasts for Ski Resorts in France - please note that all ski resorts can be affected by weather at short notice, and you should check with the Tourist Office before travelling.

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French Snow Reports
Snow Forecast SnowSnow ConditionsReport 48HrNext Snow
Abondance70cm-Snow Report21cm11cm 13/Feb
Abriès-Snow Report11cm5cm 13/Feb
Aiguilles en Queyras-Snow Report10cm5cm 13/Feb
Aime La Plagne-Snow Report15cm5cm 13/Feb
Albiez Montrond70cmWet SnowSnow Report14cm5cm 13/Feb
Alpe d'Huez250cmFresh SnowSnow Report14cm8cm 13/Feb
Alpe du Grand Serre30cm-Snow Report16cm4cm 13/Feb
Alpe d’Huez grand domaine Ski-Snow Report25cm6cm 13/Feb
Ancelle10cmFresh SnowSnow Report9cm2cm 13/Feb
Aravis-Snow Report19cm8cm 13/Feb
Arc 1600235cmFresh SnowSnow Report9cm2cm 13/Feb
Arc 1800235cmFresh SnowSnow Report14cm7cm 13/Feb
Arc 1950235cmFresh SnowSnow Report14cm7cm 13/Feb
Arc 2000235cmFresh SnowSnow Report12cm5cm 13/Feb
Argentière250cmfresh(hi), softSnow Report26cm19cm 13/Feb
Artouste-Fabrèges45cmhard(hi), freshSnow Report--
Arvieux en Queyras-Snow Report8cm3cm 13/Feb
Arêches-Beaufort210cmFresh SnowSnow Report22cm12cm 13/Feb
Ascou Pailhères-Snow Report6cm1cm 13/Feb
Auris-en-Oisans40cmFresh SnowSnow Report28cm9cm 13/Feb
Auron90cmSki Area OpenSnow Report11cm5cm 13/Feb
Aussois95cmFresh SnowSnow Report24cm6cm 13/Feb
Autrans50cm-Snow Report9cm9cm 14/Feb
Avoriaz190cmFresh SnowSnow Report16cm9cm 13/Feb
Ax les Thermes75cmWet SnowSnow Report9cm9cm 14/Feb
Barèges130cm-Snow Report--
Belle Plagne-Snow Report15cm5cm 13/Feb
Bellefontaine-Snow Report5cm3cm 13/Feb
Bellevaux-Hirmentaz60cm-Snow Report18cm5cm 13/Feb
Bernex Dent d'Oche85cm5cm Snow in last 72hrsSnow Report21cm10cm 13/Feb
Bessans115cm-Snow Report18cm6cm 13/Feb
Besse70cmSki Area OpenSnow Report24cm4cm 13/Feb
Beuil-les-Launes-Ski Area ClosedSnow Report4cm4cm 14/Feb
Bois d'Amont-Snow Report16cm3cm 13/Feb
Bolquère Pyrénées 200035cmfresh(hi), softSnow Report4cm4cm 14/Feb
Bonneval-sur-Arc250cm-Snow Report23cm11cm 13/Feb
Bozel-Snow Report5cm1cm 13/Feb
Bramans--Snow Report17cm2cm 13/Feb
Briançon-Snow Report3cm3cm 14/Feb
Brides-les-Bains-Ski Area ClosedSnow Report12cm7cm 13/Feb
Bussang-Snow Report10cm10cm 14/Feb
Cambre d'Aze-Snow Report8cm8cm 14/Feb
Camurac-Snow Report2cm2cm 14/Feb
Capcir-Snow Report1cm1cm 14/Feb
Cauterets135cmWet SnowSnow Report--
Ceillac85cm-Snow Report12cm6cm 13/Feb
Celliers155cm-Snow Report5cm1cm 13/Feb
Cerdagne Puigmal-Ski Area Closed for SeasonSnow Report6cm5cm 14/Feb
Chabanon Selonnet75cmSki Area OpenSnow Report11cm2cm 13/Feb
Chaillol85cmFresh SnowSnow Report9cm2cm 13/Feb
Chalmazel-Snow Report3cm3cm 14/Feb
Chambon des Neiges-Snow Report5cm4cm 14/Feb
Chamonix360cmfresh(hi), softSnow Report32cm21cm 13/Feb
Champ du Feu-Snow Report5cm4cm 14/Feb
Champagny en Vanoise265cmsoftSnow Report13cm7cm 13/Feb
Chamrousse90cmSki Area OpenSnow Report16cm4cm 13/Feb
Chantemerle-Snow Report5cm4cm 14/Feb
Châtel190cmFresh SnowSnow Report22cm11cm 13/Feb
Col de Rousset40cm-Snow Report13cm2cm 13/Feb
Combloux220cm-Snow Report22cm13cm 13/Feb
Cordon150cm10cm Fresh SnowSnow Report13cm6cm 13/Feb
Corrençon en Vercors70cmFresh SnowSnow Report13cm2cm 13/Feb
Courchevel210cmFresh SnowSnow Report13cm7cm 13/Feb
Courchevel 1850-Snow Report15cm5cm 13/Feb
Courchevel Le Praz-Snow Report9cm2cm 13/Feb
Courchevel Moriond-Snow Report14cm3cm 13/Feb
Courchevel Village-Snow Report6cm1cm 13/Feb
Crest Voland Cohennoz160cmfresh(hi), softSnow Report21cm11cm 13/Feb
Crévoux100cm-Snow Report12cm5cm 13/Feb
Doucy-Combelouvière155cm24cm Fresh SnowSnow Report16cm6cm 13/Feb
Drouzin le Mont-Snow Report22cm7cm 13/Feb
Dévoluy125cmFresh SnowSnow Report16cm4cm 13/Feb
Entre-Les-Fourgs45cm-Snow Report9cm4cm 13/Feb
Espace Diamant160cmFresh SnowSnow Report22cm12cm 13/Feb
Espace Killy-Snow Report22cm10cm 13/Feb
Espace Lumière90cmSki Area OpenSnow Report13cm4cm 13/Feb
Espace San Bernardo-Snow Report27cm17cm 13/Feb
Flaine260cmFresh SnowSnow Report32cm19cm 13/Feb
Flumet160cm-Snow Report22cm12cm 13/Feb
Foncine Le Haut-Snow Report15cm3cm 13/Feb
Font Romeu35cmfresh(hi), softSnow Report8cm8cm 14/Feb
Font d'Urle-Snow Report12cm11cm 14/Feb
Formiguères-Snow Report4cm4cm 14/Feb
Gavarnie Gèdre85cmFresh SnowSnow Report--
Giron-Snow Report3cm4cm 14/Feb
Gourette110cmfresh(hi), spring snowSnow Report--
Grand Massif-Snow Report24cm14cm 13/Feb
Grande Galaxie-Snow Report19cm10cm 13/Feb
Gresse en Vercors50cm-Snow Report12cm11cm 14/Feb
Guzet90cmWet SnowSnow Report10cm1cm 13/Feb
Gérardmer--Snow Report10cm4cm 13/Feb
Iraty-Snow Report4cm4cm 14/Feb
Isola 200090cmSki Area OpenSnow Report-7cm 15/Feb
Jougne-Snow Report13cm4cm 13/Feb
La Bourboule-Snow Report-5cm 15/Feb
La Bresse Hohneck60cmFresh SnowSnow Report14cm4cm 13/Feb
La Chapelle d'Abondance70cm5cm Fresh SnowSnow Report20cm9cm 13/Feb
La Chapelle-en-Vercors-Snow Report12cm11cm 14/Feb
La Clusaz200cmFresh SnowSnow Report20cm13cm 13/Feb
La Colmiane-Snow Report3cm3cm 14/Feb
La Croix de Bauzon35cm-Snow Report--
La Forêt Blanche-Snow Report10cm5cm 13/Feb
La Foux d'Allos81cmFresh SnowSnow Report15cm5cm 13/Feb
La Féclaz-Snow Report6cm1cm 13/Feb
La Giettaz en Aravis220cm-Snow Report22cm12cm 13/Feb
La Grande Terche-Snow Report25cm9cm 13/Feb
La Grave-Snow Report14cm8cm 13/Feb
La Joue du Loup-Snow Report15cm4cm 13/Feb
La Mongie130cm-Snow Report--
La Norma120cmSoft SnowSnow Report24cm6cm 13/Feb
La Pierre Saint Martin40cmSpring SnowSnow Report--
La Plagne265cmsoftSnow Report17cm9cm 13/Feb
La Quillane-Snow Report1cm1cm 14/Feb
La Rosière290cmFresh SnowSnow Report15cm8cm 13/Feb
La Sambuy / Seythenex-10cm Fresh SnowSnow Report13cm2cm 13/Feb
La Savoie Grand Revard-Snow Report6cm1cm 13/Feb
La Tania161cmSoft SnowSnow Report13cm7cm 13/Feb
La Toussuire180cm20cm Snow in last 48hrsSnow Report18cm11cm 13/Feb
Lac Blanc40cmSki Area OpenSnow Report12cm1cm 13/Feb
Laguiole-Snow Report9cm2cm 13/Feb
Lake Annecy Ski Resorts-Snow Report19cm8cm 13/Feb
Lamoura-Snow Report24cm8cm 13/Feb
Lans en Vercors25cmSpring SnowSnow Report9cm9cm 14/Feb
Le Bleymard-Snow Report5cm2cm 13/Feb
Le Chazelet-Snow Report9cm1cm 13/Feb
Le Collet d'Allevard100cm-Snow Report13cm1cm 13/Feb
Le Corbier180cmSoft SnowSnow Report13cm4cm 13/Feb
Le Grand Bornand130cmFresh SnowSnow Report18cm12cm 13/Feb
Le Grand Domaine-Snow Report5cm1cm 13/Feb
Le Grand Puy-Snow Report13cm3cm 13/Feb
Le Lioran105cmFresh SnowSnow Report12cm1cm 13/Feb
Le Markstein-Snow Report7cm8cm 14/Feb
Le Mont-Dore85cmSki Area OpenSnow Report8cm7cm 14/Feb
Le Mourtis30cmWet SnowSnow Report--
Le Pleynet-Snow Report25cm7cm 13/Feb
Le Reposoir-15cm Snow in last 72hrsSnow Report22cm5cm 13/Feb
Le Sappey-Snow Report9cm1cm 13/Feb
Le Sauze Super Sauze70cm-Snow Report13cm5cm 13/Feb
Le Tour-Snow Report35cm15cm 13/Feb
Lelex-Snow Report15cm5cm 13/Feb
Les 7 Laux Prapoutel120cmFresh SnowSnow Report13cm1cm 13/Feb
Les Aillons90cm-Snow Report10cm2cm 13/Feb
Les Angles80cmFresh SnowSnow Report5cm5cm 14/Feb
Les Arcs235cmFresh SnowSnow Report15cm8cm 13/Feb
Les Avanchers-Snow Report16cm6cm 13/Feb
Les Bossons-Snow Report15cm5cm 13/Feb
Les Bottières-Snow Report13cm7cm 13/Feb
Les Brasses90cm-Snow Report19cm5cm 13/Feb
Les Carroz132cmFresh SnowSnow Report19cm11cm 13/Feb
Les Contamines215cmFresh SnowSnow Report19cm12cm 13/Feb
Les Deux Alpes130cmFresh SnowSnow Report18cm11cm 13/Feb
Les Estables-Snow Report1cm2cm 15/Feb
Les Gets170cm-Snow Report14cm7cm 13/Feb
Les Habères20cm5cm Fresh SnowSnow Report18cm5cm 13/Feb
Les Houches150cmSoft SnowSnow Report26cm14cm 13/Feb
Les Karellis180cmFresh SnowSnow Report14cm7cm 13/Feb
Les Menuires210cmSoft SnowSnow Report15cm6cm 13/Feb
Les Mont d'Olmes-Snow Report5cm5cm 14/Feb
Les Orres70cmSki Area OpenSnow Report10cm5cm 13/Feb
Les Plans d'Hotonnes-Snow Report4cm3cm 14/Feb
Les Rousses120cm-Snow Report32cm9cm 13/Feb
Les Saisies190cmFresh SnowSnow Report15cm8cm 13/Feb
Les Sybelles170cmfresh(hi), softSnow Report16cm5cm 13/Feb
Luchon - Superbagnères65cmFresh SnowSnow Report20cm2cm 13/Feb
Lus / La Jarjatte20cm-Snow Report11cm11cm 14/Feb
Luz Ardiden120cmWet SnowSnow Report--
Manigod-Ski Area OpenSnow Report23cm9cm 13/Feb
Megève170cmFresh SnowSnow Report17cm10cm 13/Feb
Menthières-Snow Report16cm6cm 13/Feb
Mieussy-Snow Report25cm5cm 13/Feb
Mijanès-Donezan-Snow Report5cm5cm 14/Feb
Molines en Queyras-Snow Report10cm5cm 13/Feb
Mont Aigoual-Snow Report1cm5cm 19/Feb
Mont Louis-Snow Report5cm5cm 14/Feb
Mont Saxonnex45cm2cm Snow in last 72hrsSnow Report16cm5cm 13/Feb
Mont Ventoux-Snow Report9cm8cm 14/Feb
Montagne de Lure-Snow Report4cm4cm 14/Feb
Montchavin-Les Coches265cm-Snow Report15cm8cm 13/Feb
Montgenèvre110cm-Snow Report10cm5cm 13/Feb
Montriond-Snow Report15cm4cm 13/Feb
Monts Jura30cmFresh SnowSnow Report15cm3cm 13/Feb
Monêtier les Bains-Snow Report6cm1cm 13/Feb
Morbier-Snow Report25cm3cm 13/Feb
Morillon16cmFresh SnowSnow Report32cm19cm 13/Feb
Morzine90cm-Snow Report14cm7cm 13/Feb
Méaudre30cm-Snow Report10cm9cm 14/Feb
Méribel180cmSoft SnowSnow Report13cm7cm 13/Feb
Méribel Centre-Snow Report7cm2cm 13/Feb
Méribel Les Allues-Snow Report5cm5cm 14/Feb
Méribel Les Hauts-Snow Report12cm2cm 13/Feb
Méribel Mottaret210cmsoft(hi), freshSnow Report14cm4cm 13/Feb
Méribel Village-Snow Report6cm1cm 13/Feb
Métabief - Mont d'Or22cmWet SnowSnow Report13cm4cm 13/Feb
Neiges Catalanes-Snow Report4cm4cm 14/Feb
Notre Dame de Bellecombe160cmFresh SnowSnow Report22cm13cm 13/Feb
Orange-Snow Report2cm2cm 14/Feb
Orcières-Merlette125cmFresh SnowSnow Report10cm4cm 13/Feb
Orelle290cm20cm Fresh SnowSnow Report24cm6cm 13/Feb
Oz-en-Oisans140cmFresh SnowSnow Report25cm6cm 13/Feb
Paradiski-Snow Report14cm7cm 13/Feb
Passy Plaine Joux100cm5cm Snow in last 72hrsSnow Report15cm4cm 13/Feb
Peisey-Vallandry300cm-Snow Report15cm8cm 13/Feb
Pelvoux - La Vallouise-Snow Report19cm10cm 13/Feb
Peyragudes60cmSoft SnowSnow Report--
Piau Engaly140cmFresh SnowSnow Report--
Pla d'Adet-Snow Report--
Plagne 1800-Snow Report15cm5cm 13/Feb
Plagne Bellecôte-Snow Report13cm5cm 13/Feb
Plagne Centre-Snow Report15cm5cm 13/Feb
Plagne Montalbert265cmsoftSnow Report9cm2cm 13/Feb
Plagne Soleil-Snow Report15cm5cm 13/Feb
Plagne Villages-Snow Report13cm5cm 13/Feb
Portes du Soleil-Snow Report14cm7cm 13/Feb
Porté Puymorens-Snow Report10cm9cm 14/Feb
Pra Loup90cmFresh SnowSnow Report13cm4cm 13/Feb
Pralognan la Vanoise147cm6cm Fresh SnowSnow Report18cm7cm 13/Feb
Prapoutel-Snow Report17cm1cm 13/Feb
Praz de Lys & Sommand120cm-Snow Report9cm2cm 13/Feb
Praz sur Arly160cmFresh SnowSnow Report15cm8cm 13/Feb
Prémanon-Snow Report25cm2cm 13/Feb
Puy Saint Vincent100cmSoft SnowSnow Report13cm8cm 13/Feb
Puyvalador-Snow Report4cm4cm 14/Feb
Risoul80cmFresh SnowSnow Report12cm7cm 13/Feb
Rochejean-Snow Report24cm7cm 13/Feb
Roubion les Buisses-Snow Report2cm2cm 14/Feb
Rouge Gazon-Snow Report11cm5cm 13/Feb
Réallon105cm-Snow Report10cm4cm 13/Feb
Saint Hilaire du Touvet-Snow Report4cm4cm 14/Feb
Saint Jean d'Aulps-Snow Report31cm10cm 13/Feb
Saint Jean de Sixt30cm-Snow Report3cm3cm 14/Feb
Saint Martin de Belleville210cm-Snow Report13cm7cm 13/Feb
Saint Nicolas de Véroce-Snow Report26cm16cm 13/Feb
Saint Pierre de Chartreuse85cmSki Area OpenSnow Report13cm1cm 13/Feb
Saint-Andéol-Snow Report5cm5cm 14/Feb
Saint-Jean Montclar95cm-Snow Report14cm4cm 13/Feb
Saint-Lary Soulan70cmWet SnowSnow Report--
Saint-Léger-Les-Mélèzes35cm-Snow Report9cm2cm 13/Feb
Sainte-Foy Tarentaise250cmFresh SnowSnow Report17cm9cm 13/Feb
Samoëns132cmFresh SnowSnow Report32cm19cm 13/Feb
Seignus (Val d'Allos 1500)82cmFresh SnowSnow Report10cm9cm 14/Feb
Serre Chevalier140cmFresh SnowSnow Report11cm7cm 13/Feb
Sixt Fer à Cheval40cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report36cm17cm 13/Feb
Ski Pass Mont Blanc-Snow Report16cm5cm 13/Feb
Sollières - Sardières-Snow Report12cm2cm 13/Feb
St Colomban des Villards180cm-Snow Report7cm1cm 13/Feb
St François Longchamp135cmFresh SnowSnow Report16cm5cm 13/Feb
St Gervais Mont-Blanc150cmFresh SnowSnow Report16cm8cm 13/Feb
St Jean d'Arves180cmSki Area OpenSnow Report26cm6cm 13/Feb
St Maurice sur Moselle60cmSki Area OpenSnow Report11cm1cm 13/Feb
St Pierre dels Forcats-Snow Report6cm5cm 14/Feb
St Sorlin d'Arves170cmFresh SnowSnow Report19cm11cm 13/Feb
SuperDévoluy-Snow Report16cm4cm 13/Feb
Termignon-Snow Report13cm8cm 13/Feb
The Milky Way-Snow Report10cm4cm 13/Feb
The Three Valleys-Snow Report13cm7cm 13/Feb
Thollon-les-Mémises80cm-Snow Report21cm10cm 13/Feb
Tignes235cmFresh SnowSnow Report17cm9cm 13/Feb
Tignes Le Lac-Snow Report18cm7cm 13/Feb
Tignes Les Boisses-Snow Report16cm8cm 13/Feb
Tignes Les Brévières-Snow Report8cm3cm 13/Feb
Tignes Val Claret-Snow Report18cm7cm 13/Feb
Tourmalet65cmSki Area OpenSnow Report--
Val Cenis185cm-Snow Report15cm9cm 13/Feb
Val Louron40cmWet SnowSnow Report--
Val Thorens250cmFresh SnowSnow Report15cm6cm 13/Feb
Val d'Allos81cm-Snow Report9cm8cm 14/Feb
Val d'Isère235cmFresh SnowSnow Report15cm9cm 13/Feb
Valberg60cmSki Area OpenSnow Report9cm1cm 13/Feb
Valdrôme-Snow Report9cm2cm 13/Feb
Valfréjus80cmFresh SnowSnow Report14cm6cm 13/Feb
Valle du Louron / Loudenvielle-Snow Report--
Valloire160cm-Snow Report15cm8cm 13/Feb
Vallorcine-Snow Report21cm5cm 13/Feb
Valmeinier100cmFresh SnowSnow Report14cm6cm 13/Feb
Valmorel170cmFresh SnowSnow Report5cm1cm 13/Feb
Vars80cmFresh SnowSnow Report11cm6cm 13/Feb
Vaujany140cmFresh SnowSnow Report14cm7cm 13/Feb
Ventron45cmSki Area OpenSnow Report7cm7cm 14/Feb
Vic sur Cère-Snow Report23cm9cm 13/Feb
Villard Reculas250cmFresh SnowSnow Report18cm11cm 13/Feb
Villard de Lans70cmFresh SnowSnow Report13cm2cm 13/Feb
Villaroger-Snow Report15cm8cm 13/Feb
Villeneuve-Snow Report5cm4cm 14/Feb
Xonrupt-Longemer-Snow Report10cm4cm 13/Feb

The French snow forecast figures given here are the likely average cumulative snowfall on each day, for the specified ski resort. Local snow depths may vary considerably from slope to slope.

Ski Safe : If you intend to ski or snowboard off piste in France, you must check conditions locally before doing so. Always check the Avalanche Risk Level and carry appropriate avalanche safety equipment at all times.

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Snow Report Table Key

  • Snow Hi - current depth of snow on upper slopes.
  • Snow - link to a full Ski Resort Snow Report.
  • Forecast - link to a 7-Day Ski Resort Snow Forecast.
  • 48 Hours - total new snow expected in the next 48 hours.
  • Next Snow - depth and date of the next snowfall forecast.

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