Austrian Snow Reports and Snow Forecast - Monday 27th April 2015

Snow Report and Forecast Summary for Austrian Ski Resorts

Austrian Snow News

April 27, 2015

Fresh Snow is reported by 13 Austrian Ski Resorts, including Ischgl, Kaprun, Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, St. Anton am Arlberg and Vent.

10cm+ Fresh Snow is forecast for 43 Austrian Ski Resorts, including Fiss, Kühtai-Sellraintal, Schladming, St Christoph am Arlberg and Sölden.

 Open ski areas include 9 Austrian Ski Resorts.

When do Austrian Ski Resorts Open?

Snow Reports and Snow Forecasts for Austria. Covering the period from Monday 27th April 2015 to Monday 4th May 2015.

The Deepest Snow in Austria

 SnowSnow ReportSnow ConditionsForecastNext Snow
371cmKaunertalperfect snowForecast2cm 27/Apr
360cmKaprunFresh Snow on Upper SlopesForecast3cm 28/Apr
343cmPitztalPowder SnowForecast4cm 27/Apr
290cmHintertuxperfect snowForecast8cm 28/Apr
280cmMölltal Gletscher - FlattachFresh Snow on Upper SlopesForecast2cm 28/Apr
260cmStubaiperfect snowForecast6cm 28/Apr
256cmSöldenSpring SnowForecast5cm 27/Apr
55cmSkiWeltSki Area ClosedForecast-
9cmAlpendorfSki Area ClosedForecast5cm 28/Apr
9cmAltenmarktSki Area ClosedForecast4cm 28/Apr

Skiing in Austria

For more about Austrian Skiing, see Skiing and Snowboarding in Austria.

For detailed snow conditions in Austrian Ski Resorts, click Snow Report or Snow Forecast in the Table below.

Top Ten Austrian Ski Resorts for Snow

Austrian Ski Resorts - Skiing Conditions at a glance

Last reported Snow Conditions and Snow Forecasts for Ski Resorts in Austria - please note that all ski resorts can be affected by weather at short notice, and you should check with the Tourist Office before travelling.

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Austrian Snow Reports
Snow Forecast SnowSnow ConditionsReport 48HrsNext Snow
Abtenau-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Achenkirch-No Report AvailableSnow Report11cm11cm 28/Apr
Aflenz Kurort-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
Afritz-No Report AvailableSnow Report-6cm 30/Apr
Alberschwende-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Alpbach-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Alpenarena Hochhäderich-No Report AvailableSnow Report13cm13cm 28/Apr
Alpendorf9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Altausee-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Altenmarkt9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Altenmarkt-Zauchensee-Snow Report7cm1cm 27/Apr
Altmünster-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Amadé-No Report AvailableSnow Report11cm10cm 28/Apr
Andelsbuch-No Report AvailableSnow Report12cm13cm 28/Apr
Angerberg-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Annaberg-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm6cm 28/Apr
Arlberg-Snow Report--
Au-No Report AvailableSnow Report14cm14cm 28/Apr
Auffach-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Aurach-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Axamer Lizum-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Baad-No Report AvailableSnow Report13cm13cm 28/Apr
Bach-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm7cm 28/Apr
Bad Gastein-Ski Area ClosedSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
Bad Hofgastein-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 28/Apr
Bad Kleinkirchheim-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 28/Apr
Bad Leonfelden-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Bad Mitterndorf-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Barenalm-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Berg im Drautal-No Report AvailableSnow Report-8cm 30/Apr
Berwang-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm6cm 28/Apr
Bezau-No Report AvailableSnow Report12cm13cm 28/Apr
Biberwier-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm7cm 28/Apr
Bichlbach-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Bludenz-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Boden - Bschlabs-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 30/Apr
Bodental-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Brand-No Report AvailableSnow Report8cm8cm 28/Apr
Brand-Nagelberg-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Brandenberg-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Bregenz-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Bregenzerwald-No Report AvailableSnow Report14cm14cm 28/Apr
Brixen im Thale-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Bruck am Ziller-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm4cm 28/Apr
Bürserberg-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Carinthia-Snow Report--
Dachstein West-No Report AvailableSnow Report7cm7cm 28/Apr
Dachstein-Tauern-No Report AvailableSnow Report11cm10cm 28/Apr
Dalaas / Wald-No Report AvailableSnow Report11cm11cm 28/Apr
Damüls-No Report AvailableSnow Report12cm12cm 28/Apr
Dienten am Hochkönig9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report9cm9cm 28/Apr
Donnersbach-No Report AvailableSnow Report-7cm 30/Apr
Donnersbachwald-No Report AvailableSnow Report-10cm 30/Apr
Dorfgastein9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report-11cm 30/Apr
Dornbirn-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Dreiländereck-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Dunserberg-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Ebbs - Buchbirg-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Eben im Pongau9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Ebensee am Traunsee-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Egg-No Report AvailableSnow Report-3cm 1/May
Ehrwald-No Report AvailableSnow Report10cm2cm 27/Apr
Ellmau-Ski Area ClosedSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Europa Sport Region-Snow Report--
Faistenau-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Falkert-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 28/Apr
Fanningberg-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Feistritz - Petzen-No Report AvailableSnow Report-5cm 30/Apr
Fendels - Ried - Prutz-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Fieberbrunn - PillerseeTal-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Filzmoos9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Finkenberg-No Report AvailableSnow Report8cm8cm 28/Apr
Fiss-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Flachau9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Flattach-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm2cm 28/Apr
Flattnitz-No Report AvailableSnow Report-12cm 30/Apr
Fließ-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Fontanella / Faschina-No Report AvailableSnow Report12cm12cm 28/Apr
Forstau9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Frauenalpe-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 28/Apr
Fulpmes-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Fügen-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Gaberl-No Report AvailableSnow Report-11cm 30/Apr
Galtür-No Report AvailableSnow Report9cm9cm 28/Apr
Gargellen-No Report AvailableSnow Report8cm8cm 28/Apr
Gastein-No Report AvailableSnow Report11cm10cm 28/Apr
Gerlitzen Alpen - Steindorf-No Report AvailableSnow Report-7cm 30/Apr
Gerlos-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Gmunden-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 28/Apr
Going am Wilden Kaiser-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm6cm 28/Apr
Goldeck-No Report AvailableSnow Report-5cm 30/Apr
Goldegg9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report--
Gortipohl-No Report AvailableSnow Report9cm9cm 28/Apr
Gosau-No Report AvailableSnow Report7cm7cm 28/Apr
Graukogel9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report7cm1cm 27/Apr
Großarl9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report1cm1cm 28/Apr
Gröbming-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
Grödig-No Report AvailableSnow Report8cm8cm 28/Apr
Grünau im Almtal-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Gurtis-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Göstling-Hochkar-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Hallein / Bad Dürrnberg-No Report AvailableSnow Report9cm9cm 28/Apr
Hauereck / Waldheimat-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Hebalm-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Heiligenblut / Großglockner-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Hintersee-No Report AvailableSnow Report8cm8cm 28/Apr
Hinterstoder-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm5cm 28/Apr
Hinterthal-No Report AvailableSnow Report10cm10cm 28/Apr
Hintertux290cmperfect snowSnow Report8cm8cm 28/Apr
Hippach-No Report AvailableSnow Report7cm7cm 28/Apr
Hirschegg - Salzstiegl-No Report AvailableSnow Report-11cm 30/Apr
HochZeiger-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Hochficht-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Hochfilzen-No Report AvailableSnow Report9cm9cm 28/Apr
Hochfügen-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Hochkönigs Winterreich-No Report AvailableSnow Report11cm10cm 28/Apr
Hochoetz-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Hochrindl / Sirnitz-No Report AvailableSnow Report-9cm 30/Apr
Hochzillertal-Hochfügen-Snow Report--
Hohentauern-No Report AvailableSnow Report-11cm 30/Apr
Hollenstein an der Ybbs-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 28/Apr
Hopfgarten im Brixental-No Report AvailableSnow Report7cm7cm 28/Apr
Igls-Ski Area ClosedSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Imst-Snow Report--
Imst-Gurgltal-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Innerkrems-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm3cm 28/Apr
Innsbruck-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Innsbruck-Land-Snow Report--
Ischgl-No Report AvailableSnow Report14cm4cm 27/Apr
Itter-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Jochberg-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Judenburg-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Jungholz-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Kals am Großglockner-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Kaltenbach-No Report AvailableSnow Report7cm7cm 28/Apr
Kappl-No Report AvailableSnow Report10cm3cm 27/Apr
Kaprun360cmFresh Snow on Upper SlopesSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Katrin - Bad Ischl-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Katschberg-Aineck-Rennweg-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
Kaunertal371cmperfect snowSnow Report10cm2cm 27/Apr
Kelchsau-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Kindberg-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Kirchberg in Tirol-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Kirchdorf-Ski Area ClosedSnow Report--
Kirchschlag-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Kitzbühel-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm7cm 28/Apr
Kitzbüheler Alpen-Snow Report--
Kleinarl9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
Kleinwalsertal-No Report AvailableSnow Report12cm13cm 28/Apr
Klippitztörl-No Report AvailableSnow Report-8cm 30/Apr
Klösterle am Arlberg-No Report AvailableSnow Report11cm11cm 28/Apr
Kolsass Weer-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Koppl-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Koralpe-No Report AvailableSnow Report9cm9cm 28/Apr
Krakaubene-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 1/May
Kramsach-No Report AvailableSnow Report7cm7cm 28/Apr
Krimml-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm7cm 28/Apr
Krippenstein-No Report AvailableSnow Report7cm7cm 28/Apr
Krispl - Gaissau-No Report AvailableSnow Report8cm8cm 28/Apr
Kufstein-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
Königsleiten-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm7cm 28/Apr
Kössen-No Report AvailableSnow Report10cm10cm 28/Apr
Kötschach - Mauthen-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Kühtai-Sellraintal-No Report AvailableSnow Report7cm6cm 28/Apr
Lachtal-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
Lackenhof am Ötscher-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Ladis-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Landeck-Snow Report--
Langenwang-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Laterns-No Report AvailableSnow Report8cm8cm 28/Apr
Lech-Not KnownSnow Report10cm10cm 28/Apr
Leogang-No Report AvailableSnow Report12cm12cm 28/Apr
Lermoos-No Report AvailableSnow Report12cm12cm 28/Apr
Leutasch-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Lienz-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 28/Apr
Liezen-Snow Report--
Lilienfeld-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Lofer-No Report AvailableSnow Report13cm14cm 28/Apr
Losenstein-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Lower Austria-Snow Report--
Lungau-Snow Report--
Mallnitz-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Mandarfen-No Report AvailableSnow Report12cm12cm 28/Apr
Maria Alm9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report9cm9cm 28/Apr
Mariazell-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Matrei in Osttirol-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Maurach am Achensee-No Report AvailableSnow Report7cm7cm 28/Apr
Mauterndorf-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
Mayrhofen-No Report AvailableSnow Report7cm8cm 28/Apr
Mellau-No Report AvailableSnow Report12cm12cm 28/Apr
Mieders-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
Mitterbach am Erlaufsee-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm6cm 28/Apr
Mittersill-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Modriach-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Molln-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Montafon-No Report AvailableSnow Report8cm9cm 28/Apr
Muggendorf-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Murau-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
Mutters-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
Mölltal Gletscher - Flattach280cmFresh Snow on Upper SlopesSnow Report3cm2cm 28/Apr
Mönichkirchen Mariensee-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Mösern-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Mühlbach am Hochkönig9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report7cm7cm 28/Apr
Mühldorf-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Mürzsteg-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Nassfeld Hermagor-No Report AvailableSnow Report-7cm 30/Apr
Nauders-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm1cm 27/Apr
Nesselwängle - Haller-No Report AvailableSnow Report7cm7cm 28/Apr
Neukirchen / Wildkogel-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Neustift im Stubaital-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Niederau-Ski Area ClosedSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Oberau-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Obergurgl-Hochgurgl-No Report AvailableSnow Report18cm6cm 27/Apr
Oberndorf-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Oberperfuss-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
Obertauern-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Obertilliach-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 27/Apr
Obertraun/Dachstein-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Obsteig-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
Olympia Region Seefeld-Snow Report--
Partenen-No Report AvailableSnow Report9cm9cm 28/Apr
Pertisau am Achensee-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Pettneu am Arlberg-No Report AvailableSnow Report9cm9cm 28/Apr
Pichl-Mandling-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Pitztal343cmPowder SnowSnow Report18cm4cm 27/Apr
Pitztaler Gletscher343cmPowder SnowSnow Report18cm4cm 27/Apr
Pruggern-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm3cm 28/Apr
Präbichl-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
Puchberg am Schneeberg-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Puchenstuben-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Radstadt9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Raggal - Marul-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 28/Apr
Ramsau am Dachstein9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report7cm1cm 27/Apr
Rauris-No Report AvailableSnow Report-12cm 30/Apr
Reichenau an der Rax-No Report AvailableSnow Report-3cm 30/Apr
Reith bei Seefeld-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm2cm 28/Apr
Reith im Alpbachtal-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Reutte-No Report AvailableSnow Report9cm9cm 28/Apr
Riefensberg-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Rieseralm-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Rifflsee-No Report AvailableSnow Report17cm4cm 27/Apr
Rohrmoos-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm2cm 27/Apr
Rußbach-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Saalbach Hinterglemm-No Report AvailableSnow Report7cm7cm 28/Apr
Saalfelden-No Report AvailableSnow Report9cm9cm 28/Apr
Salzburg-Snow Report--
Salzburger Sportwelt-No Report AvailableSnow Report11cm10cm 28/Apr
Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Schladming-No Report AvailableSnow Report14cm6cm 27/Apr
Schottwien - Maria Schutz-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 2/May
Schruns-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 1/May
Schröcken-Ski Area ClosedSnow Report14cm15cm 28/Apr
Schwaz-Snow Report--
Schwaz-Pill-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Schönfeld - Thomatal-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
See im Paznaun-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Seefeld-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Semmering - Hirschenkogel-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Serfaus-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis-No Report AvailableSnow Report7cm1cm 27/Apr
Silbertal-No Report AvailableSnow Report-5cm 30/Apr
Sillian-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm1cm 27/Apr
Silvretta-Snow Report--
Ski Jewel Alpbachtal Wildschönau-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
SkiWelt55cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report--
Sommeralm-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Sonntag-No Report AvailableSnow Report12cm12cm 28/Apr
Spital am Pyhrn-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Spital am Semmering - Stuhleck-No Report AvailableSnow Report-6cm 30/Apr
Spittal an der Drau-Snow Report--
Sportgastein9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report7cm1cm 27/Apr
St Aegyd am Neuwalde-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm5cm 28/Apr
St Christoph am Arlberg-No Report AvailableSnow Report15cm4cm 27/Apr
St Gallenkirch-No Report AvailableSnow Report9cm9cm 28/Apr
St Jakob im Defereggen-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm5cm 28/Apr
St Jakob im Walde-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
St Johann im Pongau-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm4cm 28/Apr
St Johann in Tirol-Ski Area ClosedSnow Report8cm8cm 28/Apr
St Lambrecht - St Blasen-No Report AvailableSnow Report-9cm 30/Apr
St Oswald-No Report AvailableSnow Report-10cm 30/Apr
St Radegund bei Graz-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
St Ulrich am Pillersee-No Report AvailableSnow Report8cm8cm 28/Apr
St Urban / Simonhöhe-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
St Wolfgang am Zirbitz-No Report AvailableSnow Report7cm7cm 28/Apr
St. Anton am Arlberg-Not KnownSnow Report16cm4cm 27/Apr
St. Corona am Wechsel-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
St. Johann im Pongau-Snow Report--
St. Johann-Alpendorf9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report3cm4cm 28/Apr
St. Margarethen im Lungau-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
St. Martin am Tennengebirge-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
St. Michael im Lungau-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
St. Wolfgang-Ski Area ClosedSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Stans-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Stanzach-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Steinach am Brenner / Gschnitz-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Steinberg am Rofan-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Stubai260cmperfect snowSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Stuben-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm1cm 27/Apr
Styria-Snow Report--
Sölden256cmSpring SnowSnow Report22cm5cm 27/Apr
Söll-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Tannheim-No Report AvailableSnow Report9cm9cm 28/Apr
Tauplitz-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
Telfes im Stubai-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Thierbach-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
TirolWest-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Trahütten-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Trins-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Tschagguns-No Report AvailableSnow Report9cm9cm 28/Apr
Tulfes-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm4cm 28/Apr
Turracherhöhe-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 28/Apr
Tux - Finkenberg-No Report AvailableSnow Report8cm8cm 28/Apr
Tyrol-Snow Report--
Upper Austria-Snow Report--
Uttendorf Weißsee-No Report AvailableSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Vandans-No Report AvailableSnow Report8cm8cm 28/Apr
Vent-No Report AvailableSnow Report18cm6cm 27/Apr
Villach-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
Vorarlberg-Snow Report--
Vorderstoder-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Wagrain9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report3cm3cm 28/Apr
Waidhofen an der Ybbs-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Waidring-No Report AvailableSnow Report11cm11cm 28/Apr
Warth-Ski Area ClosedSnow Report14cm15cm 28/Apr
Weinebene-No Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 28/Apr
Weissensee-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Werfenweng-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Westendorf-No Report AvailableSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Wettersteinbahn-No Report AvailableSnow Report10cm2cm 27/Apr
Windischgarsten-No Report AvailableSnow Report2cm2cm 28/Apr
Wörgl-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Zahmer Kaiser / Walchsee-No Report AvailableSnow Report7cm7cm 28/Apr
Zauchensee9cmSki Area ClosedSnow Report4cm4cm 28/Apr
Zell am See-No Report AvailableSnow Report5cm5cm 28/Apr
Zell am Ziller-No Report AvailableSnow Report6cm6cm 28/Apr
Zillertal-Snow Report--
Zillertal Arena-Snow Report--
Zugspitz Arena-Snow Report--
Zöblen-No Report AvailableSnow Report12cm2cm 27/Apr
Zürs-Not KnownSnow Report11cm12cm 28/Apr

The Austrian snow forecast figures given here are the likely average cumulative snowfall on each day, for the specified ski resort. Local snow depths may vary considerably from slope to slope.

Ski Safe : If you intend to ski or snowboard off piste in Austria, you must check conditions locally before doing so. Always check the Avalanche Risk Level and carry appropriate avalanche safety equipment at all times.

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Snow Report Table Key

  • Snow Hi - current depth of snow on upper slopes.
  • Snow - link to a full Ski Resort Snow Report.
  • Forecast - link to a 7-Day Ski Resort Snow Forecast.
  • 48 Hours - total new snow expected in the next 48 hours.
  • Next Snow - depth and date of the next snowfall forecast.

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