Why you should Advertise your Snow Sports business on J2Ski

Why advertise your ski or snowboard business on the J2Ski Sites ?

Exposure to the Independent Ski Market

If you want to connect, directly, to the serious and independent segment of the skiing population there is no better place to do it.

In the past twelve months we have served Six Million Visitors.

During the 2014/2015 Ski Season, we served over 11 Million Pages during 5 Million Visits and confirmed our position as one of the world's Top Snow Sports Web Sites (ranked by traffic). You can see details of our 2014 / 2015 Ski Season Traffic Stats here.

Quality Visitors, Quality Traffic

Our visitors find us through natural, organic search. We do not pay for inclusion in Search Engine results, or on directories and we never buy traffic. If someone arrives at our site, they do so either because they have made a very specific search (for information we can give them) or they have followed a link from one of the many sites who consider us worth linking to.

Can your clients find you like they find us?

In just One Month (e.g. December 2014), ski and snowboard enthusiasts visit J2Ski over One Million times. They did it again in January 2015, with J2Ski.com serving Eight Million Page Views in the Three Month period to February 2015.

Natural search results

We rank very highly, in Search Engine results, for thousands of terms related to the Independent Ski market. Below are a handful of example searches you can check yourself:

Search EngineClick to make the searchRecent Results
GoogleGeneva Skiing#1 of 4,000,000
BingAustrian Ski Resorts#2 of 3,000,000
BingFrench Ski Resorts#2 of 3,500,000
BingItalian Ski Resorts#2 of 1,800,000
BingSwiss Ski Resorts#1 of 3,800,000
BingEuropean Ski Resorts#2 of 6,000,000
GoogleGeneva Skiing#1 of 4,000,000
GoogleSki near Geneva#1 of 3,000,000
GoogleSki near Turin#2 of 1,000,000
GoogleSki Chat Europe#1 & #2 of 189,000,000!

Our Popularity

Our web site is now ten years old, and in that time we've grown from a hobby site to a reference point for the Independent Ski and Snowboard community. Without the use of paid placement or publicity, we've grown from a few dozen daily visitors, through an average of three thousand daily visits (January and February 2005), to regularly exceed FIFTY thousand daily visits in season.

Why should I Advertise on J2Ski?

Well, did your Advertising Budget get you the best value in 2014?

Here are some numbers to help you decide

Monthly Readers of The Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Magazine18,000
Total Number of Members of Ski Club GB29,000
Unique Monthly Visitors to The Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Website75,000
Total Attendance across all 5 days of the 2013 London Ski and Snowboard Show34,672
Number of Visitors to J2Ski.Com - in 24 hours - on 28th December 201463,373

* Figures obtained from the Telegraph Media Pack, and Google Analytics (for J2ski)

For a whole lot more exposure for your Ad Spend; talk to us!

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Reach thousands of skiers and snowboarders, with:

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Advertise on J2ski.Com

Hitwise Top 10 Award for J2Ski

One of the World's
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Ski Sites

(measured by Google, Hitwise and Alexa)

In season, J2Ski.Com receives over One Million Visits per month from more than 500,000 Unique Visitors.

(source: Google Analytics)

Ski Biz Partners Sought!

J2Ski are always seeking Headline Partners.

If you represent a serious winter sports business and would like to work with a serious winter sports web site to raise your online profile, please e-mail us now.

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Hitwise Award for J2Ski

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Note :- The information on J2Ski, where not clearly factual, is opinion only and is neither definitive or exhaustive.
Warning :- Snow Sports are Dangerous! Skiing, snowboarding and all winter sports involve risk of serious injury or death. You MUST confirm all information, especially snow and weather conditions, locally before you ski or board. You participate at your own risk.

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