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Ski Business Advertising - F.A.Q.

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Ski Business Advertising - Frequently Asked Questions

Internet Advertising

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Common questions asked about promoting a Ski Business on J2ski.

Q - Pay per Click and Pay per View - what's the difference ?

  • Pay per View - is where you pay to have your advert displayed a certain number of times.
  • Pay per Click - is where you pay every time that someone clicks your advert (and "clicks thru" to your site).

Q - Pay per Click and Pay per View - how do they compare ?

Pay per ViewPay per Click
  • You pay for each time your advert is displayed (for each "View").
  • You pay for each visitor who clicks through from J2Ski to your site.
  • You pay the same amount, whether or not anyone clicks your advert.
  • You only pay for the clicks, regardless of how many times your ad is displayed.
  • Recommended For :- Branding and awareness campaigns, placing your business in front of visitors who might not yet be aware of your product or location.
  • Recommended For :- Location or subject-specific businesses - such as chalets or ski schools in an individual ski resort.

Google Adwords

Q - Why should I use Google Adwords ?

Google has invested many millions of dollars to develop sophisticated Ad matching and serving systems. This means that they'll show your Ad...

  • ...on the most relevant pages on J2Ski.
  • ...to the most relevant visitors to J2Ski.

Your Google Ad will be keyword-matched to the page(s) it is displayed upon - meaning that your ads will be shown on the most relevant pages for your business. For example, if you create an advert for a Ski Chalet in Chamonix, then that advert is most likely to be displayed on one of our pages specifically related to Chamonix.

Q - Is it easy to use ?

Yes it is - you can sign-up for the Starter Edition which lets you use a greatly simplified set of options.

Q - How much will it cost per click ?

Google Adwords is an auction-based system, and you define the maximum price you are willing to pay for each click and the maximum amount (in total) that you wish to pay each day.

The actual cost per click will vary depending on how many other advertisers wish to advertise on the same page(s) as yourself, and what they bid in comparison to you.

Q - How do I control how much is spent ?

You set a monthly budget for AdWords to use.

Q - How do I start ?

Just visit the Google Adwords Sign-Up page and follow the instructions.