Swedish Snow Reports and Snow Forecast - Friday 6th March 2015

Snow Report and Forecast Summary for Swedish Ski Resorts

Swedish Snow News

March 6, 2015

Fresh Snow is reported by Vemdalen.

 Open ski areas include 21 Swedish Ski Resorts.

When do Swedish Ski Resorts Open?

Snow Reports and Snow Forecasts for Sweden. Covering the period from Friday 6th March 2015 to Friday 13th March 2015.

The Deepest Snow in Sweden

 SnowSnow ReportSnow ConditionsForecastNext Snow
110cmJärvsöGroomed SnowForecast2cm 10/Mar
100cmRomme AlpinPacked Powder SnowForecast-
90cmBranäsPacked Powder SnowForecast4cm 10/Mar
90cmMullsjöPacked Powder SnowForecast-
90cmSäfsenPacked Powder SnowForecast7cm 10/Mar
85cmBjursås SkiCenterPacked Powder SnowForecast4cm 10/Mar
80cmStöten i SälenPacked Powder SnowForecast3cm 10/Mar
80cmSälenPacked Powder SnowForecast3cm 10/Mar
80cmTandådalen / HundfjälletVery Good Snow ConditionsForecast3cm 10/Mar
75cmHovfjälletGood Snow ConditionsForecast4cm 10/Mar

Skiing in Sweden

For more about Swedish Skiing, see Skiing and Snowboarding in Sweden.

For detailed snow conditions in Swedish Ski Resorts, click Snow Report or Snow Forecast in the Table below.

Top Ten Swedish Ski Resorts for Snow

Swedish Ski Resorts - Skiing Conditions at a glance

Last reported Snow Conditions and Snow Forecasts for Ski Resorts in Sweden - please note that all ski resorts can be affected by weather at short notice, and you should check with the Tourist Office before travelling.

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Swedish Snow Reports
Snow Forecast SnowSnow ConditionsReport 48HrsNext Snow
Bjursås SkiCenter85cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report-4cm 10/Mar
Björklidens Fjällanläggningar70cmVery Good Snow ConditionsSnow Report3cm2cm 6/Mar
Björnrike-Snow Report1cm1cm 7/Mar
Branäs90cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report-4cm 10/Mar
Bydalen-Snow Report1cm1cm 7/Mar
Dalarna-Snow Report--
Funäsdalen55cmGroomed SnowSnow Report2cm1cm 7/Mar
Grövelfjäll-Snow Report-1cm 10/Mar
Hemavan-Snow Report13cm4cm 6/Mar
Hovfjället75cmGood Snow ConditionsSnow Report-4cm 10/Mar
Idre Fjäll60cmVery Good Snow ConditionsSnow Report-1cm 10/Mar
Isaberg40cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report--
Jämtland-Snow Report--
Järvsö110cmGroomed SnowSnow Report-2cm 10/Mar
Kiruna-Snow Report3cm1cm 6/Mar
Kläppen70cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report-3cm 10/Mar
Klövsjö-Snow Report1cm1cm 7/Mar
Lindvallen75cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report-3cm 10/Mar
Lofsdalen70cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report1cm1cm 10/Mar
Mullsjö90cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report--
Riksgränsen-Ski Area ClosedSnow Report--
Romme Alpin100cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report--
Skellefteå-Snow Report2cm1cm 6/Mar
Storlien-Snow Report3cm3cm 6/Mar
Stöten i Sälen80cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report-3cm 10/Mar
Sundsvall-Snow Report--
Sunne50cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report--
Sydalpin55cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report--
Säfsen90cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report-7cm 10/Mar
Sälen80cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report-3cm 10/Mar
Tandådalen / Hundfjället80cmVery Good Snow ConditionsSnow Report-3cm 10/Mar
Tärnaby-Snow Report9cm2cm 6/Mar
Ulricehamn Skicenter30cmNo Report AvailableSnow Report1cm1cm 6/Mar
Vallåsen35cmNo Report AvailableSnow Report1cm4cm 9/Mar
Vemdalen55cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report1cm1cm 7/Mar
Wäsa Alpin-Snow Report-3cm 10/Mar
Åre50cmPacked Powder SnowSnow Report2cm1cm 6/Mar

The Swedish snow forecast figures given here are the likely average cumulative snowfall on each day, for the specified ski resort. Local snow depths may vary considerably from slope to slope.

Ski Safe : If you intend to ski or snowboard off piste in Sweden, you must check conditions locally before doing so. Always check the Avalanche Risk Level and carry appropriate avalanche safety equipment at all times.

Snow Report Table Key

  • Snow Hi - current depth of snow on upper slopes.
  • Snow - link to a full Ski Resort Snow Report.
  • Forecast - link to a 7-Day Ski Resort Snow Forecast.
  • 48 Hours - total new snow expected in the next 48 hours.
  • Next Snow - depth and date of the next snowfall forecast.

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