German Snow Reports and Snow Forecast - Wednesday 10th February 2016

Snow Report and Forecast Summary for German Ski Resorts

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German Snow Reports - Snow Reports

February 10, 2016

Significant Fresh Snow is forecast for Oberaudorf.

 Open ski areas include 2 German Ski Resorts.

When do German Ski Resorts Open?

Snow Reports and Snow Forecasts for Germany. Covering the period from Wednesday 10th February 2016 to Wednesday 17th February 2016.

The Deepest Snow in Germany

 SnowSnow ReportSnow ConditionsForecastNext Snow
55cmArberSki Area OpenForecast5cm 10/Feb
25cmOberaudorfSki Area OpenForecast11cm 10/Feb
St. Blasien-Forecast10cm 10/Feb
Müggenbrünn-Forecast10cm 10/Feb
Wieden-Forecast10cm 10/Feb
Todtnauberg-Forecast10cm 10/Feb
Baiersbronn-Forecast8cm 10/Feb
Oberau / Rossfeld-Forecast19cm 10/Feb
Sasbachwalden-Forecast8cm 10/Feb
Bischofswiesen / Götschen-Forecast18cm 10/Feb

Skiing in Germany

For more about German Skiing, see Skiing and Snowboarding in Germany.

For detailed snow conditions in German Ski Resorts, click Snow Report or Snow Forecast in the Table below.

German Ski Resorts - Skiing Conditions at a glance

Last reported Snow Conditions and Snow Forecasts for Ski Resorts in Germany - please note that all ski resorts can be affected by weather at short notice, and you should check with the Tourist Office before travelling.

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German Snow Reports
Snow Forecast SnowSnow ConditionsReport 48HrNext Snow
Altenberg-Snow Report3cm2cm 10/Feb
Arber55cmSki Area OpenSnow Report9cm5cm 10/Feb
Bad Berleburg-Snow Report5cm5cm 10/Feb
Bad Kohlgrub - Hörnle-Snow Report4cm4cm 10/Feb
Bad Laasphe-Snow Report3cm2cm 10/Feb
Bad Neustadt an der Saale-Snow Report--
Bad Reichenhall-Snow Report18cm17cm 10/Feb
Baiersbronn-Snow Report20cm8cm 10/Feb
Balderschwang-Snow Report12cm13cm 10/Feb
Bayerisch Eisenstein-Snow Report9cm5cm 10/Feb
Bayrischzell-Snow Report10cm10cm 10/Feb
Berchtesgadener Land-Snow Report5cm5cm 10/Feb
Bergen-Snow Report5cm5cm 10/Feb
Bischofsheim an der Rhön-Snow Report10cm9cm 10/Feb
Bischofsmais-Snow Report10cm7cm 10/Feb
Bischofswiesen / Götschen-Snow Report19cm18cm 10/Feb
Blaichach - Gunzesrieder Tal-Snow Report8cm7cm 10/Feb
Blomberg / Bad Tolz-Snow Report11cm11cm 10/Feb
Bodenmais-Snow Report14cm8cm 10/Feb
Bolsterlang - Hörnerbahn-Snow Report13cm11cm 10/Feb
Brannenburg-Snow Report6cm6cm 10/Feb
Braunlage-Snow Report5cm3cm 10/Feb
Breitenberg-Snow Report9cm8cm 10/Feb
Brilon-Snow Report1cm1cm 12/Feb
Bruchhausen / Olsberg-Snow Report2cm1cm 10/Feb
Buchenberg-Snow Report5cm5cm 10/Feb
Buching-Snow Report4cm4cm 10/Feb
Bödefeld-Snow Report6cm5cm 10/Feb
Chiemgau (Aschau)-Snow Report14cm14cm 10/Feb
Dammkar-Snow Report12cm12cm 10/Feb
Deggendorf-Snow Report7cm6cm 10/Feb
Eschenlohe-Snow Report6cm6cm 10/Feb
Ettelsberg-Snow Report4cm3cm 10/Feb
Feldberg-Snow Report7cm6cm 10/Feb
Fellhorn - Kanzelwand-Snow Report13cm12cm 10/Feb
Feuerberg-Snow Report10cm9cm 10/Feb
Freudenstadt-Snow Report11cm7cm 10/Feb
Füssen-Snow Report10cm10cm 10/Feb
Garmisch-Partenkirchen-Snow Report13cm13cm 10/Feb
Gersfeld-Snow Report10cm9cm 10/Feb
Grainau-Snow Report13cm12cm 10/Feb
Hahnenklee-Snow Report1cm1cm 11/Feb
Halblech-Snow Report4cm4cm 10/Feb
Harz-Snow Report1cm1cm 11/Feb
Herzogstand / Kochel-Snow Report6cm6cm 10/Feb
Heubach-Snow Report3cm3cm 10/Feb
Hochgrat-Snow Report8cm7cm 10/Feb
Hohenwarth-Snow Report10cm7cm 10/Feb
Hündle-Thalkirchdorf-Snow Report8cm7cm 10/Feb
Immenstadt-Snow Report8cm7cm 10/Feb
Inzell-Snow Report16cm16cm 10/Feb
Isny-Snow Report5cm5cm 10/Feb
Kranzberg-Snow Report12cm12cm 10/Feb
Kreuth-Snow Report9cm9cm 10/Feb
Königsee / Jenner-Snow Report19cm18cm 10/Feb
Lauscha-Snow Report7cm7cm 10/Feb
Lenggries / Brauneck-Snow Report9cm9cm 10/Feb
Maierhofen-Snow Report8cm7cm 10/Feb
Mangfall-Snow Report11cm11cm 10/Feb
Marktschellenberg-Snow Report6cm6cm 10/Feb
Missen - Wilhams-Snow Report8cm7cm 10/Feb
Mittenwald-Snow Report12cm12cm 10/Feb
Müggenbrünn-Snow Report25cm10cm 10/Feb
Münstertal-Snow Report12cm3cm 10/Feb
Nebelhorn-Snow Report13cm12cm 10/Feb
Nesselwang-Snow Report7cm6cm 10/Feb
Neukirchen beim Heiligen Blut-Snow Report10cm7cm 10/Feb
Neureichenau-Snow Report9cm6cm 10/Feb
Oberammergau-Snow Report12cm12cm 10/Feb
Oberau / Rossfeld-Snow Report19cm19cm 10/Feb
Oberaudorf25cmSki Area OpenSnow Report11cm11cm 10/Feb
Oberhof-Snow Report7cm7cm 10/Feb
Oberjoch-Hindelang-Snow Report12cm12cm 10/Feb
Obermaiselstein-Grasgehren-Snow Report13cm13cm 10/Feb
Obersalzberg / Gutshof / Buchenhöhe-Snow Report19cm18cm 10/Feb
Oberstaufen-Snow Report8cm8cm 10/Feb
Oberstdorf-Snow Report13cm13cm 10/Feb
Oberwiesenthal-Snow Report6cm5cm 10/Feb
Ochsenkopf-Snow Report4cm3cm 10/Feb
Ofterschwang-Snow Report8cm9cm 10/Feb
Pfronten-Snow Report6cm6cm 10/Feb
Poppenhausen-Snow Report4cm3cm 10/Feb
Postwiesen-Snow Report6cm5cm 10/Feb
Ramsau-Snow Report12cm12cm 10/Feb
Reit im Winkl-Snow Report6cm6cm 10/Feb
Rettenberg-Snow Report8cm8cm 10/Feb
Ruhpolding-Snow Report18cm17cm 10/Feb
Sachrang-Snow Report7cm7cm 10/Feb
Sankt Andreasberg / Sonnenberg-Snow Report5cm3cm 10/Feb
Sankt Englmar-Snow Report8cm5cm 10/Feb
Sasbachwalden-Snow Report19cm8cm 10/Feb
Schleching / Geigelstein-Snow Report19cm18cm 10/Feb
Schliersee-Snow Report12cm13cm 10/Feb
Schmiedefeld am Rennsteig-Snow Report7cm7cm 10/Feb
Schotten-Breungesheim-Snow Report7cm5cm 10/Feb
Schulenberg-Snow Report1cm1cm 11/Feb
Schwangau / Tegelberg-Snow Report10cm10cm 10/Feb
Schwarzenbach am Wald-Snow Report5cm2cm 10/Feb
Silbersattel-Snow Report8cm7cm 10/Feb
Ski Paradies Sudelfeld-Snow Report11cm10cm 10/Feb
St. Blasien-Snow Report25cm10cm 10/Feb
Steibis - Imberg-Snow Report8cm7cm 10/Feb
Steinach-Snow Report16cm6cm 10/Feb
Söllereck / Höllwies-Snow Report13cm13cm 10/Feb
Tegernsee-Snow Report9cm9cm 10/Feb
Tettau-Snow Report7cm6cm 10/Feb
Todtmoos-Snow Report4cm4cm 10/Feb
Todtnauberg-Snow Report24cm10cm 10/Feb
Unternberg-Snow Report11cm8cm 10/Feb
Usseln-Snow Report1cm2cm 12/Feb
Warmensteinach-Snow Report10cm8cm 10/Feb
Wertach-Snow Report6cm6cm 10/Feb
Wieden-Snow Report25cm10cm 10/Feb
Willingen-Upland-Snow Report4cm3cm 10/Feb
Winterberg-Snow Report1cm1cm 14/Feb
Wintersport Arena Sauerland-Snow Report5cm4cm 10/Feb
Zwiesel-Snow Report10cm7cm 10/Feb
Züschen-Snow Report6cm5cm 10/Feb

The German snow forecast figures given here are the likely average cumulative snowfall on each day, for the specified ski resort. Local snow depths may vary considerably from slope to slope.

Ski Safe : If you intend to ski or snowboard off piste in Germany, you must check conditions locally before doing so. Always check the Avalanche Risk Level and carry appropriate avalanche safety equipment at all times.

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Snow Report Table Key

  • Snow Hi - current depth of snow on upper slopes.
  • Snow - link to a full Ski Resort Snow Report.
  • Forecast - link to a 7-Day Ski Resort Snow Forecast.
  • 48 Hours - total new snow expected in the next 48 hours.
  • Next Snow - depth and date of the next snowfall forecast.

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