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Parcellsw posted Feb-2010

Hey all

I'm an Industrial Design student working on a project that involves ski goggles. My focus is how the ski goggle can be augmented by electronics. I need to know what your gripes are with goggles....frames/lenses/strap... Anything and everything you have to say is helpful. Also any ideas on how to bring goggles into the electronic digital age is awesome. Things like the HUD (heads up display) goggles and the ones that can be used as mp3 players are the ideas I'm talking about....some of my ideas include goggles that include foreword looking infrared and ones that have the (while obsolete) the multi-channel radio. What would your ideal pair of goggles include. Everything helps - thanks

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posted Feb-2010

Google about - goggles have been released recently with a HUD with such things as altitude/speed etc.

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posted Feb-2010

I'm not so much interested on the technology, more so on what you want or think they could be used as, besides just as gogges

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posted Mar-2010

On screen map would be epic, but it would obviously have to be like a on/off function.
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posted Mar-2010

How about a lens design that can counter the effects of flat light conditions?
I know there are lenses that are better for flat light but designing a function within the lens / goggle construction that can produce the effect of skiing in sunlight ie the ability to see ground contours despite the conditions being cloudy.

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posted Mar-2010

ive just pre ordered tho zeal optics trancend goggle. thats got GPS and a HUD. the idea of a map on a HUD is good but what would be truely epic is an almost satnav feature on the HUD giving you durections saving you looking at a piste map. but to be fair that aint gonna happen as i dont think the pistes are mapped accuratly enough to be programmed into a satnav. might be wrong tho.
A.R could be fun aswell. help you to practice slalom without getting a gate in the nuts :D

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posted Mar-2010

I quite like goggles that enable me to see the snow when conditions arent great :shock:
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posted Mar-2010

a lens that changed according to the conditions would be sweet-just to save you having to change the lens when the fog comes in and then disappears after 15mins back to sunshine
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