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Find out about the skiing in Japan, in our comparison of Japanese Ski Resorts, below. Sort by suitability, altitude, piste length, etc.

 Japanese Snow Reports

March 3, 2024

Significant Fresh Snow is forecast for 6 Ski Resorts in Japan, including Furano, Niseko Annupuri, Niseko Grand Hirafu, Niseko Hanazono and Rusutsu.

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Deepest Snow Today

We have no reports of Snow from ski areas in Japan at this time.

Most Forecast Snow

Ski Resorts in Japan with most snow forecast in the next 7 days.
Ski Resort Forecast 7 Day
Happo One187cm74in
Tsugaike Kogen183cm72in
Hakuba 47182cm72in
Tashiro Kagura Mitsumata127cm50in
Tengendai Kogen125cm49in

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Japanese Snow Forecasts

The Ski Resorts of Japan

Ski Resorts in Japan
Ski ResortPistesTopBeginn.Interm.Experts
Adatara Kogen-1,350m4,429ft---
Aizu Kogen Daikurayama-1,200m3,937ft---
Aizu Kogen Nango-1,000m3,281ft---
Aizu Kogen Takahata-1,240m4,068ft---
Aizu Kogen Takatsue16km10 miles1,650m5,413ft---
Ajara Highland-----
Akitaken Tazawako Kogen-1,200m3,937ft---
Alts Bandai-1,280m4,199ft---
Appi Kogen45km28 miles1,305m4,281ft3*-3*
Asahidake Onsen-660m2,165ft---
Asarigawa Onsen-530m1,739ft---
Aso Choei Jinko1km1 miles1,100m3,609ft---
Bandai Kokusai10km6 miles1,050m3,445ft---
Biwako Valley7km4 miles1,174m3,852ft---
Cupid Valley-980m3,215ft---
Daisen Kokusai-1,140m3,740ft-4*-
Dynaland17km11 miles1,430m4,692ft-4*-
Furano25km16 miles1,209m3,967ft3*4*4*
Gala Yuzawa-1,180m3,871ft---
Geihoku Kokusai-1,126m3,694ft---
Geto Kogen-1,070m3,510ft-3*4*
Gokase Highland-1,620m5,315ft---
Hachimantai Resort-1,000m3,281ft---
Hakuba 4724km15 miles1,620m5,315ft3*3*3*
Hakuba Cortina Kokusai-1,440m4,724ft---
Hakuba Norikura-1,300m4,265ft---
Hakusan Sena Kogen-1,110m3,642ft---
Happo One39km24 miles1,831m6,007ft3*3*3*
Hiba Valley-1,150m3,773ft---
Hotaka Olympia7km4 miles1,310m4,298ft5*-1*
Inawashiro20km12 miles1,200m3,937ft-3*-
Ishizuchi Ski Hill-1,300m4,265ft---
Karuizawa6km4 miles1,155m3,789ft---
Kawaba12km7 miles1,870m6,135ft---
Kusatsu Onsen-1,600m5,249ft---
Maiko Kogen23km14 miles920m3,018ft---
Myoko Akakura / Shinakakura30km19 miles1,510m4,954ft-3*-
Myoko Ikenotaira20km12 miles1,210m3,970ft---
Myoko Pine Valley10km6 miles945m3,100ft---
Myoko Suginohara24km15 miles1,855m6,086ft--4*
Naeba43km27 miles1,789m5,869ft4*4*2*
Niseko32km20 miles1,308m4,291ft3*3*4*
Niseko Annupuri13km8 miles1,156m3,793ft3*3*4*
Niseko Grand Hirafu-1,308m4,291ft3*3*4*
Niseko Hanazono-1,100m3,609ft3*3*4*
Niseko Kokusai Moiwa7km4 miles800m2,625ft---
Niseko Village/Higashiyama19km12 miles1,170m3,839ft3*3*4*
Norikura Kogen Onsen21km13 miles2,000m6,562ft---
Nozawa Onsen31km19 miles1,650m5,413ft4*4*4*
Owani Onsen-709m2,326ft---
Oze Iwakura19km12 miles1,703m5,587ft4*-4*
Rusutsu40km25 miles994m3,261ft4*-3*
Sahoro Resort20km12 miles1,030m3,379ft4*3*1*
Shiga Giant2km1 miles1,580m5,184ft---
Shiga Hasuike1km1 miles1,595m5,233ft---
Shiga Higashitateyama7km4 miles1,970m6,463ft---
Shiga Hoppo Bunadaira7km4 miles1,583m5,194ft4*-4*
Shiga Ichinose Diamond4km2 miles1,710m5,610ft---
Shiga Maruike1km1 miles1,599m5,246ft---
Shiga Okusiga Kogen11km7 miles2,000m6,562ft3*-5*
Shiga Yakebitaiyama18km11 miles2,000m6,562ft4*3*4*
Shizukuishi33km21 miles1,370m4,495ft4*-2*
Sun Marina Tamaniwa-600m1,969ft---
Tashiro Kagura Mitsumata35km22 miles1,845m6,053ft4*4*2*
Teine Olympia7km4 miles530m1,739ft---
Tengendai Kogen-1,820m5,971ft---
Togakushi21km13 miles1,748m5,735ft---
Togari Onsen19km12 miles1,050m3,445ft4*-2*
Tsubetsu6km4 miles945m3,100ft---
Tsugaike Kogen33km21 miles1,680m5,512ft-3*-
Ushidake Onsen-850m2,789ft---
Utopia Saioto-1,150m3,773ft---
Yuzawa Kogen-1,170m3,839ft---
Yuzawa Nakazato-702m2,303ft---
Yuzawa ParK-650m2,133ft---
Zao43km27 miles1,661m5,449ft4*3*3*

Which is the best Ski Resort in Japan?

To help find the best Japanese Ski Resort for you, we detail 93 Ski Resorts in Japan and rate them for Beginners, Intermediates and Expert Skiers, Families and Apres-Ski. You can compare altitudes, vertical descents and historical snow records to find the best Ski Resorts.

When do Japanese Ski Resorts Open?

See Season Opening Dates for Ski Resorts in Japan.


Our Japanese Ski Resort pages include Skiing Facts, Snow Reports and Forecasts (for most major ski resorts), local accommodation and online ski hire booking (where available) for 93 Ski Resorts in Japan.

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