Skiing near Grenoble - Ski Resorts near Grenoble

Ski Resorts near Grenoble Airport (IATA Code : GNB)

Countries served by Grenoble

Aéroport de Grenoble-Saint-Geoirs is near the city of Grenoble in France and gives access to ski resorts in :- France, Italy and Switzerland.

Aéroport de Grenoble-Saint-Geoirs

Note:- Ski resort transfer times from Grenoble are approximate and subject to weather and traffic conditions - travel at off-peak times to maximise time on the ski slopes.

179 Ski Resorts within 3 hours of Grenoble

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 Ski Resort Transfers Pistes(km) Top (m) Beginn. Interm. Experts
Blonay165-13604/5 4-Star-2/5 2-Star
Les Paccots1652018604/5 4-Star4/5 4-Star2/5 2-Star
Les Pleiades165-13484/5 4-Star-2/5 2-Star
Montreux165-20004/5 4-Star3/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star
Sainte - Croix / Les Rasses180-1600---
Abondance165-20003/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star2/5 2-Star
Abriès1803024502/5 2-Star3/5 3-Star1/5 1-Star
Aiguilles en Queyras180-2590---
Albiez Montrond90-2200---
Alpe d'Huez7523633304/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star5/5 5-Star
Alpe du Grand Serre1055521803/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Alpe d’Huez grand domaine Ski105-33304/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star5/5 5-Star
Arvieux en Queyras180-2110---
Arêches-Beaufort1205023001/5 1-Star4/5 4-Star1/5 1-Star
Auris-en-Oisans1054522002/5 2-Star3/5 3-Star1/5 1-Star
Aussois1055027503/5 3-Star3/5 3-Star1/5 1-Star
Autrans451816503/5 3-Star3/5 3-Star1/5 1-Star
Avoriaz16565022804/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star4/5 4-Star
Bellevaux-Hirmentaz135-16503/5 3-Star-3/5 3-Star
Bernex Dent d'Oche165-2000---
Besse904518504/5 4-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Bois d'Amont1504016803/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Bonneval-sur-Arc1652530002/5 2-Star4/5 4-Star1/5 1-Star
Bozel135-1350--1/5 1-Star
Bramans105-1800--1/5 1-Star
Briançon1352427803/5 3-Star3/5 3-Star1/5 1-Star
Brides-les-Bains7560032003/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star5/5 5-Star
Chabanon Selonnet165-2050---
Chamonix13515238403/5 3-Star5/5 5-Star5/5 5-Star
Champagny en Vanoise10521232504/5 4-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Chamrousse457722503/5 3-Star1/5 1-Star1/5 1-Star
Châtel1808522003/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Col de Rousset135-1700---
Combloux1056218503/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Cordon1351116004/5 4-Star4/5 4-Star4/5 4-Star
Corrençon en Vercors6013021701/5 1-Star3/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star
Courchevel10515027403/5 3-Star5/5 5-Star5/5 5-Star
Crest Voland Cohennoz909019504/5 4-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Doucy-Combelouvière909425504/5 4-Star1/5 1-Star1/5 1-Star
Drouzin le Mont165-1700---
Dévoluy12010025004/5 4-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Entre-Les-Fourgs165-12702/5 2-Star4/5 4-Star-
Espace Diamant13518520704/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star3/5 3-Star
Espace Killy18030034503/5 3-Star5/5 5-Star5/5 5-Star
Espace San Bernardo165-26104/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star4/5 4-Star
Flaine13514025004/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star3/5 3-Star
Flumet75-20704/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star3/5 3-Star
Foncine Le Haut180-1200---
Font d'Urle105-1700---
Grand Massif16526525004/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star3/5 3-Star
Grande Galaxie180-36005/5 5-Star5/5 5-Star5/5 5-Star
Gresse en Vercors45-17514/5 4-Star4/5 4-Star2/5 2-Star
Jougne165--5/5 5-Star--
La Chapelle d'Abondance1807518003/5 3-Star3/5 3-Star4/5 4-Star
La Clusaz10513226004/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star4/5 4-Star
La Féclaz90-----
La Giettaz en Aravis105-1950---
La Grande Terche165341800---
La Grave90-35502/5 2-Star2/5 2-Star5/5 5-Star
La Joue du Loup105-25004/5 4-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
La Norma906527503/5 3-Star3/5 3-Star1/5 1-Star
La Rosière13514026003/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star4/5 4-Star
La Sambuy / Seythenex105-1850---
La Savoie Grand Revard90-15504/5 4-Star3/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star
La Tania9015027403/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star5/5 5-Star
La Toussuire904526202/5 2-Star3/5 3-Star1/5 1-Star
Lans en Vercors452618102/5 2-Star3/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star
Le Collet d'Allevard45352100---
Le Grand Bornand1059021004/5 4-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Le Grand Domaine135-25505/5 5-Star5/5 5-Star4/5 4-Star
Le Pleynet7510024003/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Le Reposoir135-1600---
Le Sappey60-1700---
Lelex1502816804/5 4-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Les 7 Laux Prapoutel4510024003/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Les Aillons1204019001/5 1-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Les Avanchers120-2550---
Les Bossons150-1410---
Les Bottières120-2620---
Les Carroz9026525003/5 3-Star3/5 3-Star1/5 1-Star
Les Contamines12012025002/5 2-Star3/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star
Les Deux Alpes7522036005/5 5-Star5/5 5-Star5/5 5-Star
Les Estables150-1750---
Les Gets13511020002/5 2-Star3/5 3-Star1/5 1-Star
Les Habères45-1600---
Les Houches1355519003/5 3-Star3/5 3-Star1/5 1-Star
Les Karellis135-25504/5 4-Star4/5 4-Star2/5 2-Star
Les Menuires10516032004/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star5/5 5-Star
Les Orres1506327702/5 2-Star4/5 4-Star1/5 1-Star
Les Plans d'Hotonnes120-1350---
Les Rousses1354016803/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Les Saisies907020003/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Les Sybelles135-26204/5 4-Star3/5 3-Star3/5 3-Star
Lus / La Jarjatte90-15104/5 4-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Manigod1052516504/5 4-Star4/5 4-Star2/5 2-Star
Megève10544523503/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Mont Saxonnex135-1500---
Montagne de Lure180-1850---
Montchavin-Les Coches10521532504/5 4-Star3/5 3-Star4/5 4-Star
Montgenèvre12010027003/5 3-Star5/5 5-Star4/5 4-Star
Montriond150-22001/5 1-Star3/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star
Monts Jura165-1600---
Morillon135-25003/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Morzine135-24603/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Méaudre75-1600--2/5 2-Star
Méribel13515029504/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star5/5 5-Star
Notre Dame de Bellecombe90-20703/5 3-Star4/5 4-Star3/5 3-Star
Orcières-Merlette1658527303/5 3-Star3/5 3-Star1/5 1-Star
Oz-en-Oisans606228504/5 4-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Paradiski15042532504/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star5/5 5-Star
Passy Plaine Joux150121740---
Peisey-Vallandry1053223001/5 1-Star5/5 5-Star1/5 1-Star
Portes du Soleil180-24704/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star5/5 5-Star
Pra Loup19516526002/5 2-Star4/5 4-Star1/5 1-Star
Pralognan la Vanoise1053224003/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Prapoutel4510024003/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star-
Praz de Lys & Sommand1656020003/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star2/5 2-Star
Praz sur Arly906020703/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Prémanon1504016803/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Puy Saint Vincent1506027503/5 3-Star3/5 3-Star1/5 1-Star
Risoul16518027504/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star3/5 3-Star
Rochejean180--3/5 3-Star3/5 3-Star-
Réallon1503021203/5 3-Star1/5 1-Star2/5 2-Star
Saint Hilaire du Touvet75-1800---
Saint Jean d'Aulps150-1800---
Saint Jean de Sixt1055-3/5 3-Star3/5 3-Star-
Saint Martin de Belleville10516032002/5 2-Star4/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star
Saint Nicolas de Véroce135-23503/5 3-Star-3/5 3-Star
Saint Pierre de Chartreuse45-17895/5 5-Star4/5 4-Star3/5 3-Star
Sainte-Foy Tarentaise1053026202/5 2-Star3/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star
Samoëns135-25003/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Serre Chevalier15025028004/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star4/5 4-Star
Sixt Fer à Cheval135-2200--3/5 3-Star
Ski Pass Mont Blanc150-38404/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star5/5 5-Star
Sollières - Sardières135-1600---
St Colomban des Villards135-1150---
St François Longchamp1206525504/5 4-Star1/5 1-Star1/5 1-Star
St Gervais Mont-Blanc1356523503/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
St Jean d'Arves1352022604/5 4-Star1/5 1-Star3/5 3-Star
St Sorlin d'Arves1359026204/5 4-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Termignon1053524802/5 2-Star2/5 2-Star2/5 2-Star
The Milky Way165-28404/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star4/5 4-Star
The Three Valleys15060032004/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star5/5 5-Star
Tignes Le Lac165-----
Val Cenis1658028003/5 3-Star3/5 3-Star1/5 1-Star
Valfréjus905227404/5 4-Star1/5 1-Star1/5 1-Star
Valloire10515026003/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Valmeinier9015026003/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Valmorel9015225505/5 5-Star5/5 5-Star4/5 4-Star
Vaujany904633004/5 4-Star2/5 2-Star1/5 1-Star
Villard Reculas75-33302/5 2-Star3/5 3-Star1/5 1-Star
Villard de Lans7513021703/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star2/5 2-Star
Bardonecchia13514027504/5 4-Star4/5 4-Star3/5 3-Star
Cesana Torinese165-25704/5 4-Star3/5 3-Star3/5 3-Star
Clavière1353323004/5 4-Star4/5 4-Star3/5 3-Star
Courmayeur1655027603/5 3-Star5/5 5-Star5/5 5-Star
La Magdeleine180-1900---
Pian del Frais - Chiomonte150-2800---
Pragelato180-25803/5 3-Star4/5 4-Star4/5 4-Star
San Sicario180-27003/5 3-Star2/5 2-Star2/5 2-Star
Sansicario180-28233/5 3-Star4/5 4-Star4/5 4-Star
Sauze d'Oulx16540028004/5 4-Star5/5 5-Star4/5 4-Star

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