American Snow Reports and Snow Forecast - Thursday 24th April 2014

Snow Report and Forecast Summary for American Ski Resorts

American Snow News

April 24, 2014

Fresh Snow is reported by 4 American Ski Resorts, including Alpine Meadows, Mount Bachelor, Squaw Valley and Timberline.

10cm+ Fresh Snow is forecast for 5 American Ski Resorts, including Jay Peak, Kirkwood, Lutsen Mountains and Snowbird.

Open ski areas include 19 American Ski Resorts.

Snow Reports and Snow Forecasts for United States. Covering the period from Thursday 24th April 2014 to Wednesday 30th April 2014.

The Deepest Snow in United States

 Snow (cm)Snow ReportSnow ConditionsForecastNext Snow
396 TimberlinePowder SnowForecast1cm 24/Apr
386 Mount BachelorPowder SnowForecast17cm 24/Apr
368Mount Hood MeadowsPacked Powder SnowForecast14cm 24/Apr
356 White PassSpring SnowForecast13cm 24/Apr
251 SnowbirdSpring SnowForecast1cm 25/Apr
244 Copper MountainNo Report AvailableForecast10cm 27/Apr
241 AlyeskaNo Report AvailableForecast2cm 25/Apr
218 BreckenridgeSpring SnowForecast10cm 27/Apr
208SnowmassSpring SnowForecast2cm 26/Apr
198 Loveland Ski AreaSpring SnowForecast12cm 27/Apr

Skiing in United States

For more about American Skiing, see Skiing and Snowboarding in USA.

For detailed snow conditions in American Ski Resorts, click Snow Report or Snow Forecast in the Table below.

Top Ten American Ski Resorts for Snow

American Ski Resorts - Skiing Conditions at a glance

Last reported Snow Conditions and Snow Forecasts for Ski Resorts in USA - please note that all ski resorts can be affected by weather at short notice, and you should check with the Tourist Office before travelling.

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Snow Forecast Snow (cm)Snow ConditionsReport 48 HoursNext Snow
49 Degrees North-No Report AvailableSnow Report1413cm 24/Apr
Afton Alps-Snow Report-7cm 27/Apr
Alpine Meadows175Spring SnowSnow Report1818cm 25/Apr
Alpine Mountain-Snow Report-5cm 29/Apr
Alpine Valley-Snow Report--
Alta-No Report AvailableSnow Report11cm 25/Apr
 Alyeska241No Report AvailableSnow Report22cm 25/Apr
Andes Tower Hills-Snow Report-3cm 27/Apr
Angel Fire-Snow Report--
Antelope Butte-Snow Report-21cm 27/Apr
Appalachian Ski Mountain-Snow Report-3cm 30/Apr
Apple Mountain-Snow Report--
 Arapahoe Basin191Packed Powder SnowSnow Report-11cm 27/Apr
Arizona Snowbowl-Snow Report-4cm 26/Apr
Arrowhead-Snow Report-11cm 26/Apr
Ascutney-Snow Report--
 Aspen160Spring SnowSnow Report-2cm 26/Apr
Attitash Bear Peak-Snow Report--
Badger Pass-Snow Report2929cm 25/Apr
Bear Creek-Snow Report--
Bear Valley-No Report AvailableSnow Report3535cm 25/Apr
Beaver Creek-No Report AvailableSnow Report-10cm 27/Apr
Beaver Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report-8cm 26/Apr
Beech Mountain-Snow Report-3cm 30/Apr
Belleayre Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report-7cm 30/Apr
Berkshire East-Snow Report--
Big Bear Mountain-Snow Report--
Big Boulder-Snow Report-8cm 29/Apr
Big Mountain-Snow Report87cm 24/Apr
Big Powderhorn Mountain-Snow Report1715cm 24/Apr
Big Sky-No Report AvailableSnow Report83cm 24/Apr
Big Squaw-No Report AvailableSnow Report-10cm 27/Apr
Bittersweet Ski Area-Snow Report--
Black Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Blackjack-No Report AvailableSnow Report1716cm 24/Apr
Blacktail Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report128cm 24/Apr
Blandford-Snow Report--
Blue Knob-Snow Report--
Blue Marsh-Snow Report--
Blue Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Bluewood-Snow Report2415cm 24/Apr
Bogus Basin-No Report AvailableSnow Report3321cm 24/Apr
Bolton Valley-No Report AvailableSnow Report11cm 25/Apr
Boreal-No Report AvailableSnow Report1818cm 25/Apr
Boston Mills / Brandywine-Snow Report--
Bottineau Winter Park-Snow Report-1cm 26/Apr
Bousquet-Snow Report-7cm 26/Apr
Boyce Park-Snow Report--
Boyne Highlands-Snow Report1514cm 25/Apr
Boyne Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report123cm 24/Apr
Brantling-Snow Report--
 Breckenridge218Spring SnowSnow Report-10cm 27/Apr
Bretton Woods-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 27/Apr
Brian Head-No Report AvailableSnow Report-15cm 26/Apr
Bridger Bowl-No Report AvailableSnow Report32cm 24/Apr
Bristol Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Bromley Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report-3cm 26/Apr
Brule102No Report AvailableSnow Report2416cm 24/Apr
Brundage Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report2214cm 24/Apr
Bryce Resort-Snow Report--
Buck Hill Ski Area-Snow Report--
Buena Vista-Snow Report11cm 25/Apr
Burke Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report11cm 24/Apr
Buttermilk-Snow Report-2cm 26/Apr
Butternut Basin-Snow Report--
Caberfae Peaks-Snow Report33cm 25/Apr
Camelback-Snow Report-7cm 29/Apr
Campgaw Mountain-Snow Report--
Canaan Valley-Snow Report--
Cannon Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report-16cm 26/Apr
Cannonsburg-Snow Report21cm 24/Apr
Cascade Mountain-Snow Report-3cm 27/Apr
Cataloochee-Snow Report-2cm 30/Apr
Catamount-Snow Report--
Chestnut Mountain-Snow Report--
Christie Mountain-Snow Report1211cm 24/Apr
Christmas Mountain-Snow Report--
Clear Fork Ski Area-Snow Report-4cm 27/Apr
Cockaigne-Snow Report-8cm 29/Apr
Coffee Mill-Snow Report-10cm 27/Apr
 Copper Mountain244No Report AvailableSnow Report-10cm 27/Apr
Cranmore-Snow Report--
Crested Butte-Snow Report-3cm 26/Apr
Cuchara Mountain Resort-Snow Report--
Dartmouth Skiway-Snow Report-13cm 26/Apr
Deer Mountain-Snow Report-8cm 28/Apr
Deer Valley Resort-No Report AvailableSnow Report-17cm 26/Apr
Denton-Snow Report-9cm 29/Apr
Devil's Head-Snow Report--
Diamond Peak-No Report AvailableSnow Report77cm 25/Apr
Discovery Basin-Snow Report--
Dodge Ridge-Snow Report3030cm 25/Apr
Donner Ski Ranch-No Report AvailableSnow Report1817cm 25/Apr
Durango / Purgatory-Snow Report-12cm 26/Apr
Durango Mountain Resort-Snow Report--
Eagle Rock-Snow Report-10cm 29/Apr
Eaglecrest-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 29/Apr
Echo Mountain Park-Snow Report--
Echo Valley-Snow Report33cm 24/Apr
Eldora Mountain Resort-No Report AvailableSnow Report-10cm 27/Apr
Elk Meadows-No Report AvailableSnow Report-17cm 26/Apr
Elk Mountain-Snow Report--
Elk Ridge-Snow Report-7cm 26/Apr
Fun Valley-Snow Report--
Giants Ridge-No Report AvailableSnow Report1915cm 24/Apr
Gore Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report-6cm 26/Apr
Grand Geneva Resort and Spa-Snow Report--
Grand Targhee-No Report AvailableSnow Report62cm 24/Apr
Granite Peak-No Report AvailableSnow Report2927cm 24/Apr
Great Bear-Snow Report--
 Great Divide127Spring SnowSnow Report-16cm 26/Apr
Greek Peak-Snow Report--
Gunstock-Snow Report--
Hanson Hills-Snow Report207cm 24/Apr
Heavenly-No Report AvailableSnow Report1313cm 25/Apr
Hidden Valley-Snow Report--
Hogadon Ski Area-Snow Report-11cm 27/Apr
HoliMont-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Holiday Mountain-Snow Report--
Holiday Valley-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 26/Apr
Homewood-Snow Report1717cm 25/Apr
Hoodoo-Snow Report108cm 24/Apr
Huff Hills-Snow Report-2cm 29/Apr
Hunter Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Indianhead-Snow Report3121cm 24/Apr
Jack Frost-Snow Report-7cm 29/Apr
Jackson Hole-Snow Report62cm 24/Apr
 Jay Peak102No Report AvailableSnow Report31cm 24/Apr
Jiminy Peak-Snow Report-8cm 26/Apr
June Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report1414cm 25/Apr
Keystone-No Report AvailableSnow Report-11cm 27/Apr
 Killington76No Report AvailableSnow Report-6cm 26/Apr
King Pine-Snow Report--
 Kirkwood137Packed Powder SnowSnow Report2828cm 25/Apr
Kissing Bridge-Snow Report-2cm 26/Apr
Labrador Mountain-Snow Report-4cm 26/Apr
Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort-Snow Report-1cm 26/Apr
Liberty Mountain-Snow Report--
Lookout Pass-No Report AvailableSnow Report1712cm 24/Apr
Loon Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 27/Apr
Lost Valley-Snow Report--
 Loveland Ski Area198Spring SnowSnow Report-12cm 27/Apr
 Lutsen Mountains114Spring SnowSnow Report2610cm 24/Apr
 Mad River Glen-No Report AvailableSnow Report-12cm 26/Apr
Mad River Mountain-Snow Report--
Magic Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Mammoth Mountain127No Report AvailableSnow Report1515cm 25/Apr
Marquette Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report3912cm 24/Apr
Marshall Mountain-Snow Report22cm 24/Apr
Massanutten-Snow Report--
Mission Ridge-No Report AvailableSnow Report33cm 24/Apr
Mohawk Mountain-Snow Report-5cm 26/Apr
Monarch Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report-1cm 27/Apr
Mont Ripley-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Montana Snowbowl-No Report AvailableSnow Report175cm 24/Apr
Moonlight Basin-Snow Report83cm 24/Apr
Mount Abram-Snow Report22cm 25/Apr
Mount Ashland-Snow Report169cm 24/Apr
 Mount Bachelor386Powder SnowSnow Report2017cm 24/Apr
Mount Baker-No Report AvailableSnow Report5648cm 24/Apr
Mount Brighton-No Report AvailableSnow Report11cm 25/Apr
Mount Holly-Snow Report--
Mount Hood Meadows368Packed Powder SnowSnow Report1514cm 24/Apr
Mount Hood Ski Bowl-No Report AvailableSnow Report1715cm 24/Apr
Mount Kato-Snow Report--
Mount La Crosse-Snow Report--
Mount Rose Ski Tahoe-No Report AvailableSnow Report55cm 25/Apr
Mount Shasta-Snow Report163cm 24/Apr
Mount Snow-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 26/Apr
Mount Southington-Snow Report--
Mount Spokane-No Report AvailableSnow Report1818cm 24/Apr
Mount Sunapee-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Mount Zion-Snow Report2820cm 24/Apr
Mountain Creek-Snow Report--
Mountain High-Snow Report--
Mt Baldy-Snow Report--
Nashoba Valley-Snow Report--
Nordic Mountain-Snow Report54cm 24/Apr
Nordic Valley-Snow Report-6cm 26/Apr
Northstar-at-Tahoe-No Report AvailableSnow Report1212cm 25/Apr
Nub's Nob-Snow Report258cm 24/Apr
Ober Gatlinburg-Snow Report-3cm 30/Apr
Okemo Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report-5cm 26/Apr
Otis Ridge-Snow Report-7cm 26/Apr
Pajarito Mountain-Snow Report--
Paoli Peaks-Snow Report--
Park City-No Report AvailableSnow Report11cm 25/Apr
Pats Peak-Snow Report-11cm 26/Apr
Pebble Creek-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 26/Apr
Peek'n Peak-Snow Report--
Perfect North-Snow Report--
Plattekill-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Porcupine Mountain-Snow Report--
Powder Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report-10cm 26/Apr
Powder Ridge-Snow Report--
Powderhorn-Snow Report-8cm 27/Apr
Ragged Mountain-Snow Report-13cm 26/Apr
Red Lodge Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report22cm 25/Apr
Red River-Snow Report--
Roundtop-Snow Report--
Royal Mountain-Snow Report--
Sandia Peak-Snow Report--
Santa Fe-Snow Report-1cm 26/Apr
Schweitzer-No Report AvailableSnow Report1717cm 24/Apr
Seven Springs-Snow Report--
Shanty Creek-Snow Report2511cm 24/Apr
Shawnee Mountain-Snow Report-5cm 29/Apr
Shawnee Peak-Snow Report-14cm 26/Apr
Showdown Montana-Snow Report-4cm 27/Apr
Sierra Summit-Snow Report1515cm 25/Apr
Sierra-at-Tahoe-No Report AvailableSnow Report2424cm 25/Apr
Silver Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report1815cm 24/Apr
Sipapu-No Report AvailableSnow Report--
Ski Apache-Snow Report--
Ski Sawmill-Snow Report-12cm 29/Apr
Skyline-Snow Report99cm 25/Apr
Smugglers Notch-No Report AvailableSnow Report-18cm 26/Apr
Snoqualmie-Snow Report1311cm 24/Apr
Snow Creek-Snow Report--
Snow King-Snow Report-1cm 26/Apr
Snow Ridge-Snow Report11cm 25/Apr
Snow Trails-Snow Report-4cm 29/Apr
Snow Valley-Snow Report--
Snowbasin-No Report AvailableSnow Report-10cm 26/Apr
 Snowbird251Spring SnowSnow Report11cm 25/Apr
Snowmass208Spring SnowSnow Report-2cm 26/Apr
Snowshoe-Snow Report--
Snowstar-Snow Report-10cm 29/Apr
Snowy Range-No Report AvailableSnow Report-18cm 27/Apr
Soda Springs-No Report AvailableSnow Report1919cm 25/Apr
Soldier Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report55cm 24/Apr
Solitude-No Report AvailableSnow Report11cm 25/Apr
Song Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report-4cm 26/Apr
Spirit Mountain-Snow Report1615cm 24/Apr
Split Rock-Snow Report-8cm 29/Apr
Spout Springs-Snow Report93cm 24/Apr
Spring Mountain-Snow Report--
 Squaw Valley157Spring SnowSnow Report1717cm 25/Apr
Steamboat-No Report AvailableSnow Report-3cm 26/Apr
Steeplechase-Snow Report113cm 27/Apr
Stevens Pass-No Report AvailableSnow Report1918cm 24/Apr
Stowe-No Report AvailableSnow Report-18cm 26/Apr
Stratton Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report-2cm 26/Apr
Sugar Bowl-No Report AvailableSnow Report1818cm 25/Apr
Sugar Mountain-Snow Report-3cm 30/Apr
 Sugarbush102Spring SnowSnow Report-11cm 26/Apr
Sugarloaf91Spring SnowSnow Report-15cm 27/Apr
Sun Valley-No Report AvailableSnow Report114cm 24/Apr
Sunburst-Snow Report54cm 24/Apr
Sundance-No Report AvailableSnow Report-18cm 26/Apr
Sunday River-No Report AvailableSnow Report-4cm 27/Apr
Sundown-Snow Report-6cm 26/Apr
Sunlight-Snow Report--
Sunrise Park-Snow Report-2cm 26/Apr
Swain-Snow Report-4cm 29/Apr
Swiss Valley-Snow Report-11cm 29/Apr
Tamarack-Snow Report-1cm 26/Apr
Tanglwood-Snow Report-1cm 29/Apr
Taos-Snow Report--
Telluride-Snow Report-10cm 26/Apr
Tenney Mountain-Snow Report--
Terry Peak-Snow Report-8cm 28/Apr
The Balsams-Snow Report33cm 24/Apr
The Canyons-No Report AvailableSnow Report11cm 25/Apr
The Homestead-Snow Report2715cm 24/Apr
Timber Ridge-Snow Report--
 Timberline396Powder SnowSnow Report31cm 24/Apr
Timberline - West Virginia-Snow Report--
Titus Mountain-Snow Report11cm 25/Apr
Treetops Resort-Snow Report--
Trollhaugen-Snow Report-2cm 27/Apr
Tussey Mountain-Snow Report-28cm 29/Apr
Tuxedo Ridge-Snow Report-2cm 26/Apr
Tyrol Basin-Snow Report--
Vail-No Report AvailableSnow Report-11cm 27/Apr
Villa Olivia-Snow Report-2cm 29/Apr
Wachusett Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report-6cm 26/Apr
Waterville Valley-Snow Report-20cm 26/Apr
Welch Village-Snow Report-10cm 27/Apr
 White Pass356Spring SnowSnow Report1413cm 24/Apr
White Pine-Snow Report-5cm 27/Apr
Whitecap Mountain-Snow Report2320cm 24/Apr
Whiteface Mountain-No Report AvailableSnow Report-11cm 26/Apr
Whitefish Mountain Resort-Snow Report127cm 24/Apr
Whitetail-Snow Report--
Wild Mountain-Snow Report32cm 25/Apr
Wildcat Mountain61Spring SnowSnow Report-16cm 26/Apr
Willamette Pass-Snow Report2523cm 24/Apr
Wilmot Mountain-Snow Report--
Windham Mountain-Snow Report--
 Winter Park196Spring SnowSnow Report-13cm 27/Apr
Wintergreen-Snow Report--
Winterplace-Snow Report--
Wisp-Snow Report--
Wolf Creek-Snow Report--
Wolf Mountain-Snow Report-6cm 26/Apr
Wolf Ridge-Snow Report-2cm 30/Apr

The American snow forecast figures given here are the likely average cumulative snowfall on each day, for the specified ski resort. Local snow depths may vary considerably from slope to slope.

Ski Safe : If you intend to ski or snowboard off piste in USA, you must check conditions locally before doing so. Always check the Avalanche Risk Level and carry appropriate avalanche safety equipment at all times.

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Snow Report Table Key

  • Snow Hi - current depth of snow on upper slopes.
  • Snow - link to a full Ski Resort Snow Report.
  • Forecast - link to a 7-Day Ski Resort Snow Forecast.
  • 48 Hours - total new snow expected in the next 48 hours.
  • Next Snow - depth and date of the next snowfall forecast.

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