Avalanche Safety - Advice and Facts

Avalanche Safety Introduction

Skiing Off-Piste is what many Skiers and Snowboarders aspire to - the lure of fresh powder, the magic of un-disturbed mountains and the challenge of tackling new terrain are all part of the appeal.

Avalanches are an ever-present, lethal, danger as soon as you move away from prepared (or "groomed") ski runs. Avalanches show no respect for ability, experience or type of snow-rider, and they need to be shown respect. They can, and regularly do, occur immediately beside marked pistes. Occasionally, avalanches can even occur on prepared runs as well.

The Avalanche - Bait and Trap

Avalanche and Off-Piste safety presents a dilemna for all skiers and snowboarders. Heavy snowfalls, of course, provide the best riding - and present the most danger. Not only does a heavy snowfall bring large quantities of loose, un-packed and un-bonded, snow but it will also cover the surface - burying many of the warning signs that might otherwise reveal an unstable snowpack.

Common Questions

Before venturing off-piste, we will commonly ask ourselves :-

  • Is it safe to ski beside the piste?
  • Is it safe to go off-piste today?
  • Where's the best snow today?
  • Surely it's OK to follow those tracks?
Note :- The information on J2Ski, where not clearly factual, is opinion only and is neither definitive or exhaustive.
Warning :- Snow Sports are Dangerous! Skiing, snowboarding and all winter sports involve risk of serious injury or death. You MUST confirm all information, especially snow and weather conditions, locally before you ski or board. You participate at your own risk.

Avalanche Safety Tips

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