Unusual visitors.
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Aaaah - it's just a big puddy cat
Dave Mac
Iceman wrote:
john987 wrote:Not to sure if I would be elated seeing that or hiding behind a sofa sh%"ing myself

I certainly would not be taking its picture

Well, not without it's permission anyway!
I have knowingly skied in bear country, but apparently have also unknowingly skied in mountain lion country!
Ian Wickham
AAhhh poor pussy doesn't like being left out in the cold
Far Queue
All it wants is a tickle behind the ear, and maybe that nice fresh salmon you were saving for Good Friday dinner
Ian Wickham wrote:AAhhh poor pussy doesn't like being left out in the cold

Tony would like him/her with it being a puddy cat and not a woofy dog

Dave Mac
I think it's a gal, but I'm sure as hell not going to try and find out!
Cougar sightings aren't restricted to west coast, and the mountains anymore. A few years ago a large female was shot just a few miles away from us in the suburbs. Also wolves have been taken off endangered species protection locally. Lions, bears, wolves, But very few people actually see them, fortunately.

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