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He is right on the money,,yes in moguls you "pivot", or set a quick set edge on flanks of moguls. No serious carving there.

On moguls you never go across slope, rather you take the fall line route.

Again you must adapt your skiing style to terrain and what you want to do .

Thanks Ranchero.
Can we "forget the WIDE STANCE " goal and think more comfortable stance?

Let me explain with a simple analogy.

When you walk do you have a wide stance,,that is feet apart more than shoulders ?
When you walk do you have your feet close together so shoes rub against each other ?

99% of persons find over time a comfortable walking position that is effective, stable and safe. Yes we also have our style of walking.

So it is in skiing.
Modern skis allow for a easier softer turn , thus skier should have skis apart ( for technical reasons which you will all discover ).

Try this at home. Put ski boots on and walk around yard. Yes your neighbours will wonder,,,but you will learn your comfort stance. Then practice skiing on easy slopes with that comfort stance. Your comfort stance.

Both extremes ( too tight à la Stein Erickson or too wide à la sumo wrestler) is ineffective and trying.

Let time and practice help you.

Hope this helps you.é


love the analogy (steine erickson/sumo wrestler)..so what would 'La Pavel' stance look like?

no doubt from reading previous post it would be perfect and the end result would ski perfect too..

was in steamboat with a lovely older lady who is soon to be part of the family and she was the perfect skier..could deal with any terrain or type of snow...... i imagine Pavel is that type of skier..
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Dave Mac
As Pavel says, being comfortable is what matters. Bandit noted that when you learn to ski has a bearing on the cut in point of one's learning.

Also, if you can manage to ski on a continuous basis, say a minimum of 2/3 consecutive weeks, then body balance improves, and stance width matters much less.

So, I will ski from wide stance to narrow, depending upon, slope, conditions, mood,etc. As in:

Dave Mac
Errk, since the new changes, I can no longer use edit, so cannot fix the video as per admin instructions.
No doubt a man with a box of spanners will come along....

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