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Tony_H posted Jan-2015

So Ive had a deal in wengen offered to me 7th march.
All I know about the area is what I've read, mainly in WTSS.
I understand it's a beautiful area. That's got an appeal.
But more importantly what's the snow likely to be like early March, and what is the ski area like for confident skiers who like to crunch the miles?
I'm concerned about trains, funiculars and the time it takes to hit the snow.....
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posted Jan-2015

Wengen is central to the Jungfrau region, meaning the slopes shared with Grindelwald and getting to Murren are relatively easy. But the access to any of the slopes is slow - either through the torpid Mannlichen gondola or up to Kleine Scheidigg by railway. It is a beautiful area but does have a pace all of its own - and those who love it say the time spent on the trains is part of the appeal. Somehow I don't think you'd be one of them, Tone! Murrren is magnificent ski terrain but again it takes a long time to get to the top. Grindelwald's First ski area would be quite a jaunt from Wengen. I liked the Jungfrau atmosphere but I have to say if mileage is what you're after, you might be better going elsewhere.

However, someone else may be along in a bit with some different viewpoint...

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posted Jan-2015

Beautiful area but to get to Murren from Wengen you need to take the little train down to Lauterbrunnen and then get a cable car then on another train to get to Murren wastes alot of time. The gondola back from Grindelwald to Wengen takes forever longest gondola I have ever been on not the best way to finish your day. If you want to clock up the miles you cannot beat the Sella ronda fabulous and the most amazing scenery.

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posted Jan-2015

You could do worse than Grandvalira. 210km of piste and snow has been good all season. Plenty snow forecast so early March should be fine. Wengen's a nuisance to get anywhere, you'd hate it, even if it is 'cheap'.
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posted Jan-2015

There's loads of good skiing in the Jungfrau region, but from what you've posted previously I don't think Wengen will float your boat. The best place to rack up mileage is on the Grindelwald side, to get there you have to take either the train to Kleine Scheidegg, trains run every half hour and the journey takes 26 mins or the cable car up to Mannlichen. This piste map gives a better overview of the area than the ones on the web site http://www.swisswintersports.co.uk/images/jungfrauregion_pistebig.jpg

If you're thinking of going with Club Med, where do they serve lunch? It would be a PITA if you had to go back to the hotel.

If you do decide to go, be sure to go to the DHO drinks party (details in the weekly program) well worth the 10 franc entry fee http://www.downhillonly.com/site/dhowengen.shtml

Edit: link to piste map changed
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posted Jan-2015

Like you Tony I have only the info I've read in WTSS

And also like you I've always got the impression that its a bit far flung etc - from others' comments it seems that is pretty accurate

Pity cos I'd love to do the downhill there (obviously in about 20 minutes not 2) as I've done some of the other famous ones at Kitz, VDI etc

One day when I get to go more than once a year and so am less mileage focussed (thus my prefernce for EK or 3V - I know your thoughts on those and I respect them but each to their own)but as a once a year trip I think its out for me for now

If you do go to Wengen then I expect a report just as detailed as ever!

Enjoy your second trip, wherever it may take you
Do not put piste map reading in the hands of the bloke who can't tell the difference between a drag lift and a Black run!

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posted Jan-2015

oh and just a side note - any of the maps I clicked on out of interest on the "alpineskimaps" site that Swingbeep posted sent my Endpoint Protection crazy with threat detections

I know Swingbeep is NOT a spammer and would not suggest so but people should proceed with caution perhaps (though my EP could be creating a false epositive). Again NO offence meant or accusation levelled at SwingBeep
Do not put piste map reading in the hands of the bloke who can't tell the difference between a drag lift and a Black run!

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posted Jan-2015

Thanks for the heads up Andyoneil, I have changed the link, hopefully this one won't upset your Endpoint Protection.

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