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List of how many sleeps left before ski-ing/boarding
Started by AllyG in Ski Chatter, 158 Replies, discussing Morzine and Méribel
Going to Sauze D'Oulx 22nd feb 4 more sleeps
Very interesting read thru from your sauze holiday enjoyed looking at the pictures and videos looked like you all had a good time, it was a shame about the lack of snow to begin with I shrink as you say it's about luck of the draw with timings, ive been to sauze 5 times and I'm just about to go again on Sunday and out of the 5 I have been 1 has been a bit low on snow I've been January February and march and I think march has been the better month albeit early march though! They have just had a 2 feet dumping of snow on Monday and looks like more snow due! We are staying at stella alpina which we booked thru neilsens as it was cheaper this year to book a package holiday that the separate flight hotel and hired car plus we especially wanted to stay at stella alpina and could not book independently this year I think the lady Caroline has to give all her allocation to the tour operators and if they don't sell then she gets the allocation back, I know this first hand by speaking to her in the bar when I was there before. It was good reading about San sicario runs as these are our favourites and on a sunny day you are always skiing in the sun that side of the mountain we also love the sestriere more challenging. I will let you know how we get on so can't wait for Sunday it's my 50th birthday with a group of 14
Heads up you guys just found out ..new chairlift from Chalet Molino to the top of Triplex, should help the bottle neck at Sportinia, as there will be 2 chairlifts going to the top now. This is good news as last trip I went on this was a real problem for queuing to get on chairlift, if I hear anymore I will post here.
I've booked to go in February so will be interested in feedback from you guys going in January !
Sauze D'Oulx
Started by User in Italy, 1 Reply
Sauze news...new chairlift from Chalet Molino to the top of Triplex, should help the bottle neck at Sportinia, as there will be 2 chairlifts going to the top.
Les 2 Alpes (summer board/ski)
Started by User in Ski Chatter, 3 Replies
I skied for a morning in les 2 alpes ilast summer was ok but have to start early 7am till 12pm 1pm latest as it gets warm and piste gets icy slushy it was also very foggy on the day I went so visibility not great, it's not a vast area ok for summer ski legs practice but not much more really not like winter skiing !
We went for Tour de France cycling so just tried the skiing as we were there anyway, it's ok if you are combining the skiing with other activities but not cheap either. They have prices on les 2 alpes website.
The Jump - anyone watching?
Started by User in Ski Chatter, 18 Replies
Yes I was watching it last night was funny but Davinder irritating as usual would have been better with graham and ed at least they are used to commentary on the piste hope they throw Davinder down the jump lol
Depends on where you are going as some of the resorts like tignes are a nightmare to drive to further south they are northern resorts are better driving you need to do your research, we have driven quite a few times, in my experience if you are going to drive leave on a Friday early evening get the crossing and then drive for 4 hours and stay in a cheap motorway hotel then drive the next day for the rest of the journey that way you can get to the resort early in Saturday morning and be skiing by midday! You can leave all your stuff in the car even if your accommodation not ready ! You can get more skiing in if you drive ! On the downside you can always pick up good deals for flying around mid to end January so it swing and roundabouts! As for snow on the roads you need snow chains they are compulsory otherwise if you are stopped and checked you won't be allowed to continue not only that if you get caught in bad weather you won't be going anywhere without chains ! You can get cheap chains on the net again you need to research ! On the plus side the roads are always fantastic and clear even if snow is falling it's their business to keep the mountains moving so that's good, plus plus plus fantastic views exciting times !
Apre Ski in ....... Sestriere
Started by User in Italy, 11 Replies
Re book to sauze you need to do your homework before booking skiing as some places are not what you expect

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