Soreness in right calf only?

Soreness in right calf only?
Started by Bedrock barney in Ski Technique - 19 Replies
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Interesting how your week develops and whether calf pain goes away as you ski more. A day of rest mid-week can be a good idea too. It sounds like it might be somehow related to your injury and you probably could talk to a physio and a bootfitter. I had boots that were a wrong shape for me feet, the way they fit around my ankles blocked ankles movements plus I don't have the best dorsiflexion anyway, but I was getting pain in my achilles tendons, not calves. But this was probably because of compensating that I developed. It was addressed by heel lifts and it worked reasonably well, but I got new boots eventually. Is the buckle that goes around your ankle buckled tightly? In so you can try release it a bit to give your ankle some room to move.

As for skiing I am not expert but something you describe might also indicate that you have a problem shifting your weight. This is often asymmetric too. Have a ski instructor look at this, he should be able to tell and tell you how to correct it if that's the case. It might even be a solution to your calf problem if you are overworking it. Or it can be unrelated or it's imaginary and nothing is wrong with your turn, only seems to you so because of some video effect.
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Dave Mac
Bedrock, this could be something simple like you have made an awkward turn, hit an unseen bump or soft patch ~ and that the impact has been taken on the right leg.

If you are in a location where you get a half hour swim at the end of the ski day, that may ease the pain. Soak ina hot bath.

If the problem persists I am inclined towards Trencher's and VSB's thoughts, but, as a start point, I would get a physio to measure the difference in ankle flex, (there is likely to be some, we all have a difference, even without injury). The question then would be ~ to what extent is the flex variance likely to initiate the pain site? The physio should be able to help here, too.

If, possible, find a physio that specialises in sports injuries.
Bedrock barney
More good advice. Many thanks.

I'm 99% sure that I haven't hurt my right leg in a fall. I had a similar pain on the last ski trip. Previously I was leaning back and had a lot of fatigue in both thighs. That's gone away so I know that my skiing is improving.

The asymmetric nature of the pain is the interesting thing. I am suspecting my previous ankle damage which was pretty severe (I've got a picture on file of a fat swollen foot - maybe I'll post this on my return
slippy slidey likey!
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To check your ankle flexion sit in a chair with your legs parallel to the floor and see how far you can lift your feet up whilst keeping your heels on the floor.

If you're bad ankle has significantly less dorsiflexion than the other this may be where the problem lies.
Bedrock barney
Thanks swingbeep. Just tried the above exercise. Right ankle is clearly less flexible.

I had six expensive physio sessions originally. Might be worth investing in a few more!!!

slippy slidey likey!
Bedrock barney
Interestingly, the calf pain went away before the week was out. There is clearly something not quite right but it's not a critical situation and I skied the whole week quite happily. This was my 5th skiing week in 2 years and the one with the least aches and pains. I'm not getting any younger so hopefully it means that my technique is continuing to improve.

For those who like pictures of damaged limbs, please scroll down. For those who don't, I apologise in advance. You are looking at my normal (bony) left foot, and my very fat swollen right foot. This was December 2009 and a day after I'd fallen off a plastic sledge whilst trying to emulate my children's attempts at "sledge boarding"..........

I was on crutches for a month and still limping 6 months later. It took nearly 9 months for all the pain to go away.

slippy slidey likey!

I knew I should not have scrolled down but.....

I just couldn't help myself.

I can see my house from here...
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Ian Wickham
Nice Plates Swingers

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