Soreness in right calf only?

Soreness in right calf only?
Started by Bedrock barney in Ski Technique - 19 Replies
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Bedrock barney
My skiing has definitely improved and I know I've shifted my weight forward so thigh muscles much happier. Two days in this time and I've noticed that my right calf is particularly sore but not my left. I also did some filming of my skis yesterday and noticed my right ski turning in a little whereas the left was very parallel on turns. I'm right handed.

Am I using my right leg to force the turns?

I did badly sprain my right ankle 2 years ago and was on crutches for a month and in pain for nearly 6 months. My right ankle has lost quite a bit of flexibility.

Any thoughts
My thoughts lie around general fitness and flexibility.
Keep an eye on how this issue goes during the week.
Could you have a lesson?

If you are doing anything wrong an instructor should be able to help you out.

Ian Wickham
New legs might help
bedrock barney wrote: My right ankle has lost quite a bit of flexibility.

Any thoughts

Ankle flex is very important in skiing. I think there are two things you should look at. First would be to increase the range of motion in your right ankle, maybe see a physiotherapist for that. The second is to see a boot fitter. One of the first things a boot fitter looks at when you go in, is ankle flex. Restricted ankle flex could be compensated for in how the boots are set up. Cem has posted here before bemoaning people's reluctance to solve the problem by stretching. Adding heel lifts etc causes other parts of the skier alignment to be less than ideal, so any increase in motion you can achieve through physiotherapy would help.
Bedrock barney
Thanks for the feedback. Calf no worse today and I was trying to think about my technique (when I could see where I was going through the snow showers!).

Trencher - the ankle flex point is well made. I reckon my dodgy ankle can't help. I will try to go and see our boot fitter over the summer.

Regarding fitness, I'm keeping reasonably fit and doing Ashtanga yoga every week........serious stretching!!!
As a last resort to keep you skiing, you could try making some heel lifts to go under the footbeds (on both boots).
Bedrock barney
I'll be able to struggle on it's only pain.....

A wafer thin mint wouldn't fit into my boots, never mind extra foot beds!

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