what to wear spring skiing
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Not always dressed like that I might add
Only when it snows
Sorry, wibble.

Layers, lots of them, then strip off if its too warm. And ALWAYS wear gloves - I've heard horror stories about non glove wearing.
Dave Mac
NellyPS wrote:
Iceman wrote:
I recommend the below:

There I am again.

Nelly, may I say ~ what a lovely pair.....

We seem to be taking more clothes than when we ski in January/February! Thank goodness we are driving as with 4 sets of skis, boots, poles, helmets and then the rest the car is going to be full to the rafters!
Be aware that skiing with exposed flesh can really hurt in spring conditions... the ice particles can give severe friction burns ...like gravel rash for bikers, its lovely to ski in a tshirt ...but dont fall over!!

Blimey I sound so sensible!! But my friend fell not wearing gloves and it really hurt..

What I have been doing is wearing a tshirt under a jacket, but keeping a neck warmer in my pocket, and a small woolly hat in the other, and glove liners instead of gloves ..the hat and neck thing really make a difference if the wind gets up.

I have really enjoyed spring skiing this year after reading pavelski's posts which gave me an insight into doing it with minimum effort..ie. smash the slush moguls bang through them..

Spring skiing really has opened up some new insights, mostly as well expressed by Pavelski.
It's good to avoid black (or dark coloured) jackets and pants as these soak up the heat from the sun.

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