A Short Break in Niederau

A Short Break in Niederau

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Admin posted Jan-2009

Spent a cool few days in Niederau last week, in the esteemed company of various members of this parish. So here's my perspective...

Getting there... apart from having to drive to Gatwick at stupid-o-clock in the driving rain it couldn't have been smoother. Easyjet to Innsbruck was bang on time and, after enjoying what must be one of the most spectacular approaches to any airport anywhere, we were off the plane and into the Jan-Bus barely 15 minutes after landing. No crowds, no queues and straight out.

Less than an hour's drive got us to Niederau where our skis were waiting at Margreiters, 2 minutes walk from the gondola.

So from an early start in the UK, we had skis on snow shortly after mid-day and skied until the last lift.

View from some kopf/hoch/joch/thing before the snows came...

Then it began to snow...

The view from The Auhof - Caron's Red is the piste on the far left, although you can't tell how steep the mid-section is from here...

Heaps of snow everywhere...

Wednesday afternoon gave us some of the runs of the season, with boot-deep, light powder on a smooth base. I was pleased to discover that I am only 16 years old (and so is Dave Mac).

Sadly the pisteurs spent all night flattening it and the pistes were billiard-table smooth by Thursday morning - great for some fast carving but why-oh-why can't more resorts leave some runs un-pisted in these conditions?

For Thursday we decided to do the Ski Welt and Jan kindly dropped myself and Mac-The-Legend outside the lifts in Hopfgarten. Snow cover was just about perfect and un-crowded pistes allowed us to let our skis run.

The Ski Welt is a spiders-web of interlinked resorts, including Soll, Scheffau, Brixen and others. We made our way up the centre, skiing above Soll and Brixen, then down into Ellmau and Going and blasted back.

There looks to be a lot of terrain to explore between the pistes up here so definitely somewhere for the future.

Niederau - The Skiing

The biggest take-away for me was just how easy it is to reach Niederau and the surrounds, so it's a perfect destination for a short break or DIY safari.

The ski area is not huge by any means but has enough of everything to allow fast-learners to progress up the mountain. For families with children or early intermediates and beginners it's ideal.

The mile-hungry intermediate will find it limiting, although the Reds and the Black are all of sufficient length and pitch to focus the mind and are all excellent runs in their own right.

We did get lucky with the snow, although the north-facing aspect of the slopes will keep the pistes in good condition far longer than you might expect (nothing worse than a bit of sunshine to kill powder and ice up the pistes!)

Niederau - The Village

Compact, friendly and cosy pretty much covers it though doesn't do justice to the warmth of the service you get just about everywhere.

The only downside in the village for me was the (current) lack of a smoking ban in the bars - the sooner, the better; if France can do it then anyone can... Austria pay attention!

The Highlight

Apart from having The Legend poach my lines... ...getting out at the top of the gondola to see Mr and Mrs Caron-a with very strange expressions on their faces; a mixture of shock and awe - after Red 24. Priceless.

And finally... a quick nod to our hosts; the Jan-family and The Auhof were just perfect - available whenever needed for transport to and from the slopes and able to arrange whatever takes your fancy (the sleigh ride is a must-do). Thanks guys!
The Admin Man

Jan I Stenmark
reply to 'A Short Break in Niederau'
posted Jan-2009

Just a very short note to say “Thanks” to all the new friends we’ve made so far this season and for the kind things said about our home. It’s what makes all the hard work so worthwhile.

Oh, and to the guest who needs to know, can I just say, I won’t need to stand at the end and hold it for you next time It’s all OK now …

So thanks again to everyone!

Jan and Family (inc. Fred!)

reply to 'A Short Break in Niederau'
posted Jan-2009

beautiful photos admin

Dave Mac
reply to 'A Short Break in Niederau'
posted Jan-2009

Admin wrote:

Apart from having The Legend poach my lines... ...

Excuse me Admine dude , three days in Niederau, and you think you own the powder. This actually belongs to God, and I have a long term lease....

Bryan graham
reply to 'A Short Break in Niederau'
posted Jan-2009

Thanks admin for that. Thats why youre admin , you done a real neat job and has made me look forward to this weekend that little bit more.


Bryan Graham

reply to 'A Short Break in Niederau'
posted Jan-2009

I think Admin has summed Niederau pretty well and accurately. It is indeed perfect for beginners and has several challenging pistes which require concentration. However, it does suffer in terms of lack of mileage and therefore its good for a short break or a DIY base to work from. I think I said as much in my own report on the place.

Admin is right about smoking. Its a problem in Austria in general, but for some reason it seemed particularly worse in Niederau.

Quaint - sums Niederau up nicely.
www  New and improved me

reply to 'A Short Break in Niederau'
posted Jan-2009

For me, smoking in the bars is part of Austria's charm!!

I love the feeling that political correctness and Health and Safety seem to have passed them by too.

Individual choice - if only we were allowed it in this country!!
"Better to remain reticent and have people think one is an idiot, than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt"

reply to 'A Short Break in Niederau'
posted Jan-2009

OK ! I'm convinced.

Just booked my flight to head there for a short break 1/3 - 5/3. Anyone else from J2Ski likely to be in town during that period ??


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