Old fashion ski vs new fashion ski

Old fashion ski vs new fashion ski
Started by Cpavel in Ski Hardware - 10 Replies
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Hi everyone,

After reading this forum for couple of hours now I found so many answers to my questions that, I have decided to register and to ask a very simple (and maybe stupid) question:

What is the difference between the old fashion ski and the new curved ski?

I am new in this sport and taking in account that I cannot take with me, from Montreal to Copenhagen, all the gear after this winter I don't want to invest too much in equipment.
Until now I got boots, hamlet, ski suite and old fashion ski all used but which feet me quite nice. For all this I had to pay about 50 - 60 CAD.

My problem is the old fashion ski. I am a beginner and after reading into the forum, I understood that the new skis are much easy to control and everybody has new models.

Another question which I have is it worth investing 200 - 300 CAD to buy new ski? I have been until now 2 times skiing and I plan to go every Saturday until the snow will last.

In the same time I feel embarrass with my ski and I have the feeling that I cannot ask for any lessons because is almost nobody, in our days, using that old fashion ski.

Thank you !
You asked a question that is very relevant to all skiers, but even more important to beginner skiers!

Is it worthwhile to buy modern ( shaped, parabolic, etc..) ski!

Here is why new skiers MUST buy modern skis.
The basic techniques for modern skis is very much different and easier.
The ski techniques are easier to learn.
The safety factor is better
The cost is now (2006-2007) lower.

If you think you will save money by buying "old" skis, you are wrong since you will NOT enjoy yourself. You will learn old bad ski habits that will follow you for years.

You can get good modern skis for much less that $200. Just look around. I just bought a pair of Rossignol 9X Oversize for $75 for a friend who is a beginner!
If you know what to look for, you can find it!

Would you consider buying lace ski boots from the 1960's??????

If you are still not convinced, I have five pair of new old skis that I will give you,,,,but it will not help your skiing! You will regret accepting them since they are 205 cm SL skis. NO ONE skis on such skis!

If you live in Montreal ( based on your profile) go to "La poubelle de ski" they have deals that are out of this world!

I do not work for them!
Yes, I could say that I find out what the difference is between skiing with old fashion skis and the new fashion ones. Is very difficult to describe it in words but I could give you a comparison to think at:
-skiing with the old skis is like living on Earth and facing the daily problems. The life is nice, maybe you could make it nicer but still...
-skiing with the new parabolic skis is like ... living in ... Heaven: no any problem, just enjoying the moment!!!

Another think which I have learned today was the difference between skiing with a nice tuned parabolic ski and a competition one. To keep the same comparison, like for the first case, I could say that skiing with a nice tuned ski is like living in Heaven, but ... with a competition one... is like living in Heaven and talking with God and St Peter.

This was my experience from today: I have been in Heaven and more than that, I had one my side St Peter and on the other God!
For me the Heaven, St Peter and God, all in one, was Pavelski because he was the one who lend me the skis and teach me how to control the "beasts".

I hope that every beginner who has asked this question, has now an answer, and will make the right choice. Go for the new skis, is not worth it to ski with the old fashion skis even if they are for free. Every single advice from Pavelski is right! Listen to him and you will live what I had lived today.
Thank you for the day and looking forward to be in the sky again!!!

What did he lend you ? - The Atomic Metron Raptures 164s

No he had the Rossi Z9 170 cm for most of the day. ( and progressed to expert runs after some tips and three hours of free skiing).

The he went to the Atomic SL 12 165 cm.

Had to tell him to slow down since he was just on an intermediate run!

I did not dare let him have the Rosssignol WC SuperG skis at 181 cm. since he was skiing very fast with the SL12's.

Good man!

He did "split" his ski pants while getting too excited!!!!!
After that nice experience with Pavelski I was totally hookup and I end up investing 300 CAD for a nice pair of Atomic SL9 BetaRace skis!
Again, for the people how are still wandering: to make an investment and to change my old skis? From my point of view, don?t hesitate! Give up right way at that old pair of skis (boots) and buy some new or used carved skis, take few lessons and you will live my experience too.

Now, I am on the slopes almost every Saturday and in one of the week day, enjoying and finding my way....
Hey I'm am new to this forum and also have started skiing. I got a pair of Rossingal 9xt skis and they look like they are old. but the do have waist that is different in width then the tip and tail. I was wondering how good these skis would be for normal sking on a ski hill.
JONS35 wrote:Hey I'm am new to this forum and also have started skiing. I got a pair of Rossingal 9xt skis and they look like they are old. but the do have waist that is different in width then the tip and tail. I was wondering how good these skis would be for normal sking on a ski hill.

Welcome to J2ski The ski you have is much more suited to an experienced skier, and as you say, it is quite an old model.

I suggest that you could make your learning much easier if you hire some new style skis for the 1st few lessons and trips, then once you are feeling confident then you try out the 9xt's.

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