Transfer costs.
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Snapzzz wrote:
bedrock barney wrote:This is one of the upsides of the Eurostar service.

Private pre booked transfer from Moutiers to Meribel will only cost us 135 euros return for the 4 of us and hopefully only about 20 minutes door to door.

Am i right in saying that it is about 12 miles ?
Would you pay £50+ for a 12 mile taxi ride in the UK?
That is my point.
Interesting. Airport transfer rates in the UK are USUALLY in the region of between £1 and £1.20 a mile. However, thats considering a reasonably efficient car running in top gear on a motorway most of the way, any other kind of driving and the rates (have to) go up. I should know
Take into account, therefore, the increased risk in the alps from a higher chance of a collision, the cost of winter tyres they have to factor in, and the time it takes for the transfers to take place and I can understand some justification in the (highish) prices.
But supply and demand does come into it as well.

I like your idea of setting up a reasonably priced transfer business. Believe me, I've looked into it. Hard.
transfers are one of the costs one doesn't really think of when booking a solo trip but after many year of travel i have found that Austria is the cheapest for transfers ..some of the resorts arrange their own dedicated coach services ..thus attracting more visitors..but i went with eurostar in Jan and found that although slightly more expensive than flying its much more convenient and even Altibus doesn't charge too much for the 12 miles to la plangne..

Its one of the reasons I'm driving in jan the cost of resort hopping is extortion and inconvenient and the price of 2 or 3 transfers would almost pay for the diesel

I used BensBus last December for a change ( I normally hire a car at Geneva ) and found them excellent and at £73 return Geneva - Bourg St Maurice - Geneva couldn't faultthem.

Will definitely use them again for my pre xmas trip to Bourg.


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