Snow reports for next week

Snow reports for next week
Started by Suzmor in Andorra - 22 Replies
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Yesterday I received a snow report which indicated a great forcast of snow for the beginning of next week in Arinsal & Pal and as we are travelling over next Sunday the 4th March this brought great excitement for all the family and as temertures were forcast to drop we started packing for this cold snowy weather... I then check the website to day and all the snow forcast has disapperared and the temperatures have risen dramatically. I understand it is very hard to forecast weather and it is subject to change but chaging this dramatically really questions the forcasting ability or source.

Some prople rely on these reports when booking last minute deals and when the information can change so drastically overnight you wonder can it be relied upon.... I am hoping it is an error and that there will be snow and I won t be coming home with a suntan!!
Looks to be getting a lot colder from saturday but then going back to warm from Thursday.

Below is a pic from a weather forecast. The line is the freeze/thaw line. This pic is for resort level next week in Arinsal.

Hope this reassures you.

arinsal 010312 by OldAndy58, on Flickr

Thanks Andy,

That is reassuring, I get daily updates from J2Ski and was delighted with yesterday's update but got a bit worried at the big turn around when I checked this morning so I am hoping your source may be a be more reliable !!

Thanks Again.
Hi Andy, which web site do you use to get that chart?

I am a bit of an old wotsit - and spend too much time at my computer doing things to avoid the dirty word ....

That pic was from
The 9 day forecast is a subscription service

I also use j2ski (surprise, surprise)

and meteox for their forecast, because that lets me see what is building.

I also look over the Atlantic charts for any building weather fronts!

On another thread Adders suggested renaming me as Old*** which I think should probably read SadOldG*t ....

Thanks Andy
Suzmor wrote:That is reassuring, I get daily updates from J2Ski and was delighted with yesterday's update but got a bit worried at the big turn around when I checked this morning so I am hoping your source may be a be more reliable !!

Hi Suzmor... pretty much all the main ski sites (including ourselves and snow-forecast) draw data from the same global forecast models. We interpret and present it in slightly different ways, but you'll see similar variations in the forecast.

We put this under all our forecasts...

all sensible forecasters wrote:Snow Forecasts beyond two days ahead are subject to significant change and variable reliability.

...because it's true! Anyone who claims otherwise is talking nonsense.

The evolution of weather systems is always difficult to predict; but especially so when there is a substantial change in progress - as there is at present. Exactly where the systems track will have a huge effect at a local level.

Rest assured we work hard (all year round) to try to find the best forecasts and if there was a notably more accurate system available, we'd use it!

Thanks Admin,

I Can only imagine how hard forecasting and I know know how subject to change the weather is. I Was quite alarmed this morning when I saw the changes and just posted to get clarification really.

I think your site does a fantastic job and I have been using it for many years now for all sorts of infomation when going skiing and will continue to do so.

Thanks Andy for all the infomation I would nt call you an old *** I am very glad to take infomation from someone who seems to have a lot more infomation on the subject than me!!

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