skiing in Mont Tremblant


skiing in Mont Tremblant

Started by Michele Lalo in Ski Chatter - 8 Replies

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Michele Lalo posted Jan-2008

I am planning to go skiing in Mont Tremblant for the third week of March. Can anyone tell me how are conditions at that time? and the weather?

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posted Jan-2008

Great choice. +5-15 c weather! Lots of snow!

Must ski early in the morning!

Go to south side right away since early morning sun hits it first, Best long intermediate run sped up!

Then at 11 Am go to lake side ( side with eratz vilage)McConnell best intermediaten run wide steep fast! If you like fast GS turns go there! Again lower section flat so keep speed up!

I never go to bottom since to many skiers, stay at upper section great quad! Do not tale Nasen since it is long long flat run!

Do not eat at top resto! Too expensive!

Watch out for cariboo drink!!!Very very potent!

May I suggest you buy all ski material in Montreal1 In late March deals are great, See Sports Expert on St. Catherine street!

Buy drinks ( juice) in Dépaneur ( local small grocery shop) and bury at top and bottom! You will need it!

Must try poutine" near end of ski week since your body will need three to recover! Do Not eat this on first day!!!!
Try to speak French such as, "bonjour", quelle-belle journeé, c'est super, c'est hot, c'est formidable, !

Brimg lots of T-shirst, wild shorts, spring gloves, Sun tan lotion!

Best place to eat is North side, in older ski cottage!

Do not ski Expo unless you have serious insurance, "thunder thighs" and great technique!

Do not eat "beaver tail' goodies full full of sugar and fat!!!!

If you can wax skis everyday since it will get sticky by 12AM!

Get great sun glasses not goggles! Lots and lots of sun!

Mike from NS
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posted Jan-2008

But the "Beaver Tails" are sooooo gooood Pavel :!:

Even Martock has them as does Wentworth this year. Deep fried bread dough loaded with cinnamon, sugar and cooked gooey apple slices with choices of lots of other fattening tasty things too.

Michele, you've got to at least try them :mrgreen:. I think they are a Canadian thing eh? But not quite sure about that. Soooo goood that you don't really care how unhealthy a choice they may be. :cry:

Take a look:

Have a great trip :!:

Mike :wink:

Age is but a number.
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posted Jan-2008

beaver Tails in NS? What is the world coming to!

I find I ski better on "empty stomach"! Rarely will I have a full dinner! Perhaps at end of day 1/2 a Beaver Tail with you when we ski together!

Michele lalo,
That poutine which I recommended. It is a like fish and chips places close to roads! The very best one is in the St. Jovite Village ( now called Tremblant). A small road side stand/resto on west side of main street. All locals know it!
Just say, "meilleur poutine"! They will tell you!

reply to 'skiing in Mont Tremblant'
posted Jan-2008

i went in the 05/06 winter new years period and we were unfortunate that intrwest were on strike but considering this there was still half the lifts and at least half the runs open. It was a good start to the season that year so helped out a lot.

The thing i noticed there was that runs tend to be quite short (except the huge green run nansen-9km roughly)

I timed myself once and skied down in the "tuck" and was 3 and a bit mins and i could have pushed more and taken a more direct route, so this then means a bit of lift queing however was lovely scenery so didnt mind so much!

Must say i tried a beaver tail and yummy is all i'm saying!

Would certainly return, liked it alot, just long plane journeys from heathrow are the downside!


Mike from NS
reply to 'skiing in Mont Tremblant'
posted Jan-2008

I certainly don't want to de-rail discussion on Tremblant over Beaver Tails or Poutine (and I'm glad that you liked the snack Chris).... but ..... Pavel I must be misunderstanding what poutine is. :oops: I thought it consisted of french fried potatoes covered cheese and all that buried in gravey. I had always heard it referred to as "a heart attack on a plate"! Am I incorrect in this thinking? When we go skiing Saturday mornings, I may have only a cup of coffee until lunch time or later. If planning a long solo day I have taken a small package of carotts or the like for chair ride times - in case hunger arises. The season is so short I don't want to waste time eating - that's what the summers are for!! :!: Also when summertime strolling the Halifax waterfront - just like when walking along the Quebec City board walk - there's nothing like a sticky Beaver Tail from the nearby kiosks. Yummy + :!:

Pavel, when is the big dealers trade show at Tremblant this year? Is any aspect of it open to the public? If it takes place the third week of March would Michele be granted entrance to see next years goodies? :mrgreen:

Mike :roll:
Age is but a number.

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posted Jan-2008

Poutine (ponounced phouteene) is indeed all that you have said!
The challenge is for people that have never had it,,,it is so good that they eat too much and body can take only so much! The grease, potatoes, cheese clog up and several hours down the round you just can not ski!

The ski demo is NOT at Tremblant this year!

No it is not open to public!

It is on the first week of February

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posted Feb-2008

Michele Lalo wrote:I am planning to go skiing in Mont Tremblant for the third week of March. Can anyone tell me how are conditions at that time? and the weather?

Great advice from " Pavelski" earlier.

I lived in Montreal for a year and skied gray rocks etc, regularly.

I didn't know half of what Pavelski advised you!

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