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Passo Tonale Advice

Passo Tonale Advice

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Started by Martin J in Italy - 2 Replies


Martin J posted 26-Dec

Taking my 12 year old who has a few seasons boarding to Passo Tonale in a few weeks. Never been, so if any one has any advice on what runs are good for a young lad with decent ability(sticking to blues and reds) can turn, good edge control etc…, he can skate and surf so boarding came very easy to him. He has Been to Les Arcs, La Plange a few times and a few times to Arcalis. Any advice on what to expect is appreciated.

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posted 06-Feb

In case you've not been yet, depending on snow depth almost all the runs will be suitable except a couple of blacks that are clearly marked. I've been there a couple of times and loved it. A very quiet place though so don't expect lots of night life. Locals are very helpful.

Martin J
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posted 06-Feb

Thanks, have been was great fun, had nice fresh snow for two days before it got moguled and hard packed on the runs, found some nice off piste between runs that provided pow for our wide powder boards. Would go back, but only if it's going to snow whilst there.

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