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Les P'tits Loups nursery, Flaine

Les P'tits Loups nursery, Flaine

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Started by GreenGoblin in France - 1 Reply


GreenGoblin posted Jun-2019

Hi, all.

Taking our (by then) 22-month old daughter to Flaine in the first week of February. Does anyone have experience of Les P'tits Loups nursery in resort (prices/hours/whether it's any good(!) etc)?

I have already emailed them, and in their reply they only stated they're taking bookings from the end of August. There was no info on prices or times

It seems very odd that no tour operator has any info about it, and there is no website either. Makes me a little nervous about leaving her with them...

Failing that, has anyone used any nanny services in Flaine? We've signed up to Alpine Child Care's site, but I'd like some alterntatives if they're available

Thanks in advance for any help/advice


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reply to 'Les P'tits Loups nursery, Flaine'
posted Feb-2022

Hi, did you ever end up using this nursery? I'm looking for childcare in Flaine too but have similar concerns that you did. Thanks

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