Canvassing opinion for helmet wearing or not

Canvassing opinion for helmet wearing or not
Started by Flatbadger in Ski Hardware - 34 Replies
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Hi Forum
I've been skiing for the last 6 season and i'm gathering evidence to make a balance decision on whether I buy a Helmet or not. If I do it will be the Giro Nine MIPS
From research a fatality on the slopes is 1 in 1,000,000 ski days - For a serious head injury it's 1:400,000 ski days - on average 50 people die each year skiing in the USA for 51,000,000 ski days and this has been consistent for the last decade
I understand that helmets have their greatest benefit at lower speeds so if someone collides into you whilst your minding your own business and you hit your head on the piste this is a tick in the win column for the helmet
But when your travelling over 20 miles an hour I am led to believe it doesn't matter whether you wearing a helmet or not with regards to the protection it provides
Also from the various searches if helmets provided significant safety benefits they would have been made mandatory by the ski resorts and the insurance industry
My friends all ski with helmets with the reason that they have kids and believe that the helmet will prevent injury if they have an accident. I am trying to base a decision on evidence rather than a pre-conception or it's what everyone else is doing
It would be nice to get a few opinions from outside of my peer group....... so, thank you if you contribute
(Avoriaz for me in late Jan so need to make a helmet decision soon)
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If you like wearing a helmet, buy one, if not, don't. Simples.
In my view helmets have been one of the marketing success stories of the last decade. To not wear one is to invite derision and ridicule.
I don't follow fashion, and prefer to hear what is going on around me, so do not wear a helmet.
"Better to remain reticent and have people think one is an idiot, than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt"
Suggest you read the very very long thread (locked) on this forum - every opinion is there!

The answer should not be based on google searches - there's always stats for each side of the story. if you were in a collision over 20mph (not fast on ski) I think a helmet would be effective. As above, it's personal choice. This is a very old topic
The Northern Monkey. Mar '19 Sauze
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Helmet keeps my bald head warm. Used it as a brake once when skiing a ski cross course. Not recommended. Bruce raises an interesting point re being able to hear...definitely reduced hearing when wearing helmet. But I always wear helmets when skiing and cycling and it has become a habit
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Here we go......

If hearing is the only downside, remove the ear muffs on the side
The Northern Monkey. Mar '19 Sauze
You must wear a helmet otherwise there's nothing to attach the gopro to ... sorry I'll get my coat
Thanks for the feedback so far
My search for data is from figures from the North American Ski Areas Assocation so not just a random wikipedia posting

I have also checked that serious head injuries occur a 50g at 100g your definitely dead. Decelerating from 20 mph (9 meters per second) to 0 mph in 5 centimeters (head sinking into top layer) is over 400g

I know it's an old subject for those that have visited the forum before but it's the first time I have entered the debate

I find it useful to ask questions / canvass opinion as it allows a more rounded decision to be made

Thanks again for any input received
It just sounds like you have decided based on your facts bHunt down that huge thread and you will see it - think it's cslled the helmet debate.

At the end of the day, follow your gut feeling. If you are a person that follows stats etc then get one. However I think Paul has the most valid point of all,......
The Northern Monkey. Mar '19 Sauze

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