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Chile and Argentina

Chile and Argentina

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Started by Mono in South America - 21 Replies


Mono posted Jan-2007


We went ski-ing in Termas de Chillan in Chile last year it was excellent.

Does anybody have experience of Bariloche in Argentina ?

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reply to 'Chile and Argentina'
posted Jan-2007

Hi Mono

Spent 3 seasons in Termas and loved it and have had several trips to Bariloche.
BRC is somewhat different in that it is near the town of San Carlos de Bariloche where the Porteños (people from Buenos Aires) take their holidays, so more busy than most South American ski resorts.

There is some excellent touring around Bariloche however. There are also several smaller resorts in the area.

If it's powder & backcountry you crave, then let me know as I know a very good guide and there is a heli operation down there.

Jake Nauta
reply to 'Chile and Argentina'
posted Apr-2007

Hi Powsurfer,

Powder and backcountry is exactly what i crave!

We're planning a trip for the summer, to find some powder in Chile and Argentina. Probably in Las Lenas, Portillo and Bariloche. Would you have some advise, contacts or websites that could help us? We're looking for some cheap accomodations and good guides.

would be very helpfull,

Kind regards,


reply to 'Chile and Argentina'
posted Feb-2008

Hi Mono
If backcountry is what you crave, then Las Lenas in Argentina is a good option although if the Marte lift is closed you may find it hard to get your fix without long hikes.
Some of the smaller resorts have lots to offer as they have less visitors and easy hikes to lots of pow. Fora 15 minute hike you can have a whole bowl to yourselves.
You can contact me through our website or emailing me from here if you want specific details.
Don't want to spoil them by posting names of resorts ina public forum!

reply to 'Chile and Argentina'
posted Feb-2008

Bariloche is a spectacular place and well worth visiting. Our clients have raved about their experiences staying at the Llao Llao Hotel & Resort. Its got to be one of the most beutiful places in world.

Here are some images of Bariloche

reply to 'Chile and Argentina'
posted Mar-2008

Thinking of going to Chile in late June before the local school holidays start and jack up the price. Been looking at Valle Nevado for 8 days, and maybe having a few days in Santiago either side to recover from/prepare for flights.

Several questions I have if anyone can help....

How snow sure is this resort at the end of June?

I am kind of a rapidly progressing intermediate snowboarder and my girlfriend is a skier who hasn't been in ten years (we are both 32)...is this resort suitable for us? She will probably take lessons in the morning and meet up with me in the afternoons.

Looking at getting a halfboard package with skipass etc. What are the incidental cost like here? By incidental I mean beer, which has the habit of never turning out to be incidental, I spent more on beer and food in Austria a month ago than I did for the weeks holiday, skipass and transport (although it was incredibly cheap deal).

Thanks in advance for any help :) Can't go another summer without any riding and NZ is just tooooo far away.

Looking to book when I get back from Mayrhofen in about 3 weeks :mrgreen:
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reply to 'Chile and Argentina'
posted Aug-2008

If anyone is gonna be in the South American skiing regions in the next week, they have 100cm forecast today!!

reply to 'Chile and Argentina'
posted Aug-2008

I saw :x

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