Active Hotel Garni in Folgarida


Active Hotel Garni in Folgarida

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Admin posted Nov-2014

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Juddernaut wrote:Thinking about booking Active Hotel Garnì dal Bracconiere for a week in Feb. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about it. I can't find any reviews and it isn't on TripAdvisor. A bit worried that there is no English version of the website.
Any comments on the location of this place also appreciated. Price looks great. Are we better off to spend more and try to stay in Madonna?
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posted Nov-2014

Hi Juddernaut,
I haven't stayed there but I must have skied past it when we were in Folgarida for our group holiday.
Apparently it's right next to the blue Azzurra piste, number 2 on the piste map. So I'm sure you'd be able to ski down to the Folgarida gondola (number 1) in Folgarida 1300. And, depending on exactly where the hotel is, you might be able to ski to Folgarida 1400. The gondola in Folgarida 1400 is called the Belvedere gondola, number 2 on the piste map.
Folgarida is much quieter than Madonna di Campiglio, and cheaper. If you want nightclubs and fancy restaurants and shops then it would be better to pay more and go to Madonna. However, Folgarida was fine for us as it had all the basics. Madonna is also more central for the combined ski area.

There is something about the hotel here, but as you said there don't seem to be any reviews.

An enlarged section of the Folgarida piste map showing where the Azzurra piste (number 2) goes. That hotel would be in the lower section.

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posted Nov-2014

Thanks AllyG. Still debating whether to pull the trigger on this or wait and see, which runs the risk of ending up with nothing. The good news is they have snow, whilst 3V, Alpe Dhuez, VT etc look barren at the moment.

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posted Nov-2014

I wouldn't worry too much about them not having an English version of the website, it's not unusual in Italy. There isn't a lot of information in Italian either. It's a Garni hotel (B&B only, no half board) with a separate "gourmet" restaurant. If you eat in the hotel the total cost will almost certainly be more than half board at one of the other hotels in Folgarida. There seems to be a lift pass included deal the "Convention Skipass", but there are no details. There are a couple of reviews here
Madonna di Campiglio is better situated, but by Italian standards it's very expensive. It's where wealthy Italians go to be seen, in spite of that it's still a really nice place to ski .

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posted Dec-2014

Thanks for very useful info SwingBeep. Very tempted this year to leave everything until the last minute and see where the snow\accomodation is come Feb. Fearful this might back fire though.

Are you guys late or early bookers?

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posted Dec-2014

Happy to book last minute for low season holidays but February is generally busier so more risky.
I haven't seen a European holidays list for this year yet - anyone got one????
But during core spring holiday period I doubt you will have much choice last minute.
First and last week in February more likely.
End of January - last minute very likely to work.
But it is all a gamble!!
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posted Dec-2014

Because of school holidays we normally book early. Might do last minute this year. We live in Geneva so if we come up empty we can always do day trip to PDS, GM etc.

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posted Dec-2014

OldAndy wrote:I haven't seen a European holidays list for this year yet - anyone got one????

I saw a very comprehensive guide to the European school holidays but it's on another ski forum so I daren't put the link up here. However, if you Google it you'll find it, that's how I found it :wink:
Sorry Mr Admin hope I'm not going to get put on the naughty step.
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