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Snowboarding near Freiburg

Snowboarding near Freiburg

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Started by Ryjax in Germany - 4 Replies


Ryjax posted May-2013

I am travelling from Australia to Freiburg in December 3rd on for a conference, is there any locations for snowboarding nearby that will be working ?


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Ian Wickham
reply to 'Snowboarding near Freiburg'
posted May-2013

It really does come down to the conditions in early December

Dave Mac
reply to 'Snowboarding near Freiburg'
posted May-2013

Hi Ryjax, welcome to J2ski.
I am pretty sure the nearest snowsport area is Feldberg, about a 50 minute drive from Freiburg.

The height range is 950m to 1450m. Unfortunately, there is limited machine snow cover, so you will need a bit of luck with early favourable conditions.
Even worse for you is that most of the uplift is draglifts!

reply to 'Snowboarding near Freiburg'
posted Nov-2013

Most resorts should be open due to the healthly early season falls, find your nearest mountain and go shred it!

reply to 'Snowboarding near Freiburg'
posted Dec-2013

Hello all, do you know at what time the tracks are open in Feldberg on the 27 of december?

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