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Do Carvers Suck?
Started by User in Ski Technique, 10 Replies
Anyone else wondering this?

In the olden days the "intermediate plateau" used to be around that transition from being a parallel skier (y'know, legs together, skid 'em round, heels clacking) to a proper carving skier (cranked over like a racer - make those edges bite).

With Carving Skis, now pretty much anyone can be carving turns on piste with only a few weeks snow time.

But hasn't that just moved the "plateau" on a bit? Seems to me that moving from a dedicated on-piste Carver to a stiffer, wider Freeride ski is quite a big jump now; is this the new plateau?

Have we just got a new generation of Intermediates who will be stuck on the piste wondering why they can only ever do decent turns on Carvers?

Have Carving Skis allowed us to go too fast through that vital learning phase where we used to have to learn how to really use our edges and pressure the ski properly?

Whaddya reckon?

Skidding the end of my turns
Started by User in Ski Technique, 13 Replies
Hire some old style skis dude! Then you'll spray snow all the way round... but, seriously, it sounds to me like you lack pressure on the outside. Don't lean back - try and push down into the snow, with the ball of your foot, as you leave the turn?

HTH, Tone

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