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posted 24-Feb

Ive been skiing for over 35 years and ski all over. I always self test but it is true slow speeds falls can be as troublesome as big wipeouts. The trick is not to fall or set your bindings for the terrain you are skiing. You can use weight and ability as a benchmark and adjust upwards or downwards if you ski fast or slow or in places where losing a ski would not be a good idea.

If you are comfortable adjusting your own bindings then fine, jacking up the heel is ok, but if you arent you can always ask the shop to factor in half a Din either way.
You should have experience of what dins work over the last few years so can actually tell the shop the Din you want.

Finally, with every binding adjustment, i test the release by kicking the skk off thd boot.
I dont skk above 8.5 these days anx can just about twist my toe out on my normal bindings. With rentals last year, i didn't like the release so took them down a notch.

Always know what pressure is required to release before you actually are hoping they do..

Flat country skier
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posted 24-Feb

Absolutely agree with the above comments. All my 3 falls that have damaged my knees over the 20 years happened at a very slow speed when the bindings didn't release. A few falls at high speed have ended up with some bruising but no knee damage. And yes, the best is not to fall at all

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posted 25-Feb

Interesting thoughts re low-speed, or no-speed falls. Perhaps some innovative binding manufacturer is working on a "auto vari-binding" which automatically adjusts the setting while in use according to your speed, direction etc, once you've set your personal parameters such as weight and height.

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