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Wearable Technology and Connected Skiing - Snowcookie

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posted 23-Nov

big phil wrote:Being a solid intermediate skier who enjoys the mountains I just don't want to ski to the bottom as quick as possible, to me it's all about skiing in control & having felt the beauty of the turns.
I believe you can never stop learning whilst skiing.
I presume the sensors are all Bluetooth & not wired, as I'm 2.06 m tall.
When using Snowcookie does it update details at the end of a run or pass information through headphones?
Very interested will sign up to get email updates.

Hi, @big phil,
As you said, skiing is not just about speed and we understand it at Snowcookie. That is why we have introduced six pillars of skiers evaluation: speed, stamina, engagement, turnIQ, style and stance, which together describe your overall level. The key is we want you to develop equally in all of those areas to have as much fun as possible while skiing, ensuring you also develop faster and safer. About never stop learning - it depends what you mean Unfortunately human body has some limitations that we won`t be able to go through if its go for the performance. But, if by learning you mean continuously finding joy from skiing by changing your style and technique, then we are both on the same side

As for the connectivity - that is right, all sensors are wireless, they connect with the phone by Bluetooth (LE to be exact). Our system updates all the data in the real time, so if you decide to take a short break on the slope you could see already all your stats and current analysis, but be careful - too much breaks will lover your stamina score and level in the end As for the audio feedback - we aim to release it later this season (probably not with all the features we want) or already for the next season as a complete new system feature.

Happy to have you on-board I`m sure you will enjoy riding with out product. Stay tuned for more news from us! They should come soon

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posted 28-Nov

Found the comparison with Carv over on Pugski
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posted 29-Nov

Maxwerks wrote:Found the comparison with Carv over on Pugski

Hi @Maxwerks,

I`m glad you have found what you were looking for If you have any further questions about this class of skiing products, or Snowcookie in particular, feel free to ask! We are here (and there) for you.


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