Prices on the slope
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keep them in the freezer when not in use
Andy M
Well I would much rather ski down to the village, go for value and go skiing two or three times a year then once and have a view with my meal.

I still think asking €3 for a 500ml bottle of coke is over charging when restaurants in the village were charging €1.80 and store were selling 2 litre bottles for €2.60.
I didn't notice significant difference between prices in restaurants on slopes and restaurants in resort. Definitely not significant enough to warrant skiing all the way down and then spend close to half an hour going back up. It does make sense to carry your own water in a backpack though.
The prices are no different to anywhere else in the world where there are tourist's. I remember being stuffed in London last year, 2 gin and tonics £35, that hurt the next morning when I found the receipt

You have to accept that when in these places it will cost more.

My attitude is that you are on holiday so don't worry about it, you budget all year round for these moments, enjoy them!

Prices on slope are always too much.

Plus quality is poor.

Better to get all drinks "in village" and get great foods made before get to resort.

In Utah there are all night grocers that make fresh subs with all you want. I would stop at 6 AM get a giant fresh sub, 4 liters of "Simply Lime " which I would hide in various parts of the mountain.

Never stop skiing. Just eat on way up. Drink at top where drink stash was !
Just returned from Venice. Let me tell you, these slope side prices are cheap in comparison.

One place we stopped at was charging 4 euros for a can of coke, and it wasnt even a regular size can, and we paid between 5 euros and 8 euros for a beer, between 0,3 and 0,4 litre generally.

Average was 6,5 euros for a regular sized beer whereas I was paying 10 euros for a 3 pint jug in ADH in January. Hmmmmm.

Pizza in Venice was reasonably priced, between 7.5 and 10 euros, but then they always add the automatic 12.5%. In the main they were delicious however.

So, remember its not just skiing prices that are exploiting tourists, its europe genrally, and a lot of it is because the £ is so weak against the euro, which itself is on the brink. Just makes you realise how awful the £ must be rated.
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Venice is most certainly very expensive, whereas the canary islands are not, still in Europe & tourist dependant
brooksy wrote:
Venice is most certainly very expensive, whereas the canary islands are not, still in Europe & tourist dependant
So I understand, not that I've been, but I was talking about cities mainly.
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