Drunk Skiers Beware!!


Drunk Skiers Beware!!

Started by Freezywater in Bulgaria - 13 Replies

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Freezywater posted Jan-2008

It has been reported that the resort of Pamporovo will be imposing fines of upto 150 Euros on skiers found to be drunk on the slopes.

The decision to fine drunk skiers, boarders and snomobilers was made by the local municipal council in the local town of Chepelare, meeting last month.

The newly formed ski patrol will also be responsible for ensuring all forms of safety are maintained on Pamporovo’s slopes

(c/o Ski Club GB)

I don't know about everyone else but this could mark a worrying trend as I am convinced that I have skied the morning after the night before when I definatly wouldn't have got in car The cold mountain air always seems to have the desired effect anyway
I would have got away with it if it wasn't for those pesky kids!

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posted Feb-2008

If this kicks in on a global scale i can kiss skiing goodbye! Beer is my only source of energy on a ski holiday and is also the finest painkiller i've ever tried not to mention the old dutch courage which may be required for those double blacks!!

- SoulDrive in no way endorses the combination of alcohol and double black runs and does not recommend it to anybody.

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posted Sep-2008

Sounds like a good idea to me. There is nothing worse or more dangerous than some drunk or hung-over idiot who thinks he is the best skier in the world.

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posted Sep-2008

Going up the morning after a session is not something that worries me, as I dont tend to have late ones any more. However, I would think twice about getting in a car if I was back home, as was mentioned above.

As for actually drinking and being drunk on the slopes, I think this kind of policy is long overdue. I never understood why people take a lift up, sit in a bar all day and get hammered, and then ski the last runs at top speed. Nothing wrong with a quiet beer at lunch or maybe mid afternoon, but people need to think twice about skiing in the same way they would about driving after any more than a pint or 2.

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posted Sep-2008

I wonder how they would police this?

Is it a case of stopping people at random or more likely stopping those who appear drunk and out of control.
I guess to them it would be the same as seeing drunk people walking down the street.

Not a bad thing I suppose as I bet there're loads of accidents that happen with drunk skiers or boarders.

If so then how many new / bad skiers will get stopped.

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posted Sep-2008

I just don't see the fun in drinking while doing sports. It's Like putting tomato ketchup on a fillet mignon. Go to an amusement park if you want drunken thrills.

because I'm so inclined .....

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posted Sep-2008

Agreed. I like the drinking that takes place after the skiing.

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posted Apr-2014

just back from Are Sweden. Big on safety lovely resort. No crowded slopes, drunk skiers. Town safe and pleasant at night aswell as prettily lit. Also a locals made mini ski slope in middle of town -cute- The more I hear about Bulgaria the only advantage seems to be cheapness- which may come at a high price in other regards.

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