What if you ski friends begin "to flap"

What if you ski friends begin "to flap"

Started by Pavelski in Ski Technique - 22 Replies

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posted Jun-2012

brooksy wrote:
bedrock barney wrote:We're always discussing skiing in our household (apart from the single plank teenage skier who always seems to be board)

The boarding is a rebellion to challenge your authority & is common among teens, if you boarded he or she would ski

Say you are going to learn to board Barney ....
So you can spend more time together on the slopes.
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posted Jun-2012

Identified another problem more severe than "friend ski flapping" in the summer.

You know the ones that talk about skiing while you are trying to survive the summer.

The new problem I identified,,,,(since it just happened to me) is the "casual visit" or visits from friends/clients who want you to talk about planned ski trips to,,,,.

They want to be first on list.

How do you stop this?

A "NO SKI " sign?

A change of address?

Mention that you had an operation so can not speak?

Plead momentary,,,amnesia.

Please help me everyone.

Mike from NS
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posted Jul-2012

This is a tough one Pavel. You do not want to offend friend nor client; but how to stop them? Possibly inform them a panel of your closest ski buddies will have to hold a "mock court" (as they do so well!) or qualifying meeting. (If this friend or client is an attractive lady possibly one of your friends should step aside and have your wife fill in for him on this qualifying committee. He will understand!) And advise this friend/client, sadly, the committee meets once a year in November ... ahh, c'est la vie. Will this help at all ??

Age is but a number.

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posted Jul-2012

I've had to mention the S word as we've got to renew our travel insurance & the alternative policy is a bit cheaper but doesn't cover off piste skiing (without a guide). Not big into off piste but we all take the odd foray off to the side and my ski-instructor mate who overwinters in Montriond will drag me off into the lumpy bits (to see if I've improved!) occasionally. He's technically not an official guide so may end up arguing the case for more expensive insurance.

I'm trying to find other bits in the policy to avoid mentioning the S word!
Andy M
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posted Aug-2012

I always get a "travel insurance plan" !

The key word is travel,,,,not ski !

In my business all clients I guide have travel insurance and it is a "comprehensive plan" thus skiing is never mentioned.

Insurance companies use "descriptive statistics" to establish rates. That is they look up tables of deaths and injuries in various contexts. As I have said several times,,,more people die in spa pools than in skiing. Do you report that you will be in a spa?

If you look at skiing statistics ( accidents, deaths ),,males are much more "involved",,yet women pay same rates!

Just a thought,

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posted Aug-2012

You all have this problem.

Summer time. Sun. Working in garden and along comes your ski friend and begins to "flap" about;
-that great powder day
-that women he met who forgot to give him,,,,,
-the run with no one but us
-going to New Zealand for a few weeks
- ( you can fill in rest )

What do I do ?

Tell your friend to shut up about the ski trip so he can help you finish the work in the garden
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posted Sep-2012

Stephan et al,,,

This really happened two days ago .

I am still working ( after three weeks) on cleaning up and setting up my basement which was "attacked" by water. My ski tuning bench is barely clean and who shows up but son with 3 pairs of skis. Seems his girl has a new pair of skis.

"Could I set bindings, tune and wax skis for her"? he asks.

I am now preparing a sign at door. It will read, "Shop Closed".

My wife has a jar with money in it. Every time someone mentions skiing before October ( I negociated down from November) , they most but into kitty,,,,,,
It will pay for her holiday. Smart women since I have many friends who "flap skiing in summer".

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