recommended boot fitters north england

recommended boot fitters north england
Started by John987 in Ski Hardware - 3 Replies
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Hi all,
decided need new boots, searched old threads as I know I saw a list of high calibre fitters but cannot find it!
Would you recommend buying now in the sales or wait until full range comes out in late autumn?
Rivlington Alpine? If the fitter is any good they won't sell you anything if it isn't right for you so go take a look at end of season bargains but don't be upset if you are sent away without buying anything.
This is a link to the British Ski-Boot Fitters Association.

I haven't used any of them so I can't vouch for them. I'm sure there are a few on here though that can add some info.
if not too late rivington alpine is the place to go in the north west

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