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Smokey Barr

Will let you know if it's worth the £40 per hour...
Smokey Barr
Well, that was fun.

If you are considering a visit, the website is a little misleading. You don't get a full hour on the machine, as you are split into two pairs and take it in turns. I'd say you get about 35-40 mins.

And you'll need at least 3-4 sessions to reap any benefit. The first two, at least, will be spend getting used to the machine.

I'd say it was a good alternative to a traditional dry ski slope if there's not one in your area, but you'd be better off saving the money and spending it on lessons on your holiday.
Smokey Barr,

A friend that has a ski shop just bought a unit made from a Russian video simulation company.

Tested the unit and found it is very realistic and does make a skier learn the correct position.

I had 50 skiers try it and found the instructor identified very quickly most of the errors for each skier. No jacket, pants etc,,,so you see well all body parts.

Enjoy yourself.

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