Basic Procedures to learn WITHOUT ski instructor !

Basic Procedures to learn WITHOUT ski instructor !
Started by Pavelski in Beginning Skiing - 118 Replies
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Ian Wickham
pavelski wrote:A clicker.

In my area of the ski world there is an "energy unit" which is a series of small square pill like units. They are given with a "clicker" holding plastic container which when pressed via a lever makes a "clicK" sound and ejects one square ( of energy ).

Children in my family are allowed for each 10 runs,,,one click. Hence "clicker" .

If you know anything about Pavlovian Instrumental condition process these are great rewards for great runs. No sugar in units. Several flavors . Melts in mouth in seconds and really does give "energy".

That is the "clicker". All children between 5-65 years of age should have one. Great for hikers, campers and "survival" foods.

Now I now what you mean ... we had them when I was a kid and can still get them
Please do not laugh after reading this one!

This is a survival item that most if not 99% of skier never do until "that moment" !

A procedure which all skiers should master ( well at least the ones who drive to ski center) is finding that extra car/house key.

I am a notorious "loser" of car keys, sun glasses, gloves, etc,,, thus I make extra car keys which I give to my skiing buddies. Two reasons for this.

1. If I lose my car key ( not ignition but valet key),,,I can still get home with my trusted friend who has my other key.

2.If we get lost in ski center he/she still can get into my car, store skis away and wait for me at bar.

Practice this since it will happen to you!
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Even "expert skiers" must learn new tricks or moves.
This procedure (which you should practice away from your friends) will save your ego in serious powder skiing.

We all fall at some time while skiing. Trust me falling in +40,,+50 cm. powder snow can cause serious issues if you have not practiced this move before.

How to find that ski and how to get back on it with powder snow up to chest level?

I will assume you have a powder leash, thus just look for it!

Get lost ski and now make a "platform" across ski slope by stamping down with other ski! Do this slowly and gradually. Do not do ONE big move!
You will sink deeper into snow.

If you have good friends have them also help you make a platform. 90% time you will not have friends while skiing powder! Learn to do this move alone.

Clean snow away from binding.

Here is the trick. Carefully and slowly step into bindings. Rather than stamp foot into unit,,do it in gradual fashion.

Practice falling and getting back up in powder in ever increasing amounts of snow!

If you are 40 years old or older,,,,,do not over exert yourself!

Oh,,,,enjoy flakes around you.
Buy PX bindings and enjoy being able to pull the heelpiece up into position, thus avoiding any faffing around with "platforms".

Hold your ski poles and make a + in the snow which you use to lever yourself upright with one hand. Spreads your weight, and you sink less.
Yes Bandit id right. If you ski a great deal in powder or do a lot of "off-piste " adventures s a context specific binding is the solution.

As far as not sinking,,seems that "feathery", soft powder in Utah does not hold skier like me up!

Still, regardless of equipment you have practice getting up and putting skis back on before heading in the "wilds" .

Have a great winter all.
Wish you two had been there last time I lost a ski in powder. I had to wait to be rescued. Next time I will know what to do.
I can see my house from here...
That is why I make 5-10 powder leashes in the summer and whenever I go with a "neophyte" powder skier I give him/her a gift.
It saves me skiing time since in powder rarely do "friends" wait or stop to search for a lost ski!

Know expression, "No friends on a powder day"

It really happens.

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