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Ski maintenance....

Ski maintenance....

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Started by Brimster in Ski Chatter - 2 Replies


Brimster posted Mar-2010

OK people I am off skiing again in 2 weeks and my skis have no wax or edges left on them from the last trip (slight exaggeration but you know what I mean!)

Usually I get them done in resort but didn't get chance this time before I left. Does anyone have any experience of having their skis serviced in or around the Manchester area?

I know Snow and Rock and Ellis Brigham do it but would like some feedback or recommendations otherwise I will wait till I get to Canada - although it will mean a delay in me getting on the slopes..... :cry:

Pablo Escobar
reply to 'Ski maintenance....'
posted Mar-2010

Where in Canada are you off to? Someone should be able to edge and wax in under an hour.

reply to 'Ski maintenance....'
posted Mar-2010

Off to my usual spot, Quebec. So will ski out of Mont-Sainte-Anne, Le Massif and Le Relais (friends work there so whilst its small I have a good laugh).

I know people can do it in under an hour but if I want to be cheeky and get the instructor discount I will have to stick them in over night so it will mean going round like a slug for the first day as they are literally desperate to be done :oops:

Just thought I may look into getting them done before I go.

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