85€ Maurienne rsrts 5 day seasn pass- Sybelles, Valloire etc SKI MAURIENNE SANS FRONTIERES


85€ Maurienne rsrts 5 day seasn pass- Sybelles, Valloire etc SKI MAURIENNE SANS FRONTIERES

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Factual posted Feb-2010


Maurienne (Savoy) 5 full days pass - consecutive or non-consecutive days within the full season
to be used in a different resort each day. It works out at around 17 Euros per day ski pass.

But what exactly does it mean - what is the preferential day tarif it can enable for an extra sum?


Note that, for Les Sybelles, this is only a pass for a day at each smaller resort which makes up Les Sybelles
e.g. 1 day at Saint Sorlin etc.

BUT La Toussuire (Sybelles) may be big enough for a good day for many skiiers, and Le Corbier and the smaller St. Jean D'Arves are counted as one area for a day.

And, for Les Sybelles resorts, you can pay an extra 5.50 Euros per day to make each day into the whole Sybelles area - making great value - substantially cheaper than a Sybelles 5 day pass. (Normal rates - 5 days consecutive = 159 Euros / 31.80 per day. 5 days within 7 days = 175.50 Euros / 35.10 per day).

I don't know this - do you have to get the resort bus to start in a different Sybelles area each day if you do that? Please post if you know.

Wherever you use it normally, you have to go to a different resort for each of the 5 days.

There is one day allowed in each of Valloire and Valmeinier areas - each is separate. Which is O.K. for a couple of relaxed days skiing and drinking / eating around the lodges there. (Lovely, lovely area).

Skiing for 1 day in Orelles - but 10 Euros extra for a day at Val Thorens accessed from the Orelles sky lift, reasonable value there.


I think the pass means one full day, normal public lift pass rate, in 5 different resorts ofrom the list of 19 smaller resorts.

OR Pay extra to your 1 day allowance for any visit at the full day preferential rate for your resort, or a little extra for a half day preferntial rate.

What is that?

It's typically asking you to pay around 15 Euros extra for the full day pref. rate, beyond the 17 Euros or so day pass rate you get with the card (there are 5 coupons accompanying the card coupon). I think the resort insurance, if you get it, is usually only a few Euros. What could be worth an extra 15 Euros per day - do they have limos to the top? What's it all about?

You get your picture taken for the card - the 5 coupons come with, and it's available from any of the lift stations for the 19 reorts, and tourist offices, including St. Jean de Maurienne.

I'm really pleased I found this - am planning a slow, easy ski holiday to Les Sybelles soon, and had been wanting to visit Valloire Valmeinier for a t least a day. This should save the cost of *** 2 *** 3 course meals for 1 out and a couple of big mulled wines also.
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posted Feb-2010


... Unless the advert means one is to pay 5.50 Euros extra to each coupon for access to each smaller area in Les Sybelles, not for the whole Sybelles. I mean, in other words, you would have to pay extra to a coupon for any day's skiing in Les Sybelles.

... Which would seem more likely.
As that would mean bringing the price down from, say at St.-Sorlin D'Arves, from 30 Euros to 22.50 Euros. I guess it's not so likely you'd get the full day for 17 Euros. (I've emailed the Maurienne Tourism people asking this.)

I ought to be happy with the more realisitic possibility - in most of these resorts there's so little saving in buying a 5 or 6 consecutive day pass as opposed just queueing 5 minutes to get a new one every day, that's it's more worth not paying for the inevitable off day that comes along for loafers like myself, and getting a daily pass.

It's worth noting that you can extend a full Sybelles area pass you have, for an extra day for only 18 Euros. Can one get a 1 day pass and do this? Or does it have to have a photo on it (2 day and more passes and require your photo to go on them). Or minimum 4 / 5 / 6 day pass? Does anyone know?

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