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April skiing in Montreal/Quebec area

April skiing in Montreal/Quebec area

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Started by IrinaV in Canada - 7 Replies


IrinaV posted Jan-2009

Hi, folks,

I need some advise about April skiing in Montreal/Quebec area.
We are planning ski trip in the second week of April(from 4th till 10th),
during school spring break.I was looking at Mt. Tremblant website and it seems that that week would be the last one, when it is open, so I am not sure about snow conditions.
Does it make sense to go there? May be we should consider another place, like Mont Sainte-Anne? Anything else?
We would like to drive from Philadelphia US, so West part is not an option.
We usually fly to Colorado, but it is always good to try something else,
I also wanted to visit Quebec, so I am open to suggestions.
Is it any cross-country skiing places around, that you can ski in April?

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posted Jan-2009

Hi IrinaV and welcome to the forum.

I'm afraid that I can't really give you much advice about Mt Tremblant having never been but believe that it is a great resort with a good mix of skiing and nightlife.

I am currently spending the season at Mt-Ste-Anne and have to say that I love the place. Its a great resort for any standard of skier however the apres-ski isn't so hot if thats the sort of thing your looking for. The season ends here on the 15 April and I believe the cross country skiing will still be going till then too but not sure. If you want more info about Mt-Ste-Anne go to:http://www.mont-sainte-anne.com/1/

Quebec city is only a 30 minute drive away from here and I can say that its worth a to least a full day to visit. Quebec City is a good couple of hours drive from Mt Tremblant.

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posted Jan-2009

Thanks for info, Brimster

My main concern is the snow conditions in April, the night life is not critical at all.

I know, that spring in Colorado is just great, but in Pennsylvania, where I live, spring day could be sloppy, so I am in doubt.
So do you think that Mt-Ste-Anne has more reliable spring snow, then Tremblant? The vertical drop and trails look OK in both places.
Just wondering, if we should look at some other places, I never been in Canada for skiing before.

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posted Feb-2009

almost guaranteed heavy powder and snow and sunshine at sunshine village in banff, alberta in april, and last year that was the last week of april when we were there. its actually lot less expensive than utah and much, much bigger for one location, i.e. you are at the base, choice of 4 mountains..(they say 3, its 4) and it runs the gamut, wide high alpine runs, cliff jumps, deep powder, green and blue runs from every chairlift..and so on and staff at the Inn are genuinely helpful mostly..
Skiing is good for the soul!

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posted Feb-2009

Hi Irina (& others)

Wondered if you ever did get the info re ski conditions in April.

I would love to ski in April in Canada/USA, Montreal (Mt Tremblant) seems to be best deals flying from the UK.

Anyone know if April 6th - 14th would be "guaranteed" reasonable skiing for 2 beginners & a very average intermediate.


Pablo Escobar
reply to 'April skiing in Montreal/Quebec area'
posted Feb-2009

Probably not, best go west! Not get good deals to Banff, too?

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posted Feb-2009

Pablo is right....The west is the best ) :lol: Although I have never been to Quebec....have not really had the urge too..being in BC and less than 5 hours away from Alberta.

We have lots of snow out here (it hasnt left my lawn since november :lol:)..going to snow tonight here in the BC interior.

This is a nice place to go. ) Ski there at least twice a week.

reply to 'April skiing in Montreal/Quebec area'
posted Mar-2009

Hi Irina, I am from Montreal and I am fortunate to have skied Tremblant last week, Mt St-Anne 2 weeks ago and Le Massif 3 weeks ago. All of these resorts have lots of snow these days. I stayed on site at tremblant in a ski-in ski-out condo that was very reasonably priced. Kids lift tickets were $79 for the week and we even had "first tracks" thrown in for some extra early morning skiing. Judging from the amount of snow last week and the cold temperatures lately, you will probably have all the snow you need. BUT, Mt St-Anne is awesome with the variety of terrain and even more snow at this point in the season. It would be a tough pick for me as to which one would be better; they are both worth the drive. Whichever one you decide on, there are deals out there for lift tickets and accomodations. With the US$ at 22% discount, it becomes an even better deal. If you are still looking for deals, indicate it in the post and I will give you some links.

Bienvenue a Quebec ..... Steep_n_deep

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