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Cheap Ski Trip in Quebec?

Cheap Ski Trip in Quebec?

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Started by Cassak in Canada - 2 Replies


Cassak posted Nov-2008

Hey fellow skiiers/snowboarders...Im new here but I was hoping you could give me some help.

Im at university right now, and me and some of my old high school friends were planning on going on a ski trip to Quebec during our christmas break. We're in Ontario right now, and of course, as students, we aren't overflowing with money.

So I was hoping if anyone who knows their stuff could give us some advice on a cheap, relatively decent hill in Quebec...since gas prices have gone down a bit, distance is less of a problem than price. We are all also fluent in french so it doesn't really matter if its a hill with no english speakers.

Thanks in advance!

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posted Nov-2008

Pavel...you are being hailed.


reply to 'Cheap Ski Trip in Quebec?'
posted Nov-2008

It depends are you talking Quebec province or the city?

In Quebec province one of the biggest resorts is Tremblant that offers varied and decent skiing.

Near Quebec city itself you have a few resorts only 30 minutes out being Mont-St-Anne, Le Massif and Stoneham.

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