Lesson 14 : Tuning the Boot


Lesson 14 : Tuning the Boot

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Pavelski posted Oct-2007

Hope you viewed all the picture on;http://www.flickr.com/photos/skitune07!

Hope you had a chance to visit ski shop.

In this class 90% of information is based on Part 2 of the book, "The Athletic Skier".

I will begin with a quote from this book,,, another shocker, "90% of all skiers we observe are handicapped by their boots"!!

That is you and the boots are not in sync!

You are not typical skiers. You want to be better skiers and great ski tuners so you now understand that not only your skis but your boots must be tuned ( modified) to allow for your "differences"!

What is different in boot tuning is you just do this once" You do it correctly and then you are in ski heaven! While others are opening, closing their buckles! While others are playing around with boots in chalet,,you smile because your boots are like slippers! You have done your "adjustments" in August!

Boot tuning is all geometry! In essence your ski boots ( since they are the interface foot/ski) must allow for your "strange" morphology so that the skis are perfectly flat on a flat surface.

The picture on page 18 illustrates well this use of geometry!

I will assume you all have orthotic soles!
There is a simple diagnostic procedure you all can do in five minutes. Try it.
1. Put on shorts and mark with felt pen the very center of your knee cap!

2.Put on boots and buckle them on first buckle notch1

3. Take a plumb line ( that tool which has a pointed weight and string) If you are in doubt see Pavel's wall in center , on Head skis).

4. Have someone hold string on the mark you made at your knee and while you flex forward drop weight until it is just above ski boot! Note where this weight is,,in reference to the boot mid line!
All boots have a tiny line in front. The weight should be 1 cm. from line on the medial side ( inside)! If weight is lateral to this line.....you have a problem!

Before you do anything,,you must adjust boot cuff to re-align knee to correct geometry!


Release the two side screws near ankle using an Allen key or correct tool ( if Atomic boots you have special tool).

Flex boots several times and move knee towards center ( if plumb is too far laterally) or move knee outwards if plumb line is too much inward).

By doing so you are moving boot cuff to adjust to your leg geometry!. While in this position get someone to tighten both ankle cant screws. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN.

Repeat same procedure on other leg!

Now walk around with boots on! Take buckles off.Walk around some more!

Now repeat plumb line measurement with buckles on minimum! See if plumb is in the .5-1 cm medial ( inward) range! If so your boots are perfectly flat and will mate with skis correctly!

Wait wait,,,you are not finished! Take off boots and using a file or some sharp instrument make a mark on ankle cant screws! These are now your reference marks,,to show you wear your boots shoulds be! Once in a while visually check this mark! If possible place one drop of clear nail polish on screws!

Bravo! See not difficult! Now for the rest of you boot life you will not have to change this setting! That is if you physician does not change your knee geometry!!!!!

In the next class we will discuss the flex adjustment and how this is vital for your skiing!

I hope now you realize how important these two ankle "cant" screws are! I hope you realize that buying a boot even if for $50 is just not worth it! You will have boot problems all the time! You will pick up poor skiing positions and you will not enjoy yourself!

You deserve better! Do not sell yourself short! I would rather that you buy a great USED boot than a cheap new boot!

For your homework make a plumb line or just buy one! Learn to use it! Then "experiment" on your wife, girlfriend, boy friend!!!
Learn by doing!!!

Give me feedback since I might not have expressed myself correctly! Now you can appreciate why I want to have some pictures or videos to support my text!

Once I am mobile I will get to my tuning area and make some pictures for you all!

Hope this was an entertaining class! If you have a friend who is buying a pair of boots,,,take your plumb line with you to the store and try this procedure!

Let me finish with another quote!
"Skiing is different from all other sports- because the boot determines so much of your balance and stance"

Is not skiing all about balance and stance!

Not only will you be great tuners,,,you will also be great skiers!!!

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posted Oct-2007

When we adjust the cuff alignment, are we aiming to make the boot match the alignment of our legs or are we trying to use the cuff to correct the alignment of our legs?

What I mean is, I'm bow legged so my ankles angle inwards from my far apart knees to my close together feet. At the moment my cuffs are aligned outwards to match the angle of my ankles. Is this correct or should the cuff be adjusted to try and straighten my bow leggedness?

reply to 'Lesson 14 : Tuning the Boot'
posted Oct-2007

Great question!

First at the end of the modification you MUST have plumb line 5mm-10mm inside the center line of boot. This will result in your boot being flat with ski!

You must adjust cuff so that it allows for your "knock knee" problems,,,and still keeping boot sole flat!

Depending on the severity of your problem, you may have to also "adjust" your boot soles!

reply to 'Lesson 14 : Tuning the Boot'
posted Oct-2007


I will send you some pictures with specific instructions on how to solve your problem!


reply to 'Lesson 14 : Tuning the Boot'
posted Oct-2007


I re-read very carefully for you the issue of knocked kneed skiers and what to do about it in the book"The Athletic Skier"

Chapter 7 Focusses just on this isue. It has many pictures and procedures to solve this "problem"

May I suggest you buy this book, since it will help you in all sorts of other skiing problems.

Trust me it will not be in vain! Pages 46 47 and 49 have great pictures!


Ps The ISBN for this book is: 1-55566-117-3

It is Distributed by;
Johnson Books
1880 South 57Th.Court
Boulder, Colorado

800 258-5830

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