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Super Angel Express Chairlift Coming To Banff Sunshine

Super Angel Express Chairlift Coming To Banff Sunshine

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Started by J2SkiNews in Ski News

Super Angel Express Chairlift Coming To Banff Sunshine

J2SkiNews posted 04-Jun

Canada's ski season only ended last Monday at Banff's Sunshine Village ski area, but the Albertan ski area that boasts the country's longest ski season had already started work on its new lift project for the start of winter 24-25 – just over five months away, a week beforehand.

Sunshine's new Super Angel Express chairlift, replaces the nearly four decades old Angel Express which made its final ascent on May 12th.

Since 1988 Angel Express has been flying skiers and Snowboarders up a vertical rise of 1,244 ft. in just over five minutes. Once dubbed Angel Flight Express, the high-speed lift made Sunshine history as it was the first high speed quad in the Canadian Rockies.
"I remember the look of disbelief as skiers and snowboarders would zoom into the top station," says long time Sunshiner Don Beaulieu. "High-speed quads were new, and skiers had this look on their face that they weren't quite sure the lift would slow down in time."

As a resort, Angel Express transformed how Banff Sunshine was skied. The lift created longer ski runs for guests to enjoy, and transported people up the mountain faster than they could ski down.

The new state of the art six passenger high speed express lift replacing it will have heated bucket seats, foot rests, and a yellow bubble. Construction began on May 13th with snow still falling with the new lift expected to open near the start of the 24-25 season in November.

The original Angel Express is being disassembled and moved to Castle Mountain Resort in southern Alberta where it will enjoy a new lease of life.
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