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Bear Causes Californian Ski Runs Closure

Bear Causes Californian Ski Runs Closure

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Started by J2SkiNews in Ski News

Bear Causes Californian Ski Runs Closure

J2SkiNews posted 16-Apr

A wandering bear led California's Palisades Tahoe ski area to close some of its slopes.

The black bear was initially spotted near the top of the Granite Chief run, "looking curiously at people and the garbage bin at the top," Palisades spokesperson Patrick Lacey told SFGATE.

The resort made the decision to close the two lifts closest to where the young bear was, Emigrant and Granite Chief having checked there were no skiers still in the area, for its safety.

The bear was seen to have a tag on its ear and a GPS collar which usually means that the bear had been caught and re-released into the wild after being trapped to close to an urban area.

As the snow melts, black bears are waking from their winter hibernation in the region. A spokesperson for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said the young bear may just be trying to get home.

The Palisades currently plans to stay open at least to the end-of-May, having extended its season thanks to good spring snowfalls.
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